If President Trump Fails to Stop the Illegal Alien Mob, His Presidency is Over

by John Galt
October 23, 2018 21:00 ET

The #FakeNewsMedia has continued its phony celebration of the so-called “migrant” mob marching up from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras as a wonderful thing which is designed to play on America’s sympathies. However, for President Trump the future of his Presidency, our economy, and the U.S. Constitution are now being challenged to a point far beyond what the President ever dreamed of.

IF Donald Trump fails to prevent the entry of this mob of illegal aliens, he will lose the support of his base, the faith the American people put into his ideals, and worse, political power on November 6th as the average American gives up any hope of sanity returning to our nation for the long term.

The President has the power to stop this, but he will forever be hated by “the world” while be loved by just half of our nation for his actions if he succeeds. How can the President engage in legal, lawful actions to stop this mob? The answers are simple, but painful for the elites who only provide lip service support to President Trump.

1. Put Mexico on Notice

The first action President Trump should take is a direct threat to Mexico’s economic well being. Trump should inform Presidente Peña Nieto that should his military fail to stop, arrest, and return the mob before it reaches our border then all military assistance and sales to his government from the United States will cease. Next, once it becomes apparent that this roving group of misfits makes it to the border area, Trump should close all U.S. border crossings from Mexico into the U.S. for non-U.S. citizens for a period of 10 days under a National Emergency declaration. At the same time, authorization for the military to be deployed along the border, 20,000 soldiers at a minimum along with air support, with authorization for use of non-lethal force should provide the backbone to the Border Patrol necessary to repel any attempts to cross this border. To financially support this action, the President should announce a ten day hold on all monetary wire transfers to Mexico as each request of monies to be transferred into Mexico will be monitored under authorization of the Patriot Act (thank you RINOs and George W for that garbage legislation) to prevent financing of the drug cartels and terrorist activity. This will bring Mexico to its knees in less than a week. In addition to those actions, the President should not refer the Mexican Treaty agreement portion of the new trade agreement, the USMCA, to the Senate until they begin assisting America with this problem. Should that fail to get Nieto’s cooperation, and increase in tariffs to 50% or more on Mexican based corporations will be necessary, to the point where trade becomes impossible with Mexican owned companies.

2. Recall our Diplomatic Staff

In retaliation for non-action on this matter, the U.S. should notify the governments involved that we are withdrawing our Ambassadors from their nations and all non-Washington, D.C. based consuls are to be closed in the U.S. It is time to quit playing games with these governments as they will not take us seriously until we play hardball. As the Ambassadors are withdrawn, issuance of visas and asylum claims are also to be permanently suspended until further notice and officials of those nations restricted on visitation to the United States.

3. Financial Investigation

Order the Department of the Treasury to begin immediate investigations into the financial activities of all unfriendly governments who encouraged and allowed this mob to pass to the U.S. government and if necessary, freeze the personal assets and holdings of those leaders in the U.S. until the investigations are completed.

4. Patriot Act Enforcement

Besides the actions outlined above against Mexican nationals legally or illegally in the U.S. transferring funds, subject all transfers to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras to further inspection and enforce financial penalties against any U.S. institution which violates this financial embargo. In addition, notify Congress that until the wall is financed and construction completed, the National Emergency declaration shall remain in place and U.S. military forces will have the right to impose martial law on border regions as needed to prevent entry of unwanted foreign nationals. Violators who disobey and enter the U.S. illegally will then be subject to imprisonment by Federal Authorities under anti-terrorism regulations if they elect to refuse self-deportation to their home country.

It is time to play hardball Mr. President or watch your Presidency implode on the very Fake News Networks you deride.

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