Stories Which Let’s One Know that America is in its Final Days

by John Galt
August 28, 2018 20:150 ET

America is doomed.

Not tomorrow, not the next day, not this weekend, but sooner than most think.

Over the last week some stories have indicated to me that our religious institutions are in trouble, the “media” is hilariously out of step with reality (that includes you Fox News), the Democrat Party has devolved into something just short of the radical socialists which attempted to destroy France in the last century, and of course, America’s education system has turned into Lenin’s indoctrination camp where stupidity wins the biggest prize as history is altered to fit the “feel good” meme of the pathetic pantywaists graduating there today.

Need some proof?

How is this one about the Catholic Pedophile Church for starters:

Chicago Cardinal: Global Warming, Migrants Are ‘Bigger Agenda’ than Sex Abuse

The first reaction from the “left” and die hard Catholics with blinders on is that “oh, that’s Breitbart, blah, blah, blah.” Uh, no, here is the video of this vile tool of Satan actually speaking those words (from NBC-5 in Chicago):

Martin Luther should have burned it all down instead of splitting off a new church. But a real devoted group of Catholics, free of corruption and their new mantra of Marxist teachings, should start a new church before God decides to open up the earth and swallow the Vatican burning it in hell.

Think that’s bad?

Here are the results of America’s “modern” education system on full display in the following stories:

Tarboro child punished for calling teacher ‘ma’am’

Seriously. So the kid slipped up. But instead of respecting the courtesy or politeness of a child being instilled with good values, the PC crazy teacher goes crazy and berates the child. Would you want a loon like that teaching your children?

Of course she’s probably one of the morons that taught children stupidity like this:

Do People Really Think Earth Might Be Flat?

This is from a respected, albeit leftist, magazine Scientific American. Within the story the following shocking statement was at the beginning of the article:

“Just 66 percent of millennials firmly believe that the Earth is round,” read the summary from the pollster YouGov. Kids today, right? But it’s not only curmudgeons eager to complain about the younger generation who ought to find the survey of interest. For despite the recent prominence of flat-earthery among musicians and athletes, YouGov’s survey seems to have been the first systematic attempt to assess the American population’s views on the shape of the Earth.

Ugh. I guess the concepts of gravity, outer space, satellite communications, and oh, yeah, weather, is beyond the 34% who think the earth is flat.

Then again, maybe I’m an optimist. Maybe Mother Nature and her variety of poisonous snakes, spiders, scorpions, plants, and more will take care of the problem for us. Then again, maybe we are f***ed (from TheSun, UK):

‘There are people who f*** trees’: Meet the ‘Ecosexuals’ who think having sex with the earth could actually save it

I know, same reaction I had, right?

This excerpt from the story should make one think twice about visiting a college campus or asking a student or professor why they have grass stains on their crotch:

Ecosexual expert Amanda Morgan, from the UNLV School of Community Health Sciences, revealed ecosexuality has differing degrees, from people who try to use sustainable sex products and enjoy skinny dipping to those who like to get down and dirty.

It gets worse:

She said: “There are people who roll around in the dirt having an orgasm covered in potting soil.

“There are people who f*** trees, or masturbate under a waterfall.”

The ecosexual movement is growing and has taken hold in the last two years, according to American sociologist Jennifer Reed and Google search data shows a dramatic spike in interest in 2016 and members of the movement estimate that 100,000 people around the world now call themselves ecosexuals.

Some people take it so seriously they even MARRY the earth.

That’s 100,000 too many people wasting high quality air and water for the rest of the world. But reading the comments in the story linked above from the UNLV loons is disturbing at a minimum, shocking to believe that there are that many stupid people obviously.

Ecosexual expert? That’s it, check me out of here please.

Lastly, just when you think America can’t reach new lows in stupid, or new highs in insanity, this story from Bloomberg hits the mark:

Nabisco’s Animal Crackers Now Uncaged After PETA Called For Box Redesign

The only excerpt you need to read:

After more than a century behind bars, the beasts on boxes of animal crackers are roaming free.

I know that America has had its fair share of lunacy. Hell, we elected a Marxist to be President for eight years after enduring eight years of a blithering war mongering idiot. If after reading these stories you, my reader, still thinks we have a prayer in hell, then you are a better man or woman than I am. Don’t mind me now and please excuse me while I add more supplies to my zombie bunker. Because yes, 3% of Americans believe the world will end due to zombies or an alien invasion.

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