Donald Trump Became a One Term President Today

By John Galt
February 15, 2019 19:40 ET

In less than one week, President Donald J. Trump went from being as Cool as Coolidge to as Wimpy as W.

The blind “Trumptards” as I referred to them during the primary season will live in denial and follow their cult, along with the United States, into their own political grave.

President Troover however, our current leader, took actions today which are those of a swamp creature, the very political elites of which he criticized for years and promised to eradicate. Yet his loyal group of talking heads on television and radio are shielding the masses from reality as to what has happened today.

What is worse, is that the laws passed in the budget today reach far beyond this administration, all but guaranteeing an open border policy unless a major war breaks out forcing the nation into a different posture.

To add to the shame of today’s actions, the President tried to deflect the criticism by focusing on his favorite poll, the stock market, and bragging about how yugely a great job his team was doing negotiating with China. It was a pathetic attempt at deflection to redirection, and from that point forward, it only got worse.

Sadly, by using the “Angel Moms” as props to defend his position of signing a bill which basically guarantees entry of more than 1 million illegal aliens within the next 12 months illustrates that Trump’s hypocrisy is almost as pathetic as his ability to lie. Those poor families put on display today were being betrayed not just with the mythical state of “national emergency” which he himself diluted and probably legally blocked with his own comments, but by Trump’s willingness to sign on with the likes of Senator McConnell and the national Republican Party.

To use these women as a human shield against the media like Obama used his staff to dress up as phony doctors and nurses to justify Obamacare, is an example of just how shallow and pathetic this Presidency has become.

All so he can try to win a second term and salvage his family name so as the “brand” can survive after a brutal first two years.

Once the legal wrangling is over, and the damage done by this “budget” compromise is finally realized twelve months from now as America is overwhelmed by the scum of Latin America, President Trump will be lucky to poll over 30% approval, thus assuring a Socialist (no longer Democrats) sweep of the House, Senate, and Presidency. His legacy will be the changing of America from “MAGA” into Macron’s wimpified France in less than four years, but that is not the real damage which has been done.

Now that China sees the authentic man who proclaimed himself the “great negotiator”, they can now force Trump to accept a pittance for what he desired within a new trade agreement. Both sides can then declare “victory” but in reality, nothing will change. The weakness displayed by President Trump ensures a historic economic calamity on the horizon; more on that later.

I penned my mea culpa about President Trump after the general election and truly hoped he would enact the policies he promised so as to preserve what was left of our society. Americans who supported him now should start to worry about which Constitutional freedoms he will betray in the future.

To protect the “brand.”

The lesson everyone should have learned from the campaign and his actions in the last two years of his leadership is simple:

You, the people, do not matter.

You, the people, are puppets for the elites, including the President.

Because, it’s all about the brand.

If you do not support the brand, you do not support the man.

As Ann Coulter so correctly stated today:

“So forget the fact that he’s digging his own grave. This is just — look the only national emergency is that our president is an idiot.”

Remember that statement as you take your Trump Multi-Vitamins, sip on Trump Vodka, and enjoy your Trump Steaks with Trump Water.

Because when the going gets tough, Trump once again demonstrated he will quit and betray everything he says he believes in then blames his employees or in this case, his supporters for his failure.

If you, my readers, do not believe me, ask Micheal Flynn how his loyalty to Trump has worked out for him and his family.

America is now on a path we have not seen since 1929 or worse and more realistic, 1837. But have no fear, somehow, some way, many will say I am over-dramatizing the coming crisis because I was never a dedicated Trumptard.

History will vindicate my opinion, and only after our nation is plunged into a tragically terminal cycle of political and economic suicide shall I be able to proclaim:

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