The Loony Left and Media Fall into the Midterm Trump Trap

by John Galt
June 23, 2018 07:30 ET

The fake new media hysteria about 2014 pictures showing children in detention centers without their parents has created the perfect situation for President Trump and the unwitting Republicans heading into the 2018 midterm elections. How one might ask?

Check out the headline from this story on Breitbart on Friday:

It is not worth rehashing this idiot’s comments, those of the Hollywood terminally insane left, or the rantings heard nightly by the usual suspects on the barely watched cable news networks. The truth is that these people walked into what those of us who have paid attention is called the “Trump Trap.” This basically means that the policy which the majority of Americans support but the extreme left does not get all of the attention for a period of time. The same policy which President Trump is pressing home with a “zero tolerance” move to actually enforce the actual law is under assault because the nutcases think that by lying and highlighting the subject they object to, it will be changed because of the ‘chuldren’ as Michael Savage used to like to say.

But boom, welcome to the backlash.

The loony left has yet to figure Trump out, painting him in their own delusional image which gives him the chance over, and over, and over, and over again to do what he does best:


An example of this was on full display with the White House presser highlighting the Angel families, those families who have suffered the loss of a relative due to illegal alien criminal activity. In fact one of the stories highlighted by The Daily Caller and other fact based media had to infuriate the open border catch and release advocates:

Angel Mom Says Trump Saved Her From Suicide

The loonies will just dismiss this as propaganda, but Donald Trump’s visible concern during the campaign for these families should have clued in the extremists that border enforcement was an issue he will go to the mat for. In fact some leftist polling which reflects a surprising result to them (that means they did not ask 80% of respondents in NY, CA, CT, MA, etc.) where north of 65% of Americans support the President on this matter.

So keep acting like idiots. Keep encouraging Democrat Party operatives and candidates to call the President obscene names and threaten his family.

Then do not act shocked on November 7, 2018 if the Republicans still hold the House of Representatives and possibly even 60 seats in the Senate, including more conservative hard line GOP members.

It’s the loony left continually falling into the Trump Trap where he controls the narrative that will guarantee it.

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