I Stand With Alex Jones

by John Galt
August 6, 2018 20:30 ET

Words I never thought I would type, thoughts I never thought I would utter, and a sad statement as to the discourse and path the left has chosen which will soon lead to even more dangerous outcomes.

I have listened off and on to Alex Jones for the better part of twenty years. I remember when I first heard his program not on the internet, as many falsely claim was his anchor and starting platform, but via shortwave radio courtesy of GCN. His approach was loud, his attacks on the new world order were not nearly as crazy as he became and by and large the program was entertaining. The path he took after 9/11 though was just a bit too much to handle and his interviews with avowed Socialist Cynthia McKinney were over the top to me. At that point, my listening became scattered and haphazard at best even though his web presence, and ego, expanded dramatically in the years to come.

Am I fan now?


Will I listen to his program on the radio?

On occasions like the events of today, it was worth taking an hour out of my day to listen to his rant. And for once I agree with him, his rant was justified.

The attack by the Gods of Technology on Infowars and Alex Jones are completely unjustified. Many of these companies turned a blind eye to postings by radical Islamist terrorist groups, organizations which promote and cover for pedophiles and child trafficking, and worse permit groups which support some of the worst human rights violations on the globe today. If one asks Facebook, Google, or YouTube about this a form email is all one will receive.

For the record, I have never stood against Alex Jones, no matter how insane some of his conspiracy theories and menacing actions might be interpreted.

Today however, I stand with Alex Jones and the entire Infowars crew.

When private companies selectively promote one group over another via internet technologies and social media, it means they are tacitly endorsing political speech and outcomes over free speech which all of the big companies involved today used for cover for their blatant biases.

This mass banning of Alex Jones, the shadow-banning, censorship of conservatives on Twitter, and the so-called “mainstream” media selectively editing stories or making them up out of whole cloth however is not the most dangerous step which is coming next:

Look for these same tech giants, in association with the anti-American sponsors like George Soros and Media Matters, to press Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and hosting services to deny individuals like Alex Jones and someday every unacceptable (in their eyes) political viewpoint to promote or access the internet even if the user is willing to spend their own money. At that point in time, it may well be too late for our nation and the consequences of their actions unfathomable to Jenny and Joe Sixpack with their 2 1/2 kids.

I will be adding the links to Infowars, the Alex Jones Show, and PrisonPlanet to stand with Alex. I advise every freedom loving website and blogger to do the same. Support Alex if you feel like you can or should as I leave that up to each listener and reader.

Time will be running out soon, for all of us who use the internet as an instrument to promote a dangerous piece of information to the masses:

The Truth.

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