President Origami Folds Again

by John Galt
January 24, 2019 18:50 ET


Just when you think he’s going to man up, go to the mat, and fight to the finish, President Trump folds more than a Tokyo Origami Competition:

Just WTF.

Here he was for two weeks chirping non-stop about how he would stand up to the Dimocrats. How Nancy Pelosi was dead wrong. How he was the victim (per se) of evil vile liberals and he was fighting for “us.”

Of course he fails to mention that he didn’t start, fight, or do crap during the two year the RINOs were in charge to get the wall built, but hey, per the #FakeNews media, facts no longer matter.

Fast forward to last night when Speaker of the House, Comrade Lunatic Pelosi refused to pay honor to the office of the Presidency and set this nation on a new course daring President Trump to act, ahem, presidential.

Today, he says he didn’t fold. His spokespeople all claimed all is well, don’t worry.

Trump had a chance but fear a lot now my friends. He could have called their bluff, issued a written State of the Union proclaiming that is how Washington, Jefferson, and Andrew Jackson did it. Then he could have performed live on a nationally televised version from a shut down government office, and won the day, if not most of this year.

Instead he’s showing that he is not a negotiator, but a bluffer. Beware when China fully comprehends his vulnerability because they will destroy him; along with his Presidency, our economy will be incinerated.

In the mean time, if you doubt me, enjoy your Trump Vitamins, along with some Trump Vodka, while you wait for your vacation via Trump Air. Then get back to me after all that.

Because when the going gets tough, he folds.

Like Origami.

UPDATE 19:45 ET 01.24.2019:

Like I said above….from

Trump Now Says He’ll Accept a ‘Down Payment’ on the Wall in Exchange for CR

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