What to Expect from Tonight’s State of the Union

by John Galt
February 5, 2019 20:40 ET

Another year of drama, another State of the Union address to our nation by President Trump. What makes this one different? For one, I refuse to sponsor a drinking game tonight because I for one and intoxicated from all this winning.

On the President’s slate tonight, expect the following:

  1. Bragging on the economy, and justifiably so.
  2. Bragging about ISIS being almost totally eliminated if one doesn’t count the ISIS embeds in France.
  3. Bragging about Gorsuch and Kavanaugh bringing “balance” to the SCOTUS.
  4. Bragging about his wife because she’s working tirelessly and getting no respect or attention from the #FakeNewsMedia.
  5. Bragging about holding the U.S. Senate because Washington can never have too many RINO’s.
  6. Bragging about trying to work with Pelosi and “the other side” even though they suck.
  7. Bragging about doing everything he can to stop illegal immigration and smuggling but not doing much of anything in reality.
  8. Bragging about bragging.

From the Dimocrat side, sigh, it’s going to be ugly.

  1. Expect a potential Botox rupture in Pelosi’s forehead from frowning too hard.
  2. Expect the #FakeNewsMedia to put up chyron’s with the name of every illegal alien in the audience with “former Trump golf club employee” attached.
  3. Expect way too many close-ups of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with that look a pug gives you when you ask it to solve basic algebra problems.

4. Expect the commielib SCOTUS judges that do show up to have painfully scorned faces all night.

5. Lastly, expect one Dimocrat to yell, act, or do something stupid on live TV. That one is a given.

As for myself, I shall offer my usual snarky comments on Twitter while sipping some Haig Scotch while trying not to cry. Or I’ll be watching the hockey game with the Lightning beating up on that Vegas team.

Enjoy it, but do not expect much. The real show starts after the 15th.

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