Alex Jones now Banned and Removed from Tune-In Radio App

by John Galt
August 10, 2018 21:10 ET

So the commielib banfest continues…

I normally will tune in on occasion to Alex after controversies like this week’s events via the Tune-In radio app because it is convenient and he was prominently listed on the app.

Not any longer. No comment, no warning, no explanation so it is up to the listener to determine what has happened. In my case, because I stay aware, it’s easy to figure out:

The censorship test that the radical left and tech gods wish to test out is continuing.

When you go to the Tune-In page that was bookmarked with Alex’s program you see this:

Coming next as I warned before, ISP bans and eventually any website or program using an exterior hosting service will banish anyone they are told to disagree with. And if the GOP holds the House and Senate after the November elections, whoa nellie are the banhammers going to be flying against all of us.

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