The Democrats Just Committed a 30 Year Suicide

by John Galt
September 27, 2018 22:10 ET

The Political Prostitute game has failed again.

In what can be only called an obvious gambit by grabbing the liberal version of Suzie Homemaker to slander, libel, and belittle an honorable nominee to become a victim of the progressive left’s last ditch effort to save their legislative majority on the United States Supreme Court, all they have to show for it is a large number of furious independent and Republican voters who shall impose their penalty for this foolishness in November of this year.

But don’t worry, she is being well paid for this drive by smear:

Weird that she needs that much money for security since her legal fees are pro bono and no demonstrable threats against her or her family have yet to be published.

Sadly, the American people were being played again for suckers.

Fortunately, just like 2016, the average citizen did not buy it for one moment.

The Democrats just committed a 30 year suicide and do not even realize it yet.

Instead of acknowledging the qualifications of Judge Kavanaugh they elected to tack left, not just a tad, but to the extreme Marxist radical ANTIFA left and succumb to their romantic childhood notions of the 1960’s. If they had simply elected to confirm Kavanaugh and play the long game to regain the Senate in 2018 or 2020, they might have had a shot at surviving a Supreme Court with a 5-4 pro-Constitutional majority.


They have forever seared into soon to be Justice Kavanugh’s soul a determination to review all matters in the same manner that Justice Clarence Thomas has, without regard for “feelings” or “emotion” as the former Judge Kennedy was prone to do. He is a man, a father, and human after all, thus by destroying everything he stands for he shall not seek revenge, but simply use the Constitution to strictly interpret the law with no room for the slightest wiggle or empathy for liberal causes; something Kennedy would surrender to in a moment of emotion over rationality.

Thus congratulations are in order for the Democrats. The only legislative body they have held for the past 40 years has now fallen. Judge Kavanaugh will be confirmed by next Tuesday at the latest. DACA will be overturned as Unconstitutional. Obamacare will be struck down and killed once and for all. Executive Branch powers shall now be reaffirmed and liberal causes crushed. Leftist judges will be admonished and overturned as never before.

All to raise money and showboat, thus costing the left for the long term.

The next two justices will probably be conservative Constitutionalists also, thus leaving the left with violent revolution as their only play for the next three decades.

Good luck with that.

Today was the most insipid, vile, and insane display by America’s left in modern history and thus they shall pay the ultimate price for the next 30 years.


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