How Florida Just Destroyed the Blue Wave Dreams of the Left

by John Galt
August 28, 2018 22:15 ET

The headline on Drudge tonight speaks volumes:

I decided during this social justice love fest on the left wing cable channels (I refuse to call CNN/MSDNC “news” channels), to watch a little bit of Mr. Gillum’s acceptance speech and listen to the left wing pundits on those networks.

Two words sum it up:

Just wow.

The “mainstream” media is already jumping on the Andrew Gillum train, promoting the idea that Florida is like California or New York, ready to elect an extremist quasi-Socialist leftist loon. Just in case any of the “pundits” are reading these pages, let me sum it up quite simply for you:

Florida has not gone bat shit crazy.


By promoting ideas such as a higher gas tax to reduce global warming, abolishing ICE, endorsing the program of sanctuary cities, a wealth tax, a state income tax, an increase in corporate taxes, a luxury tax, government controlled health care, and legalizing marijuana for recreational use, Andrew Gillum has all but guaranteed that Ron DeSantis will be our next governor. The elderly in this state, the retirees, the working middle class, Latinos who legally escaped their hell hole nations in Latin America, and those who fled states like Illinois and New York to seek economic and Constitutional freedom will not support him, regardless of party identification.

There is a greater danger now for the Democrats and only the old school leadership will speak to this during their private cocktail parties; the idea that Andrew Gillum’s radical ideology and supporters will suppress independent and traditional Democrat voter enthusiasm. Despite what the rest of America will hear from the elitist coastal media and “experts”, Florida is not a left-wing ideologically based state. If anything we are Texas-Lite, with dominance by conservative and middle class ideals in most of the state except in those regions of our state controlled by liberal castoffs from the Northeast and the California lunatics in the Disney area which would vote for Stalin if he were on the ballot.

The rest of us are just average working class souls, trying to get ahead in life and enjoy the American dream.

The danger for the Democrats in a suppressed turnout scenario is that Congressional seats which were marginally safe for Democrats could now be in play. Latinos with strong family values may have voted for Obama nationally in 2012, but as the Democrat Party drifted into greater extremes of the left, they quit the idea of blanket support for those running with downright anti-family, anti-American political programs. Add in the mushy middle in November and the Democrats could be facing a slaughter at the ballot box in a state they thought was in play.

So thank you Bernie Sanders, Tom Steyer, George Soros and those who supported Andrew Gillum. These individuals may think they know Florida, but a rude awakening is coming for these liberal clowns come November 6th.

Perhaps Governor Scott can have a few emergency dikes built to capture all the leftist tears that will flow and save us from the flood of insanity which will follow.

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