Trump’s Mueller Miscalculation

by John Galt
August 27, 2018 05:00 ET

A President who was widely respected by both sides of the political aisle becomes a victim of his own success in his own mind.

When and where have we heard that idea postulated before?

Nay, not just in 2017, minus the respect for President Donald Trump which was exhibited when he was a registered Democrat; my readers need to slide their history clocks back to 1927, where Herbert Hoover was in the process of being nominated for the Presidency via the Republican Party. In a manner similar to this era in some ways, there were attempts to tie Hoover to the allegedly corrupt Harding administration by the Democrats while the “establishment” Republicans had their own candidate in mind, similar to Jeb Bush of this era. Hoover in fact served with great honor under the extremely progressive Wilson administration yet historians often deliberately omit this fact to promote a narrative about an incompetent capitalist businessman acting as President of the United States.

Sound familiar?

In the end, the naive idealism of Hoover doomed his administration when the great economic crisis hit, just as it will the Trump administration today.

How so, one might ask?

President Donald Trump entered into the “swamp” believing first and foremost that there were actually “honorable” men and women who would uphold their oaths to the United States Constitution in lieu of personal gain. Trump also believed that the power of the Executive Branch was absolute and that his edicts and orders would be followed to the letter of the law within the constraints of the Constitution.

What a fool.

President Hoover believed the same thing, that when a crisis hit, Americans would coalesce behind the flag and support their political leadership to fix the problem, then decide how the administration, Senator, or Congressman performed via the ballot box. President Trump apparently believes the same and this will cost him dearly personally and politically; but not as much as it will cost our nation.

Robert Mueller, the corrupt special prosecutor appointed by the equally corrupt Deputy Attorney General of the United States, is not going to accept the status quo as dictated by President Trump or his attorneys. Even though the Constitution may well eventually back Trump’s folly that an Executive Branch subordinate can not subpoena nor indict a sitting President, Robert Mueller does not care.

The mainstream media, working with the opposition (just as they did in 1929), will do whatever it takes to destroy the Trump Presidency. If this means creating a Constitutional Crisis, crashing the economy, and allowing a rogue prosecutor to placate the leftists by elucidating false charges not qualifying for impeachment but imposing a test for the Supreme Court to resolve, the so be it. Mueller’s ego knows no bounds as the staff he appointed to work for him demonstrates. The destruction of lives, false imprisonment of innocent witnesses and those impugned by creative prosecution using the power of the Federal Government means nothing to Mueller and his team.

Hence this entire crisis could be averted but for one man:

President Donald Trump.

Trump could have terminated this investigation and possibly weathered the storm should he moved this summer. Instead, look for an indictment during a period of the “October Surprise” time period where family members of the President may be arrested or the President himself subpoenaed to answer for insane questions unrelated to the appointment of the Mueller team itself. Mueller will not stop until he is fired or the Trump administration so weakened, to guarantee that a new “FDR” type dictator wins election in the United States to implement programs far, far more radical than the Obama era.

If my readers do not think this is possible, I recommend reading all of the memoirs or President Herbert Hoover to understand how the Democratic Party obstructed the recovery efforts which would have ended the Great Depression in 1930-1931. The Democrats and establishment Republicans made it known, some publicly, that they did not give a damn about the average American citizen. After FDR’s election and so-called recovery from the Depression, it became evident in 1937 when the greater crash hit and destroyed the quasi-Stalinist economic model of Roosevelt, the American people who were starving were only looking for someone to blame, not why the crisis originally occurred.

Once again, with our younger generation bathing in the ignorance of Marx just like they did in the late 1920’s, it is of little consequence to the elites that hanging and creating the next crash and Depression on President Trump is not an issue nor one they feel any guilt for. As long as those in power in the states, industry, and D.C. can profit from a change, they shall allow it to happen except for a few principled souls (just like 1931). This is the green light for Mueller to create a crisis where there is none and promote a “new way” more adaptive to the desires of the leftist elites.

And finally, this is the crisis which shall shatter the American dream and faith in its origins as a representative Republic, leaving us doomed to fall as Rome did, into the ash bin of history.

In the mean time my friends, carry on. Party like it’s 399, A.D.

After all, the barbarians at our gates are already within, running the asylum in D.C. and inside of most state capitals.

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