The New Neutron Bomb of the 21st Century has Been Unveiled

by John Galt
November 2, 2018 22:10 ET


The question facing mankind is does our own arrogance with the supposed mastery of the atom and weapons related to the developments of the 1950’s destroy civilization as we know it, or do we do it to ourselves using the very technology designed to advance our species?

I say the latter.

The advancements into robotics and remote military technology are purely terrifying. However, the video from CNBC above seems innocent enough.

Until one takes a pause and realizes the implications and evil which still resides within man’s souls.

From the article where this video originated on

“They started having success, but these little flying robots needed a wire going up to them.” Later he got involved with a series of other advances. “We got them to fly under control rather than just take off; we put sensors on board and made them land and do other things.”

Now 41, Fuller and his team is one step closer to creating a fully autonomous robo-insect: For now, RoboFly can only take off and land. Once its photovoltaic cell is out of the direct line of sight of the laser, the robot runs out of power and lands. But the team hopes to soon be able to steer the laser so that RoboFly can hover and fly around. They are currently working on more advanced brains and sensor systems to help the robots navigate and complete tasks on their own, Fuller said.

“For full autonomous I would say we are about five years off probably,” he said.

Based on the theory behind Moore’s Law, five years is probably correct which means some severe moral decisions face our society before a war breaks out which wipes out most of Earth’s population.

Why am I so concerned about these technological advances which in the hands of a good moral people could advance human health and productivity? Here are some older articles from my own blog discussing the issue:

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Big Brother’s New Toy: An EMP Cruise Missile

Just scan any of those stories I have penned over the past several years. Most Americans are totally oblivious to the fact that we now have a cruise missile capable of blacking out an entire city block as it flies overhead firing off an Electromagnetic Pulse weapon. Plus consider how old that article on the EMP cruise missile is and I am pretty sure that our government has a stealth version capable of blacking out dozens of blocks within a city if not more, by this time.

The scariest story however is the third story, indirectly related to the video at the top of this page, focusing on MAV (Micro Aerial Vehicles).

In that third article referenced above I stated the following:

The dramatic headline does not do the story itself justice when one does the basic math of 1+1 to add the robotic insect story with the Chinese mutant flu nightmare above. As I alluded to in my February article above, it does not take too much imagination from a DHS operative, CIA agent, or any corrupt world leader to create and pair the insect sized drones with the killer virus. It could be as easy as using nerve gas but when a nation wants to kill a large portion of another nation without openly declaring war or openly using a weapon of mass destruction.

Based on the advancements in technology, an insect sized, self-powered or even solar powered pre-programmed insect sized drone could carry less than 100 milligrams of a VX type agent and kill a man easily by simply flying into a target and penetrating his or hers skin. Now imagine a larger drone, stealth based, dropping hundreds of thousands of these drones loaded with a nerve agent into a city.


Instant modern day neutron bomb.

And if anyone thinks that terrorists will not get their hands along with chemical or biological weapons to pair with these soon to be autonomous drones, they are dreaming. In the hands of an evil regime or superpower, cities or societies could be wiped out. The good news is that the buildings and infrastructure would be left standing.

Hell hath no fury like the instruments we have wrought upon ourselves.

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