Why Trump’s Support is Still Strong as Explained by Al Bundy

by John Galt
August 12, 2018 09:40 ET

American elites are befuddled.

President Trump has insulted, cajoled, slapped around, and derided his opposition to the point where they cry on television or provide 24/7 coverage of the activities of a slutty porn star. Yet all of the attacks on Trump for his actions have resulted in practically zero backlash from his supporters, almost no consequences politically, and an investigation initiated by Obama’s political operatives which is now viewed unfavorably by the majority of Americans and should end.

In a nutshell Al Bundy can explain what the idiot fake news/mainstream media, Democrat Party which is now evolving into the CPUSA, and the blathering bumblers called “Never Trumpers” of the boob tube are missing:

To quote Al Bundy, “Does it affect the price of beer? No? Then why should I care.”

The average American voter is too tired from working all week to deal with the weekly protest punks, the shrieking sissy hybrid men/??? of the left, and politicians on both sides to give a damn about their attacks on the President. What makes it worse for the Weekly Standard Never Trumper losers is that they are now viewed with the same disdain by the average person in our country that used to be shown towards the Dixiecrats of old in their final days. The cacophony of insanity has reached the point where America is now Al Bundy, unless it impacts our prices at the grocery store or beer, the insane whining is now viewed as that of a bitter loser who can not cope with the America’s new reality.

We, the People, are winning.

To the dismay of the elites, we are not tired of winning. This dismay is now degenerated into a pathetic attempt to turn public opinion against winning by trying to teach the nation that winners are losers and that winning is not fair.


America loves a winner. Don’t believe me? Ask General Patton:

Of course Bill Kristol and Jake Tapper, along with the rest of pathetic losers can take comfort at their D.C. and Hollywood political cocktail parties together and commiserate on what might have been should their “girl” had actually won the 2016 election.

The rest of us will continue to work, build, and improve America aka, winning every day, while the pity party rolls on.

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