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12.19.14 TEOTWAWKI Radio Show: The End of the Line


by John Galt December 17, 2014 21:00 ET It is finally that time. The end of the line. I have done my part for God and Country and by golly I’ve got other things to do. Please join me on Friday night at 9 pm ET sharp for the final broadcast of the TEOTWAWKI/Voice of Galt Radio Program via the Just Measures Radio Network. Don’t panic as I might do a podcast or two, videos of some sort again, and maybe even some guest appearances…

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Russia’s Collapse Demonstrates Why One Should Own Gold in One Simple Chart


by John Galt December 16, 2014 19:10 ET The naysayers on CNBCFBNBBGCNN and various “financial” experts have long proclaimed that gold is a worthless investment, that over the years it provides little if any return, and that the risk of a collapse in the United States is so low why waste one’s time or money on purchasing risk insurance like precious metals when paper alternatives are better. What they did not tell you is that many of the same pundits were lying through their teeth…

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12.12.14 TEOTWAWKI Radio Show: Godzilla Eats the US Economy

GODZILLA_2014_tn - Copy

by John Galt December 12, 2014 18:10 ET The stock market is over valued, but so what. Oil prices are collapsing and YOU are expected to go shopping, but so what. Ebola is contained because the Ebola Czar showed up for one, count that again, one press conference and forced the mainstream media to bury the story, but so what. Godzilla just ate 5,000 American citizens in Podunk, Oregon, but so what. Good thing the economy is solid according to the “experts” and only Russia…

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12.11 21:40 ET- Breaking News – Criminal Congress Passes Cwazy Crominibus


by John Galt December 11, 2014 21:40 ET Congrats America! We are now $1.1 trillion more dollars in debt because if anyone thinks this will be paid off in the next 30 years, you’re a moron. Like this:Like Loading...

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LIVE VIDEO: Debtwhorefest 2015 is now up for a Vote on the House Floor (aka CRomnibus)


by John Galt December 11, 2014 21:15 ET The CRominibus, aka, Debtwhorefest 2015 is about to come up for a vote and if it flops, the 3 month spending bill may not be passed until late tomorrow. Even if the House of Representatives passes this lipstick laden pig, there is no guarantee the Senate will follow suit as Crazy Harry from Nevada may play politics to save his ass from Obama’s scorched earth policy. C-SPAN is currently broadcasting the circus live for those of you…

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The One Financial Market Chart from China which Portends an Upcoming Crash


by John Galt December 8, 2014 20:45 ET In a Bloomberg article published tonight about the Chinese equity market’s surreal explosion to the upside, there is one excerpt and chart which portends a disaster in the future of the Chinese stock markets, even if the unicorn salesmen continue to pump and promote the myth of a sound financial system in this Communist led nation: Margin debt — The outstanding value of Chinese equity purchases using borrowed money has climbed to a record 881.1 billion yuan…

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12.05 TEOTWAWKI Radio Show: It’s not just the Economy Stupid, it’s Far Worse


December 5, 2014 17:00 by John Galt Today the stock markets soared to another record high, so let’s get drunk, stupid and celebrate, right? Maybe not such a hot idea. Everyone looks at the headlines, no one reads the stories, does their own research, or check on the truth. The mainstream media and regime along with various propaganda sources purporting to be “independent” are playing the American people for suckers and rightfully so. The next shoe to drop has begun and sadly it is going…

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Jesse Jackson Says Racist Juries Must Pay the Price


by John Galt December 4, 2014 23:30 ET Just wow. Watch the entire, vomit inducing 8 plus minute interview from RT today and listen carefully at the 5 minute mark as to what he says about our jury system: Like this:Like Loading...

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East Asian Waters to have NO US Aircraft Carriers for Several Months in 2015


by John Galt December 4, 2014 23:15 ET Welcome back to 1931 boys and girls. The United States Navy, the best passenger liner for our brave and beloved USMC, is currently only operating two aircraft carriers on active duty in the entire world: USS Carl Vinson – Supporting operations against ISIS from the Persian Gulf USS John C Stennis – Just deported its home port in Washington State That’s right, you are not going insane or losing your eyesight as there are no carriers in…

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Russia and Nicaragua sign Naval Basing/Visitation Agreement as New Canal Construction Begins


December 4, 2014 22:25 by John Galt While our country continues to consume itself on a Presidential Monarch inspired racial divide, the rest of the world is continuing to prepare for conflict with the United States of America. For example, it would appear that Russia now has a quasi-basing/visitation agreement with the Nicaraguan government, as they promised they would establish several months ago: Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of 27.11.2014 № 2386-r “On signing the Agreement between the Government of the Russian…

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12.03 2055 ET BREAKING NEWS – Rumors of Martial Law in Russia, Fighter Jets over Moscow, Islamist Attack


by John Galt December 3, 2014 20:55  ET 22:05 UPDATE… And another short video of the fighting and Press building on fire: Video purporting to show Islamist terrorists massing before the attack on the Press building: PREDATOR ‏@SURROGAT1980 3m3 minutes ago #Grozny. #Chechnya now police vehicules burning in the City Center 21:40 UPDATE…Tweet just in from (translated): RAIN TV channeltvrain 12m12 minutes ago Posts on the movements of helicopters over Moscow come so far. Fixed at Babushkinsky, Mayakovsky, Dmitrov, Leninsky Photos via Euromaidan on…

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Note this Date, December 2, 2014: I FINALLY agree with Senator John McCain on Something


by John Galt December 2, 2014 19:55 ET For once, the crazy old bat got something 100% correct. From the website which focuses on Hungarian political discussion and events: Quotable: Senator John McCain on new US ambassador to Hungary By All Hungary News December 3, 2014 “Here we are, a nation [Hungary] that is on the verge of ceding its sovereignty to a neo-fascist dictator getting in bed with Vladimir Putin and we’re going to send the producer of ‘The Bold and The Beautiful’…

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Reality is not a Video Game: Norweigen F-16 Near Miss with Russian Mig-31 (Video)


by John Galt December 2, 2014 19:30 ET The encounter was approximately 20 meters. Let that sink in as the high speed pass to intimidate the pilots from Norway occurs in this video via the Wall Street Journal: I’m almost positive that former Vietnam war veteran and medal recipient along champion windsurfer, sailor, wealthy MILF marrying Secretary of State John Kerry will issue a stern email any moment now. Too bad and too funny that Putin and Lavrov have him on the ‘spam’ list. Like…

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While Obama Prepares for War with White Americans, Russia Prepares for World War III


by John Galt December 1, 2014 20:20 ET The headlines tell the tale of the tape: Obama Requests $263 Million for Police Body Cameras, Training Before White House Meeting, de Blasio Says Nation Must Face Ferguson ‘Head On’ Sharpton to Attend White House Meeting on Ferguson Riots Ferguson protest leaders to meet with President Obama at the White House Monday Meanwhile in Russia: Russian Military Aircraft Endanger Civilian Planes, Turn Off Transponders, US Ambassador To NATO Says Russia launches ‘wartime government’ HQ in major military…

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Manufacturing Grows at Fastest Pace Since Oct. 2013; IN RUSSIA?!?!


by John Galt December 01, 2014 19:45 ET Despite the propaganda about how wonderful the US PMI and manufacturing indicators was, is, etc., as highlighted by ZeroHedge in the article linked below: US PMI Plunges To 10-Month Lows (Export Order Drop), ISM Beats (Export Orders Soar) the reality is that Russia, not CHINA, but Russia had a sudden surge in manufacturing activity according to this article from Reuters: Russian manufacturing grows in Nov at fastest pace since Oct 2013: PMI MOSCOW Mon Dec 1, 2014…

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12.01 Donetsk Airport Ceasefire Appears Over, Heavy Fighting Reported


by John Galt December 01, 2014 18:00 ET Just a little over an hour or so ago, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reported the following: Ukraine Announces Temporary Truce At Donetsk Airport   By RFE/RL December 01, 2014 The Ukrainian military says its forces and Russian representatives have agreed to a temporary cease-fire at the airport in rebel-held Donetsk. The military’s press service said on December 1 the truce was agreed after talks near the airport between officials from Ukraine and Russia. Fierce fighting causing hundreds…

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12.01 Breaking News: Moody’s Downgrades Japan to A1 on Political Uncertainty


by John Galt December 1, 2014 04:45 ET Uncertainty over the future of the Japanese economy spurred on by the political dysfunction has triggered an action within the past hour which has sent a shudder through the Japanese financial system and apparently highlights a new more aggressive approach by the ratings agencies to once again warn before economic instability instead of after the fact as was the case in 2008. This downgrade is being viewed by some in Japan as an attempt to sway the…

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China Prepares for a Domestic Banking Crisis; Soon to offer FDIC type Insurance


by John Galt November 30, 2014 22:40 ET The United States prides itself on being some sort of model for world financial systems yet fails to force other nations to implement its programs unless it means losing American support for that nation’s implementation of said systems and programs. China is not fearful of a US failure to endorse its programs but the fact that they are mirroring the fallacies of the Federal Reserve and American government’s various fiat funny money government guarantees appears to indicate…

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Russia to Sell S-400 Anti-Aircraft Missile System to China


by John Galt November 30, 2014 22:00 ET While the US ineptitude continues at the State Department and pettiness and personal surrender monkey preferences at the Pentagon over the objections of military leaders, the Russians and Chinese continue to make moves to set up a distinct strategic sphere which excludes conventional US military power from interfering in Eurasia. This story from tells the tale of another miscalculation by the Obama regime and its poll driven foreign policy: Moscow to Sell S-400 Air Defense System…

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11.30 Deflationary Deathburger Freak Out Hitting US Futures Markets Tonight (Gold down over $50!)


by John Galt November 30, 2014 18:30 ET It is nice of the Fed and Bank of Japan to drag the old Kevin Bacon film clip out for tonight’s market action. Meanwhile back in realville, uh, all TS is HTF if you are long gold, silver, or anything you eat, put in your gas tank or that you can drop on your foot which hurts. (data courtesy of This could be a most interesting week, especially if the early previews and rumors about retail…

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11.30 While America Ate and Shopped Mini-Crashes Rocked the Markets


by John Galt November 30, 2014 10:35 ET While Americans ate, partied, and shopped until their credit cards cried “uncle,” markets around the world experienced a mini-crash which despite the protestations of the CNBCBBGFBN propaganda and infomercial sales forces will have consequences for the American economy and indeed the future of our consumer and debt driven economy. One chart sums up the coming crisis but it is not one that will be publicized by the mainstream infomercial financial media nor many if any mainstream economists:…

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11.25 New York City Cops about to Bust Commie Heads from Ferguson Protest Closing Lincoln Tunnel (Live Video)


by John Galt November 25, 2014 19:00ET Man, I want to see dogs, tear gas, tasers, and rubber bullets used against this Marxist garbage. Come on New York City, we know you are run by an avowed Communist but don’t disappoint us again! (Video courtesy of Livestream -WARNING: Typical obscenities from the left included, free of charge)     Update 19:05: Crowd appears to be heading towards Times Square…video getting choppy while on the move. UPDATE 19:25: The Commies have shut down Midtown and Times…

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11.24 20:43 ET BREAKING NEWS: Ferguson Grand Jury DOES NOT Indict Police Officer


by John Galt November 24, 2014 20:43 ET 21:25 ET – Confirmed during live press conference with the County Prosecutor, Bob McCulloch, with the Grand Jury findings. 20:43 ET - The decision is breaking on CNN: The grand jury in Ferguson, MO has decided NOT to indict police officer Darren Wilson for murder or involuntary manslaughter. Standby for updates on conditions on the ground in Ferguson, Missouri as the decision is announced. To listen to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Troop C for the region via…

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11.21 TEOTWAWKI RADIO SHOW: Black Friday Special One Week Early!


by John Galt November 21, 2014 18:35 ET Ah yes, America’s 3rd favorite holiday, Black Friday is one week from tonight. On this program we celebrate “Black” Friday by telling you how to deal with it in every way. Be it riots in Ferguson, Ebola at the Macy’s Parade in New York City, or my listener’s favorite subject Prep items on sale, sale, sale! Buckle up because if Santa detects good little Turkeys in the audience we may even tell a tale of woe from…

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Bill Nye on the Buffalo Snowstorm: Christians who are Creationists are Global Warming Deniers


by John Galt November 20, 2014 22:30 ET As MSNBC continues on its quest to become a network with ratings below that of a test pattern, onward and forward becomes “let’s insult the heathens who worship that voice in the sky” with Bill Nye “The Science Guy” and his latest book promotion as his apparent agenda driven science will make sane, reasonable people projectile vomit into their mouths. Check this interview out on some irrelevant MSNBC program at the 1:20 mark where he says “there’s…

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November 20, 2014 Full Text of Obama’s Immigration Speech to Kill the Constitution


by John Galt November 20, 2014 20:50 ET Unfreaking real folks. From US Pravda Today: My fellow Americans, tonight, I’d like to talk with you about immigration. For more than 200 years, our tradition of welcoming immigrants from around the world has given us a tremendous advantage over other nations. It’s kept us youthful, dynamic, and entrepreneurial. It has shaped our character as a people with limitless possibilities — people not trapped by our past, but able to remake ourselves as we choose. But today,…

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Billionaire Steve Wynn Finds out Why One Does not Attack our Emperor the Hard Way


by John Galt November 20, 2014 19:15 ET Way, way, back in 2011, billionaire casino and hotel magnate Steve Wynn launched this epic rant during a company conference call against the Emperor in Chief: Today, per CNBC and DowJones, Obama’s regime has retaliated for this speech and other transgressions against the almighty: Wynn Resorts being investigated for possible money laundering violations: DJ Everett Rosenfeld 11.20.14 18:00 ET CNBC Excerpted: Wynn Resorts is under investigation for potential money-laundering law violations, according to a new report from…

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11.19 Russia Continues to Deploy Air Assets Closer to Ukraine


by John Galt November 19, 2014 19:55 ET Yesterday, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty had the following report on the Russian troop build up on the Ukrainian border: NATO Sees Military Buildup In Ukraine, Urges Russia To Pull Back Excerpted: BRUSSELS — NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg says there has been a “serious military buildup” both in conflict-torn eastern Ukraine and on the Russian side of the border, and he has urged Moscow to pull back its forces. Stoltenberg told reporters in Brussels that information from NATO…

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November 18, 2014 Global Warming Snow Coverage Map


by John Galt November 18, 2014 19:45 ET Presented with no further comment as Algore’s silence today is enough for me. (via Like this:Like Loading...

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Was Dr. Martin Salia who just Died from Ebola in the USA just another Lab Rat?


by John Galt November 17, 2014 20:00 ET From Breitbart News and WOWT Channel 6 Omaha, NE: It is sad fact that this man died. But the disturbing part of this outbreak appears to now have started courtesy of the United States Government and its CDC. This individual was too far gone according to previous media reports for the transport and current regimen of treatments available to save him. Yet the United States government spent close to a million dollars (if not more) to fly…

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11.17 1500 ET: Tens of Thousands Protest Against Hungarian Government (Live Video)


by John Galt November 17, 2014 15:15 ET As the world focuses on the wars in the Middle East, the lack of US leadership, and the incredible acceleration of the fading world economy, another one of the European Central Bank’s stooges, Viktor Orbán the Prime Minister of Hungary is facing growing domestic instability as highlighted by the nationwide protest against his government and its policies which favor Berlin and Brussels over the citizenry. (Live video via ActivistWorldNewNetwork): Add in the outrage of the people and…

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Japan Enters a Triple Dip Recession as Deflation Fears grip the World


by John Galt November 16, 2014 21:45 ET Radio Australia broke the news earlier tonight, along with every Japanese and economic news source in the Pacific Rim portion of the world: Japan re-enters recession with shock contraction Posted 17 November 2014, 12:05 AEDT By business reporter Michael Janda Japan has surprised analysts by re-entering recession on the back of sales tax increases. A large, and recently expanded, money printing program has not stopped Japan slipping back into recession. (Credit: AFP) The Japanese economy went backwards…

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For Johnathan Gruber to be a Washington, DC Nobody, he sure Went to the White House Often


by John Galt November 16, 2014 15:15 ET The now infamous M.I.T. Professor Johnathan Gruber video continues to make the rounds with each new video indicating the arrogance of this administration and its minions on an almost daily basis.   Sadly, even the alternative media won’t pay attention to the age old tried and true piece of information which is public record, the White House Visitor’s Log. Why is this important? Because America’s first black Messiah-in-Chief decided to drop a Sunday when nobody pays attention…

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11.14 My First and Probably only “Selfie”


by John Galt November 14, 2014 21:07 ET At the request of my radio audience…. Like this:Like Loading...

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11.14 TEOTWAWKI Radio Show: November 2014 Polar Vortex Edition


by John Galt November 14, 2014 20:30 ET The polar vortex has taken over. I’m battling  it as hard as I can down here in the primitive swamp areas of Southwest Florida as you can see. I’ve gone to the grocery store this summer while beef was cheap and slayed my own bone in rib-eye. Oh the brutality of having to share this information with my northern listeners. Did I mention deflation yet? Tune in for more…. To listen click on the link below at…

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11.12 Turkish Radicals Initiate another “Workplace Incident” Against American Sailors on Shore Leave


by John Galt November 12, 2014 19:20 ET I guess our “allies” in Turkey no longer view our soldiers or sailors as friends to their new found Islamist Republic as this attack, which could only happen with the tacit approval of the government and Turkish intelligence services illustrates: So just who or what is the TGB, the apparent group behind the attack since they were the group that filmed this? For the uninitiated, here is a brief summary about the Turkey Youth Union (via Wikipedia…

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Washington, DC City Government: 2nd Amendment was for British Invasion (Video)


by John Galt November 11, 2014 21:45 ET Listen to the city employee at about 2:57 in where he says that “well, I believe the 2nd Amendment was written more or less, for when the British were coming.” Seriously. From Fox 5, WTTG in Washington, DC:   DC News FOX 5 DC WTTG Just wow the stupid continues to ooze from that community in volumes no one could ever dream of. Like this:Like Loading...

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11/11 20:15 ET: Russia Appears to be Preparing to Invade Eastern Ukraine


by John Galt November 11, 2014 20:15 ET The report on Lou Dobbs television program on the Fox Business Network tonight indicated that per NATO sources up to 8 tank brigades have moved towards the Russian-Ukraine border tonight in addition to towed artillery and infantry units. This is similar to a Reuters report from earlier in the day but widely reported beyond the threat of Russian nuclear-capable forces moving on to the Crimean peninsula: NATO Commander Concerned by Armoured Convoys Entering Ukraine From Russia By…

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Bro Bunny Boehner and the Obama Immigration Briar Patch


by John Galt November 10, 2014 21:30 ET Now dis be one of dem old stories from Dixie, so if youse don’t get the words, well, dat be raciss and narrow minded, if y’all gets what I mean….. Der once was a bunny called Boehner and Bro Bunny Boehner had a problem. He just could not keep dat dere mouth shut and stop from cryin’ every time he got caught flappin dem dere gums of his. Thus when he’ins was down off da side of…

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11.07.14 TEOTWAWKI RADIO SHOW: Don’t Panic! Gloatfest is Live, Live Live!


by John Galt November 7, 2014 19:55 ET Do not panic. Do not adjust your sets. The Voice of Galt Radio Network via JMR is live tonight. I’m here, I’m gloating, and I’m broadcasting live tonight so please refrain from kissing Liberian Ebola patients unless you’re married to one and already infected. You may now return to TMZ or whatever the hell you watch/do until I start broadcasting in just over one hour. To listen click on the link below at 9 pm ET which…

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