Today, I’m Proud to have Paid my Taxes (Video)

by John Galt
June 12, 2018 20:15 ET

Hat tip to BizPacReview for this demonstration of the left at its usual worst, getting some of my taxpayer dollars dispensed on their dumb asses:

(Family Friendly PG-13 Warning: Commielibs curse a lot, and stupidly, as this video demonstrates)

Too bad the I.C.E. officers didn’t slam a few more into the pavement for an asphalt face plant and I wish there was more, not less, taser action. Then again these pro-illegal alien protesters disgust me so much I wish we could deport them back to Guatemala with the illegals also.

If my readers are wondering about the featured image, well, it was another example of using our taxpayer dollars properly:

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