The Backlash Election of 2018

by John Galt
October 30, 2018 21:30 ET

Everywhere an average soul looks, stops, or listens, the implication is that America hates Trump and that the elections are going to be a disaster for the Republicans. Hence the idea that the #FakeNews media along with their new accomplices in the world of social media is that there is a sense of panic for conservatives and that all is lost come one week from today.


The Democrats (aka Socialist-lite) Party would have everyone believe that they are beloved, that Obamacare was actually repealed (which is was not), and that every soul under the age of 35 will vote:

The reply of course was “Oh Yeah! Maybe those college students and millennials are just worried about finals!” Then again, if one reads this great story from the Daily Wire, you get gems like this:

Tim, age 27, does not understand how the post office works. “I tried to register for the 2016 election, but it was beyond the deadline by the time I tried to do it. I hate mailing stuff; it gives me anxiety.” He also has “ADHD” which he says makes it impossible to vote because the “payoff is far off in the future or abstract.” His friends have told him that’s “irresponsible,” but he does not care.

Yeah, seriously. This is the generation which is going to save the planet, save the trees, prevent capitalism, and impose socialized medicine on America. Most of these people that I have met and run into in the real world are just like the stereotypes in the examples above. The are not worth hiring, lazy, inept, and beyond redemption. There are exceptions to this, but they are sadly too far and few to be of real consequence.

This fear is not unfounded however as Bloomberg pointed out in their October 23, 2018 piece “Democrats Agonize: Will Enough Millennial and Hispanic Voters Turn Out?” This excerpt says it all:

High turnout among Latinos and millennials is “absolutely pivotal” to the party’s prospects “and it’s of major, major concern,” said Democratic pollster Celinda Lake. “I worry about whether we as Democrats have invested in the infrastructure we need to really mobilize that vote in 2018.”

If they were worried about this a week ago, it is highly unlikely that a millennial who is too stupid to find and use a U.S. Post Office is going to put down their bong, video game, or Farcebook account long enough to vote. However, this is not the reason that the left should be worried.

The Backlash Election of 2018 is about to hit next Tuesday and it is not a left-wing libtard backlash, it is the silent majority screaming “enough” once and for all.

For almost two years now the #FakeNews media has been attacking Trump and the middle of America calling us every name in the book:

Garbage Man
Mentally ill
White Nationalist

and on, and on, and on. Sometimes we the people would lash out against them, only to be called worse. Now the left and Democrat Party supports the assaults, both verbal and physical, on average Americans trying to be activists in the political system because “we” are too uneducated to conduct such activities.

When the election results hit the neo-Marxists called Democrats next week, the realization that their policies are not extreme enough and an adaptation of their 1968/1972 strategies for the 2020 election will begin. The average American regardless of political affiliation are about to retaliate against the elites again, in a stronger manner than 2016, and the snobs of media and Hollywood will overreact once again.

Tomorrow morning I will publish my election predictions for next Tuesday. On Thursday, I shall publish the consequences if my predictions are incorrect. And on Friday, the equity market reaction for both outcomes which will be a doozy if my charts are correct. Stay tuned and remember, if you are Democrat you can start voting on November 7th at 7 a.m.

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