Today the Democrats Went Full Retard

by John Galt
September 24, 2019 20:30 ET

Nancy Pelosi and that group of lunatics known as the Democratic Party made the number one mistake in politics today.

Here’s the video exemplifying their ignorance of history, with a lesson from Robert Downey, Jr.:

Never go full retard.

But they did. By attempting to impeach President Trump they have all but guaranteed that Biden will drop out of the race because his son’s extortion, er, overpaid for doing nothing racket will be exposed. Warren might also which means some radical of the Hubert Humphrey/Fidel Castro cult will be the nominee. Hell, Bernie “Che” Sanders might even get the nomination.

No wonder President Trump is celebrating tonight. Barring an economic collapse, he will win at least 37 to 40 states in 2020.

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