Back to the Future of 1972

by John Galt August 2, 2019 05:00 ET

The future of America has hit a major fork in the road, but to buy our economic future more time, we may have to revisit the past. The odds of a 1972 type Republican landslide are distant if not impossible due to leftist voter fraud and the divisions which now sharpen the true divide we are living in as a society.

1972 Nixon-McGovern Electoral Map

The slaughter was total and complete for Nixon during that era. His campaign was replete with dirty tricks, sabotage, etc. as many bitter campaigns were engaged in during that era. If it were not for the left being secretly aligned with the U.S.S.R. at that time, they would have blamed the Russians for their huiliating defeat.

The problem however was not Nixon’s tactics but the miscalculation that the Democrats and left engaged in after the 1960’s Flower Power and hippie era which in their minds created a demand for America to move to a socialist society which embraced their foolish ideology.

Fast forward to 2019 and what do we see again? A Democrat Party which is again miscalculating that the “youth” or in this case millennial generation represents the majority of our society. The left now thinks that the retired Flower Power baby boomers are fed up with the risk to their comfortable retirements and demand the government not only protect their lifestyles, but those of their offspring.

It’s another major miscalculation, much like 1972 where the majority was fed up, silent, and gave Richard Nixon a landslide victory over the left and paused the slide of America into a nightmare scenario. In the views of the media and the left, our nation was on the verge of civil war again with popular opinion controlled and manipulated via a leftist media compromised of yellow journalists designed to assist the desires of a radicalized element of American society.

They failed then, they will probably fail now. If our nation goes back to the future of 1972 then we do nothing more than buy our country time from a major shift in the structure and economy of our civilization, even if President Trump lasts his entire second term.

If Trump fails to win however, and America does shift left, the outcome will become a nightmare not just for our country but the world as a whole.

Freedom will sink silently into the dark waves of history as America will be revised and destroyed into a nation of subservient whores, demanding payment for obligations that the citizenry is not owed.

A time of choosing is upon us, but it may not be what everyone thinks.

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