Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Hates Billionaires Loves their Money

Another Democrat superstar trying to copy Obama, another liar. How can I state this better than to use AOC’s own words (courtesy of FoxNews):

If billionaires are so immoral, she sure has a strange way of showing her disdain for them. For example, the one obvious case I could find after digging through Ocasio-Cortez’s FEC filings was this donation from Tom Steyer in California, who gave the maximum:

Of course, if I really wanted to find out if she received a lot more money from the PAC’s and other billionaire outlets, it is almost impossible the way our campaign finance laws are constructed. Third Party spending on individual elections, especially from evil billionaires like Michael Bloomberg and other liberal loons is filtered and laundered fifteen ways to Sunday. Thus this one example will do.

Of course, I could always highlight one of the Hollyweirdos donating to her also, who while not a “billionaire” appears to exemplify her disdain for the wealthy because let’s face, Crappy Batman isn’t the average middle class Brooklyn resident pining for socialism:

The New Batman Sucks

Weird, I guess in real life as of that filing months before the election, FEC election law doesn’t apply to Crappy Batman:

Care to wager what would have happened if I dropped $10K on Ted Cruz?

I was tempted to start listing all of the foreign contributors to AOC, but why waste my time? Both parties are guilty of receiving direct foreign contributions and if I did a deep search, I’m sure I could dig up some contributions from Dubai or Qatar like Obama’s campaign accepted.

I for one do not have time to dig through thousands of pages of donation records to highlight the big lie from every politician that is bought and sold like a commodity.

The bottom line is this:

Hypocrites like Ocasio-Cortez appear on our political scene every cycle and self-glorify in their moment of media overload only to flame out in the end by angering the establishment. She is nothing special nor any different from the past flash in the pans.

Sadly, 99% of all politicians are hypocrites so our nation is probably in far deeper trouble than we could ever imagine during this critical moment in American history. Enjoy her speeches boys and girls as we only have twelve years to live.

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