With This Story, I can Say it: Now I’m done

by John Galt
January 24, 2019 22:15 ET

Just WTF.

What kind of story would cause me to say this? From the front page of the DrudgeReport.com tonight, an AP story that just makes one shake their head and say “WTF”!?!?!

Man says emotional support alligator helps his depression

I’m sure this guy is a nice guy. I believe he has issues with emotional depression, hell, that’s tough at his age.

But his doctor? Saying “yep, it’s okie dokey to have a five foot alligator with you, even to snuggle, to keep you stable” is not well, sane. The doctor needs to be horse whipped but odds are he’s one of those APA anti-toxic masculinity fruit bars that thinks that real men don’t fart or scratch their nuts.

I’ve been in and around alligators for a decent portion of my life. They don’t offer emotional support. They like to sun themselves and if you walk or let your dog Muffy run free and yip at them, yeah, Muffy becomes a Scooby snack in 5 seconds flat.

Alligators are cold blooded reptiles with no emotions. Their purpose is to eat, reproduce, kill to get bigger by eating more, rinse, wash repeat. But Doctor Dumbass in Pennsylvania which knows as much about alligators as I do Amish orgies in Lancaster and decides to tell this poor bastard that it is okay to own one for emotional support.

Our nation is toast. This is just another example. Don’t believe me? Buckle up as 2019 is going to be one of the most f***ed up years in history. Perhaps since 1859.

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