U.S. 30 Year Treasury Hits All Time Record Low Yield

by John Galt August 14, 2019 06:30 ET Via INVESTING.com Today the talking heads will say this is “bullish” because mortgage rates will become more affordable, even though they are based on the 10 year US Treasury. Then the rest of the lefty financial talking heads will blame Trump. The reality is that today is a historic marker: The end of the modern United States business cycle. Next up: Japanification

What to Expect when 2Y/10Y US Treasury Yields Invert

by John Galt August 14, 2019 06:00 ET Doom. Death. Locusts. Fire from the sky. Global warming. Global cooling. CNBC anchors crying. Fox Business hosts blaming Democrats. Bloomberg hosts blaming the US 2nd Amendment. Is that the kind of pure hot holy hell we can expect when the 2 year US Treasury and 10 year US Treasury rates invert soon (possibly today)? Chart from CNBC.com Actually no. But the algorithms which power 80+% of all Wall Street activity will notice the uptick in mentions of the words “inversion” and “recession” and…

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