America’s 2019 Fork in The Road

by John Galt August 1, 2019 20:17 ET

As I return to the keyboard in my own home after travels throughout my state and up to the north, I must state that a realization after talking to customers, vendors, and listening to the locals has hit me like a ton of bricks:

We’re forking here.

At the proverbial historic fork in the road.

Ignore the political circus in Washington, D.C. at your own peril my friends because once the political-economy becomes your personal enemy, the recovery and survival of a long planned future becomes a beast which will slay you.

The choices are stark as we move forward and from a historian’s point of view, to the best of my ability, here are the choices:

  1. The shift to the hard left and a neo-Socialist feudalism fueled by class envy, confiscatory policies, and the vanquishing of our Constitution. This will and can occur should the current leadership fail to reinforce the economy an confidence to maintain our lifestyle along with a collapse of business due to external stresses finally overwhelming our nation’s ability to absorb the deflation exported to us by the rest of the world.
  2. The status quo, albeit shaky and quirky, to survive by just getting by while tolerating a prolonged political stalemate as global instability increases raising the fear of international conflict. Much like what America endured in the pre-World War I era, the Republicans of that time resisted engaging the world to satisfy the financial elites of Europe who wished for conquest and expansion of the Western financial controls throughout the continent and further into Asia to achieve complete economic and political domination. In the end it was a catastrophe for all of mankind for a century to follow. For the United States, at best we can hope for a repeat of 1972.

That is the fork in the road. In the end, the bill will come due. The “recovery” or monetary expansion we have experienced since 2002 will contract and implode regardless of the path that is chosen. Financial instability will accelerate political instability resulting in wholesale changes to the future of the world and a potential fatal collapse not just in international commerce, but the structure of nations that we have enjoyed in the Pax Americana period since 1946.

Buckle up, as I shall endeavor to provide a snapshot of the best and worst case scenarios for not just our economic, but political future in the days ahead.

Regardless of the path our society selects, there is pain at the end of the road with some if it far worse that most individuals could ever imagine.

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