All you Need to Know about the Antifa Morons in One Picture

by John Galt
August 13, 2018 21:15 ET

As I prepared to retire tonight, I elected to review the funniest moments from Twitter courtesy of Twitchy. Of course they did not disappoint with this gem:

Solid burn: Fox News-obsessed Brian Stelter gets an Antifa reality check from Caleb Hull

The exchange between the limp-wristed Stetler and Hull was not of any importance. However this tweet from NBC29 was worth reading the mindless dribble about the
left vs. left protests:

I’ll give the Antifa freaks the brass knuckles as dangerous and even the pathetic multi-tool. However the rusty vice-grips and Fusion razor?


What were the freaks going to do, shave a policeman or woman’s legs sexily smooth with the Fusion?

I have some advice for Antifa; keep your protests up in those areas where you are successful like Commiefornia, D.C., New York City, etc. Because if you came at me with a Norelco Rotary Razor at full power, I might have another test case for Florida’s stand your ground law.

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