The John Galt 2018 Election Predictions

by John Galt
October 31, 2018 05:00 ET

On all Hallow’s Eve,
The Spirits shall rise,
Will Trump’s message,
Lead to the GOP’s demise?

Or will spooks and commies,
Take the Democrats down,
Because they follow leaders,
Like that Pelosi clown….

Ugh. Another election. And for myself?

I voted a straight Republican ticket for the first time in my life.


Every Libertarian on the ballot in my part of and state of Florida is freaking flake. I don’t want open borders, I don’t want all drugs legalized, and I damned sure don’t want to give amnesty to illegal aliens. Sadly, the insane leftists are ruining that party also and screaming that the Libertarian Party is just an extension of their ideas of “freedom” not the Constitution. Seeing a half naked white male with a beer gut the size of a pony keg dancing on a stage in Orlando is NOT my idea of having a political party based on freedom or sanity.

But I digress.

I have decided to post this prediction thread because of what happened in 2016. This is ANOTHER backlash election as I highlighted last night. Thus with that in mind, I say suck it up buttercup, because any political “experts” who read this might think I am insane.


As of this posting, the RealClearPolitics map looks like this:

While I do not disagree with the initial assessment that the GOP will win at least 50 seats, a bare majority with V.P. Pence as the tiebreaker, the following races are where I think they are wrong.

First the toss-ups by state and my projected winner and approximate winning percentage:

FL – Scott (R) +1.5%
AZ – McSally (R) +2%
IN – Bruan (R) +3%
MO – Hawley (R) +6%
MT – Tester (D) +.1% (contested in court)
NV – Heller (R) +2%

That would put the U.S. Senate at 55 GOP seats with possibly 56% as I think the Democrats will attempt some funny business in Montana so the election will be challenged in court after a recount.

That brings the debate down to the leaning Democrat seats, and this is where the major upsets occur:

MN – Housley (R) +2%
MI – James (R) +1%
NJ – Hugin (R) +2%

The remaining leans will go to the respective parties. This will bring the Republicans up to 58 seats and that is not unrealistic considering the straight party tickets most will select during this bitter battle. The one potential unseen upset is Sherrod Brown (D) losing in Ohio and if that should occur with Renacci (R) winning, do not be shocked if Manchin (D) of West Virginia switches parties in January after the crazies in the Democrat Party go off the deep end for two months screaming at innocent shoppers at the malls on Black Friday.

Why is this important? It gives the Republicans an almost bulletproof majority, much like what Obama enjoyed in 2009, but with a booming economy which invites trouble for the future but great outcomes for personal freedom and American security in the interim. The sad part, which will be discussed on Friday, is that this “majority” will help set the table for the Republicans demise in 2020.


The RealClearPolitics House map shows a 204-199 edge for Democrats at this time, which I will not dispute despite the hopes of so many in the GOP that the gerrymandering and cheating of the left will not have that much of an impact.

With that being established, I do think the GOP holds the House of Representatives with a bare majority of 219-216, creating a massive two year firestorm of irresponsible behavior by the likes of Maxine, Nancy, and the rest of the loopy liberals.

The largest upsets that I project will occur in Minnesota, Michigan, Nevada, California, and New Jersey where Republicans oust what should have been solid Democrat seats to the chagrin of Pelosi. Unfortunately, I see a wipe out in the northeast states along with North Carolina where the commielibs pick up seats causing the final outcome to be so close. The odd thing that will happen is that the Republicans will probably win the governorship in Connecticut, but I seriously doubt the locals will select any GOP representatives as that state’s issues are local, not national. My home state of Florida will tilt to the GOP, but barely, yet that will be offset by North Carolina’s carpetbagging slithering to the left.

If I am correct, watch out for the screams of “fraud” and “recount” on November 7th; along with a weather forecast of scattered rain consisting of tear gas and screaming at the sky.


There will be shockers; like the #FakeNews media’s socialist sweethearts of Abrams (GA-D) and Gollum (FL-D) losing by 2%+. On the flip side, I think Mike Dewine (OH-R) has a great shot of upsetting the left as does Oregon finally realizing it has become a huge joke even to communist run Venezuela. My estimates after the election night are the Republicans win the night with 31 seats while losing Wisconsin as every union known to man, including European ones, are desperate to get rid of Scott Walker. On the flip side, Scott Walker will make an excellent Labor Secretary for the Trump administration in the near future.

If I am right, the left will freak out. The Democrat’s old guard neocon like leadership will be blamed and a purge will begin. Unfortunately for the Dimocrats, that expulsion of the old guard will only push the party further left. Sadly for America, it will put their party in an excellent position in 2020 to repeat the 1932 nightmare scenario.

More on that, the FDR disaster scenario, on Friday.

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