My Ode to the Electric Fools of Tesla

by John Galt
August 15, 2018 21:30 ET

First posted on Zero Hedge by moi on a whim….

Puff, the Magic Dragon,

It’s what I call my car,

It is a Tesla,

Flames can be seen from afar.


Smoke is an illusion,

Because I am so high,

160 miles per gallon,

Is awesome as my kids fry.


Puff the Magic Dragon,

Is burning real bad,

Chinese plastic melting smells

Like my dead Grand dad,


Yet it’s my car,

And I love it so,

The fire is so cool,

If I’d bought a Prius I’d be another fool.


Puff the Magic Dragon,

Is my Tesla Three,

I tried to put the fire out,

But I didn’t have enough pee….

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