A Veiled Threat by China to Blockade Taiwan

by John Galt August 18, 2019 21:35 ET

Just when one thinks are beginning to calm down between the United States and China, the U.S. decides to sell upgraded F-16 fighter planes to Taiwan. This brings back memories of something the Chinese military leadership hinted at and although it does take a bit of searching but fortunately RT has not been totally eradicated from the internet yet:

Then today in The Global Times, an organ of the Chinese Communist Party, this beauty of an article appears:

US F-16 sale to Taiwan could lead to strong response

The key portion which warns the U.S. and Taiwan of their response is not displayed until the last paragraph:

More military exercises and economic measures are also on the table, Wei predicted. Some Chinese military observers suggested that China should block the shipments, but Wei said it could be “technically difficult” to tell which ships or transport planes are being used to transport the weapons.

Ouch. If China were to launch a blockade of Taiwan in response there is nothing, zero, zip, nada, that the U.S. could do to stop them short of a full fledged war.

While I agree that the sale is a valid and necessary check on Chinese power against aggression in the region, President “Laundry, Wash and Fold” Trump will collapse in the end and cancel the sale if threatened to that degree in reality.

After all, he has yet to hold strong against Huawei yet to any serious degree other than verbal threats.

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