President Troover

by John Galt
January 2, 2019 23:00 ET

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

  • From The Second Coming, by William Butler Yeats

After World War One, the political world was massively disrupted, the great empires of the 19th century weakened or destroyed, and new powers emerged which re-balanced, or in reality, destabilized the known world order.

After World War Two, much of the same can be said, except that in this case the greatest empire, that of the United Kingdom was permanently usurped and replaced by the United States, creating a tense degree of stability for decades to come, albeit with a Cold War which killed millions of people without the drama of the Second World War.

After the Cold War ended, the United States was the sole superpower and the inherent problem with all massive empires which dominate the world economic and military sphere, the rot from within has been rightly perceived as almost two decades of inept political and economic leadership has brought the final turning upon America. Unfortunately for the current U.S. and Western leadership, history does repeat to some degree, this time accelerated using instantaneous communications to the world via the internet which not only distorts the rapidity of geopolitical reformation, but the rate at which economic change shall occur. The gravity of the world’s current quandary has yet to be recognized by the political elites, thus a review of the past is in order to use as a guide for the future.

Hoo boy. In the long run, America is not going to end well. With the election results of this past November, several conclusions can be reached and are without a doubt, pointing to a future decimation of our society far beyond what the talking heads and economists would dream of sharing with the American public. Thus, here is my take in no particular order, with nothing but the facts after the circus we have witnessed together over the past six months.

1. It’s the Cities versus Everyone Else in America

That title is nothing new, but it could also read “Marxists versus supporters of the old white man’s Constitution” also. If anyone thinks that we have not seen this movie before, here is a map of the 1930 Congressional Election Results (before the special elections) which gave control to the hard left within the Democrat Party:

2. Election Fraud of the Progressive Era Returns

The amount of election fraud in the past election was mind boggling, but will probably display similar results as the fraud of the bygone era in many of the same states as 1930. Is it fair to use that comparison of 1930 to now?

Probably not economically because at that time, America was still on the gold standard, the trade war was intensifying with the Smoot-Hawley legislation, and President Hoover was totally incompetent with dealing and recognizing the crisis after the stock market crash of 1929. Politically however, the feelings of the nation are pretty darned similar.

On the flip side,  however, the extreme left was making great inroads into controlling the Democrat Party, Communism was acceptable to the masses and youth of our nation, and the Republican Party failed to initiate a recognition that the nation’s divide was greater than their older leadership understood. Winning at all costs was the rule of the day as the Progressives admired leaders like Mussolini and Stalin overseas, pining for the same control over the masses as those dictatorships of the “proletariat” possessed.

Just like today.

Add in the fact that President Hoover was hated as much then as President Trump is now by the leftist news media of that era, and the formula for a favorable comparison of then versus now is almost complete.

3. If Trump had Won in 1928…

In the 1920’s the Democrats spent their time looking for another Teapot Dome Scandal for every Republican political leader. It wasn’t enough that they attempted, with their allies in the media of the time, to smear a good President and some quite innocent members of his Cabinet; they wanted to destroy their ability to survive in business or make a living after they left office, much like they wish to do to President Trump and his family now.

Keeping this in mind, why does a comparison to 1930 seem so reasonable?

From a political standpoint it is 100% logical and terrifying. The arrogance of the 1920’s political elites and technocracy which was introduced under the Progressive Era gave an air of invincibility to nature and man’s ego, creating the belief that economic and political cycles of suppression and capitalist boom and busts will be controlled from that era forward. Their feeling was that they should control this nation and the Presidency was nothing more than a figurehead to protect and cover for their salacious activities.

There are many who believe President Trump and candidate Trump committed no crimes. Once again the Nixonian comparisons ring hollow like many of the allegations leveled against Coolidge in the 1920’s despite fact that the left could never make them stick despite their control of the mainstream media of that era. Once again, Teflon Trump much like Coolidge looked like he was going to cruise through his four year term.

The problem for Trump in this era is that he is inheriting the tail end of an economic cycle coinciding with an exhausted business cycle and a political shift in this nation occurring under his feet at the same time.

Much like President Hoover did in 1929.

The myth that the “establishment” liked Hoover is much like that of the current Republican Party’s tolerance of Donald Trump’s antics and behavior. The RINO’s of the late 1920’s despised Hoover and his self-made wealth, often conspiring with Democrats in the House and Senate to block and repel legislation and actions which would have staved off the Great Depression from worsening.

By comparison, the Republican Establishment of this era will oppose anything Trump proposes politically even if it guaranteed that every American would get a magic machine to print money and gold in their microwaves at no cost to the government curing poverty and the business cycle all in one shot. There is nothing for their system of swampy power to gain by working with President Trump now and their actions were highlighted by Senator Elect Mitt Romney’s pathetic op-ed published today.

The truth is sad but if Trump were elected in 1928, in this writer’s opinion the outcome would be no different. In the end the entire nation will turn on Trump and our political, military, and economic might as the world’s last traditional superpower will wane as a result.

Barring a conviction during the impeachment trial I expect in mid-2020, President Troover will roam the hallways of the White House as a shell of a man, while the world burns, our economy implodes, and our nation shatters.

Much like President Hoover was rumored to have watched the Bonus Army camp burn in downtown Washington, D.C. as the Great Depression hit its peak and his Presidency collapsed before him.

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