Yo, UpChuck Todd, Well, We’re Waiting

by John Galt
August 31, 2018 20:35 ET

As usual NBC and its absurd attempt to replace a legend on Sunday mornings promotes more fake news to keep his legacy intact. After all even the Huffington-Puffington Post promoted his “yuge” story last night:

Chuck Todd Says Mueller May Drop Something Big: ‘I Wouldn’t Miss Work Tomorrow’


But Chuck Todd said it could be a whole lot sooner.

“I’ll be honest with you: I’m not missing work tomorrow,” he said, referring to Friday, the last business day before Labor Day. “I wouldn’t miss work tomorrow.”

He later added: “Not to be totally cliche, but 5 o’clock tomorrow is a big deadline, isn’t it?”

Uh, 5 o’clock came and went but fake news is forever. Up next for a “yuge” story, how Charlie Manson was going to be pardoned by Donald Trump because CNN/NBC claimed they shared an exclusive with a psychic which saw this happen in an alternative universe.

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