The Problem on the Mexican Border is Mexico

by John Galt
June 20, 2018 22:30 ET

President Trump has failed to address the single problem which is creating the Mexican border crisis and the false narrative about the children allegedly being abandoned by their coyotes and parents at the U.S. border:


President Trump has tried to play this the nice way. He has tried to work with the RINO’s in the Congress, attempted to treat the situation with kid gloves, hell, he even talked to that phony in Ottawa about security.

However for over 30 years now one nation has obstructed guarantees for American security and to have the gall to call them an ally is a joke.

It is time to start treating Mexico and their citizens the same way they abuse our nation and our system, just as Pancho Villa did over 100 years ago with the indirect blessings of that corrupt Mexican government of that era.

How can President Trump end this imbalance and start reversing the disaster known as American border policy without Congressional approval?

  1. Declare a 90 day notice of intent to withdraw from the Mexican portion of the NAFTA treaty. Advise the Canadian government that the same notification will occur if negotiations do not move forward within the same 90 days, however penalize Mexico for its actions. If the Mexican government fails to stop the flow of “refugees or migrants” from its southern border and from within their nation to ours, 30 days after the withdrawal from NAFTA impose a 40% tariff on all Mexican agricultural products into the United States.
  2. Federalize the National Guard in all 48 contiguous American states and deploy 30,000 plus troops in addition to the 10,000 already at the Southern border to free up border agents to engage in further actions to secure the border.

  3. Close all but 3 Mexican consulates plus their embassy in the U.S. and do the same in Mexico. Notify their diplomatic staff that they must leave within 30 days. Withdraw the U.S. Ambassador to Mexico temporarily for “consultation” after this message is delivered.

  4. Using the Patriot Act (thank you Jorge W. Bush), impose a 7 day hold on all remittances to Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, and Honduras. Before a remittance is allowed via money order or wire transfer, the individual must provide a thumbprint and photo ID to be copied for the Department of Homeland Security review. Before any of my civil libertarian friends squeal like the hypocritical pigs they act like in many cases, I suggest they try to withdraw any amount over $5,000 in cash from their own bank accounts as a U.S. citizen and see the hell you have to go through.

  5. Withdraw all D.E.A. agents and U.S. military personnel and cease all cooperation with Mexican authorities immediately. Also freeze all military hardware sales to the Mexican military pending a review since some material has been sold to the drug cartels. This review could take years but too bad, so sad, perhaps the Mexicans should not run such a corrupt system allowing Hezbollah and Hamas to operate freely along with the cartels within their borders.

  6. Post an upgraded mandatory travel advisory for all bookings with airlines, hoteliers, cruise lines, travel agencies etc. where American citizens are forced to read the advisory and either check a box online or sign a document acknowledging the risks of terrorism, injury, or death should they travel to Mexico and that their next of kin can be notified by the American government should anything happen to them.

  7. Begin an audit of all Mexican financial institutions known to have been used for laundering or processing monies for drug cartels, other criminal operations, or terrorist groups and freeze their assets in the United States.

  8. Cancel all import contracts of Mexican petroleum products into the U.S. If necessary, President Trump could release oil from the strategic reserves to supplant that loss until domestic suppliers can fill the void.

It is time to quit treating the Mexican government as an ally, a neighbor, or a friend. In less than two weeks, the people of Mexico are more than likely electing a radical Marxist government more closely aligned with Castro, Maduro and Ortega. At this point in time, America might think we have a border problem; in 45 to 90 days if nothing is done, it will be far, far worse. Take action now and quit treating this situation like it is a political problem; it is an economic one and the Mexican government views our nation as the welfare pimp supplanting their corrupt system and those south of its nation as if we have endless resources to deal with it.

End the crisis now. Seal the border with security and economic action now; before we have to take real military action, as we did in the early 20th century, to do so.

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