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Indian Military Crosses into Pakistan to Attack Terrorist Bases – 2 Pakistani Soldiers Killed


by John Galt September 29, 2016 04:50 ET Overnight, the Indian military crossed the Line of Control which divides India and Pakistan in the disputed Kashmir region to destroy terrorist bases from where attacks originated which killed 19 Indian soldiers earlier this week. The full story from the Hindustan Times of India: Army says carried out strikes across LoC, inflicted casualties on terrorists The Indian Army said on Thursday that it has carried out surgical strikes and inflicted significant casualties on terrorists and those supporting…

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Accuweather’s Long Range Forecast for my Area is, uh, WTF?!?


by John Galt Sepetember 28, 2016 15:40 ET Holy Flirkingschimdt! Hopefully this is on the “weak” side of Hurricane Matthew….I don’t want to know what it will be like under the eye.

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Trump’s VP Candidate Mike Pence Believes Man Plays a Role in Climate Change


by John Galt September 27, 2016 20:30 ET Apparently, Donald Trump does not have a team which screens anything or anyone and they just shoot from the hip and wing it as they have everything in his life up to now. Governor Mike Pence of Indiana has demonstrated once again that he is actually an anti-Constitution Progressive in drag with this latest story; one which directly contradicts the statements and alleged beliefs of the man at the top of the ticket, Donald Trump. From The…

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Sorry Trumptards: Donald Trump Lost the Debate with the Hildabeast


by John Galt September 26, 2016 23:00 ET Trump opened the debate strong. Then he turned into the wimpiest pile of steaming whatever I’ve seen to date. Marco Rubio must be at home wondering tonight if his balls had fully developed how much he would have whipped Trump if he had behaved like this. Whatever advice Trump got, he needs to forget. After the first 20 minutes he looked weak, indecisive, and unable to defend his record in short concise sentences as he was obviously…

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The Unofficial 2016 1st Presidential Debate Drinking Game Rules: Bullfest 2016


by John Galt September 26, 2016 17:00 ET Yup, the theme tonight is “don’t say facts, say bull!” Here is the Fox News live video link for the program tonight: Welcome to Bullfest 2016, America’s every 4 year fertilizer spreading festival known as the Presidential Debates. In the Blue corner, we have the nastiest woman alive, willing to kill soldiers, lawyers, and interns to stay in power regardless of how much bonking her husband engages in and regardless if they are of legal age or…

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#BestElectionEver Continues: Hillary’s Name Misspelled by Hofstra on Debate Tickets


by John Galt September 26, 2016 20:35 ET Just too awesome: Hillary Clinton's name is misspelled on the official #HofDebate16 tickets. #debatenight — SiriusXMPolitics (@SXMPolitics) September 26, 2016

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Bow Down Before the Donald or Else (Video)


by John Galt September 26, 2016 20:20 ET I heard this clip earlier today and thought, no way this is true. But here it is, on video, from Omarosa’s mouth (starting at 4:48): Be scared America. No matter who wins tonight’s debate or the election, be very, very scared as this looks more and more like the 1924 election. In Italy.

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Presidential Debate Tweet of the Night Before the Debate Begins


by John Galt September 26, 2016 20:00 ET Thank you Matt Walsh. I think. Tonight a felon will argue with a reality show character over who should become the leader of the free world. — Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) September 26, 2016

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Thank you Hofstra University Wussies for this Hilarious, Pathetic Sign


by John Galt September 26, 2016 19:45 ET Is any comment necessary about the wussification of the sissies at Hofstra? This sign was just outside of the event hall where tonight’s Presidential debate is being held. Now go have a good cry with your sissy, socialist, special snowflake, retarded, anti-American, school counselor.

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From Zero to Weasel in Less than 60 Seconds: Ted Cruz Interview on the Glenn Beck Radio Show (Audio)


by John Galt September 26, 2016 15:50 ET Thank you to Glenn Beck for having the balls to ask the man he once called “America’s last best hope” and exposing this fraud as just another politician. For those of you who piled blood, sweat, tears, and fortune into this man’s campaign please explain to me the difference between Ted Cruz, Rush Limbaugh, and Marco Rubio? All are apparently political opportunists, spewing lies and bullshit, and willing to do whatever it takes to retain power and…

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China Taunts Japan Again with 8 Planes Flying by Okinawa Near Disputed Territory


by John Galt September 25, 2016 20:30 ET Earlier today, the Chinese government used their joint naval exercise with the Russian Navy to send a message to Japan by flying 8 aircraft into the disputed region around Okinawa and the Senkaku Islands. Needless to say the Japanese media exhibited the government’s displeasure (via NHK): 8 Chinese military planes fly off Okinawa Japanese defense officials say 8 Chinese military planes flew off Okinawa, southern Japan, on Sunday, going back and forth between the East China Sea…

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World’s Largest Satanic Organization Opens International HQ in Salem, MA (Video)


by John Galt September 25, 2016 11:00 ET Just WTF. From the RT article on the organization and the opening of this location in Salem, MA: The Satanic Temple does not worship Satan but, according to its website, believers practice empathy, compassion and believe in individual sovereignty and the rejection of tyrannical authority. Rightttttttt….. And Hillary Clinton doesn’t have people who attack her murdered either.

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5th Bank Failure of the Year: Allied Bank of Mulberry, AR Seized by FDIC


by John Galt September 24, 2016 22:30 ET As I was out and about last night and did not have time to post up the usual “Bank Failure Friday” posting, here is the delayed news from the FDIC last night: Today’s Bank, Huntsville, Arkansas, Assumes All of the Deposits of Allied Bank Mulberry, Arkansas FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 23, 2016 Allied Bank, Mulberry, Arkansas, was closed today by the Arkansas State Banking Department, which appointed the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) as receiver. To protect…

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The Donald Trump and Ted Cruz Supreme Court Fallacy


by John Galt September 24, 2016 21:25 ET As the Cruz Crew continues to implode over his recent endorsement of Donald Trump, a sad reality has emerged within the conservative media and deliberately bled into the mainstream so as to provide some modicum of cover for Senator Cruz and those within the Trump camp who did not want his endorsement. The most fascinating part of the narrative has been the sudden addition of potential judicial nominees to the Supreme Court that Donald Trump released the…

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Ted Cruz Endorses Donald Trump: Go Vote While Unconscious (Drunk)


by John Galt September 23, 2016 15:40 ET Just sigh. The most principled Constitutionalist who ran for the Presidency in decades has now decided to change his stance from “vote your conscience” to supporting the Cheetos Jesus. I get the pressure. I understand the feeling of being left out of the reindeer games with his fellow Republicrats. But just ugh. The only commentary I have on this, and please remember, I’m a registered Libertarian since 2004 who is NOT voting for Gary Johnson is the…

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Russia Launches Massive Nuclear Strategic Exercise today with 1,700 Items of Hardware


by John Galt September 22, 2016 21:40 ET The story of Russian military exercises today is becoming a daily occurrence but the show put on today was extraordinary for the scope and locations of some of Russia’s Strategic Nuclear forces used in today’s drill. From ITAR-TASS: Over 60 Topol, Topol-M, Yars missile launchers taking part in Russia’s large-scale drills MOSCOW, September 22. /TASS. Over 60 standalone Topol, Topol-M and Yars missile launchers are making “intensive maneuvers” on combat patrol routes from the Tver Region to…

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North Korea Threatens to “sweep Guam from the surface of the earth” for B-1 Fly-bys


by John Galt September 22, 2016 21:15 ET In the world of “yes, the dangerous little nut job in North Korea is up to it again” file, tonight he decided to raise the stakes a little bit more after promising last night to “completely reduce to ashes Seoul” because of this week’s fly-by of U.S. strategic bombers. From Yonhap News tonight: Strategic bombers made closest-ever flight to N. Korea: U.S. military (excerpt) Two U.S. Air Force B-1B strategic bombers this week made the closest-ever flight…

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Internet Meme of the Year


by John Galt September 22, 2016 19:00 ET Sorry I got home late gang, but this is without a doubt the internet meme of the year, thanks to the gang at the Washington Free Beacon: As if that isn’t funny enough, their headline is a laugh riot mocking the old evil bag: Shrill, Angry, Poorly Dressed Woman Wonders Why She Isn’t Running Away With 2016 Election Thank you Sonny Bunch for making me laugh my ass off. This, and the other videos at the link…

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Obama Regime Logic: If We Destroy ISIS there will be More Terrorism in the U.S.


by John Galt September 21, 2016 20:35 ET The formerly respected broadcast arm of the United States, the Voice of America, has now become an unbelievable political propaganda arm for the Obama regime and the following news absolutely takes the cake for insane story of the year: Smashing Islamic State Could Unleash New Terror Threat From the story: Success in the battle against Middle East insurgents, such as the Islamic State group and al-Qaida affiliates, is going to lead to a new challenge, diplomats and…

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Russia Sends a Warning to Finland with the S-400 Deployment in the Leningrad Region


by John Galt September 21, 2016 20:10 ET The news from Russia this afternoon was a direct warning to Finland not to join NATO. For the first time since the Cold War era, Russia is deploying anti-aircraft missile regiments in the Leningrad Oblast, a region which borders Estonia and Finland. From ITAR-TASS today: Russia to deploy S-400 air defense missile systems in Leningrad region MOSCOW, September 21. /TASS/. Two regiments of the S-400 air defense missile systems will be delivered to the Air Force and…

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What the Federal Reserve Really Said Today: We Despise Trump


by John Galt September 21, 2016 19:20 ET The Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC) issued their statement on interest rates and the always wrong economic outlook at 2 p.m. today (From the Federal Reserve webpage): Release Date: September 21, 2016 For release at 2:00 p.m. EDT Information received since the Federal Open Market Committee met in July indicates that the labor market has continued to strengthen and growth of economic activity has picked up from the modest pace seen in the first half of…

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An Ominous Sign or Just Interesting: Russia Begins Return to Shortwave Radio


by John Galt September 21, 2016 04:30 ET Recently, the Western media has decided to ignore what has happened inside of Russia and around the Ukraine, either by a deliberate policy decision or to create a sense of victory within the West over the big bad bear once again. However, with stories about troop buildups, snap exercises, and fears of the war restarting the theory is that the Secretary of State, John Kerry who once served in Vietnam, will keep the possibility of a renewal…

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Look for Russia to Impose a No-Fly Zone for U.S. Forces over Syria


by John Galt September 17, 2016 18:15 ET Over a year ago I published a map where I thought Russia might impose a so-called “No-Fly Zone” over parts of Syria to block pro-U.S. coalition aircraft from operating. That was on September 9, 2015: That zone is no longer relevant after today. The Russian Federation, despite what the morons in D.C. thinks, does not like to be humiliated nor lied to and the United States under President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have betrayed…

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When You See Stories Like This, the Market Top is In


by John Galt September 16, 2016 19:50 ET When you see stories like this one (via Business Insider): Yeah, it usually means the market top is in. When the pie in the sky insanity after years of predicting market crashes and booms winds down to the end of the a credit and business cycle, the insane stories start to appear attributing rallies to elections, Issac Newton, Trump’s belly button lint, or the length and duration of Hillary Clinton’s Parkinson seizures. The truth sucks but God…

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From the WTF File: Google Street View Blurs Cow’s face to protect its PRIVACY!


by John Galt September 16, 2016 18:35 ET It could be from the WTF file. Instead, it’s more like the “you can’t make this shit up” file. From RT: ‘Overzealous’ Google Street View blurs cow’s face to protect its privacy Google Street View obscures the faces of people and license plates to protect privacy. But when it was revealed that it had blurred the muzzle of a cow from Cambridge, it made the animal an online celeb. The cow with a blurred muzzle was discovered…

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Tropical Storm Karl: Not looking so good Now but Still Projected to become a Hurricane


by John Galt September 16, 2016 04:55 ET This is one of those storms everyone should watch closely especially as it gets close to 60 degrees west longitude as it has all of the makings of a powerful Cape Verde hurricane in the classic sense. In the mean time, here is the usual advisory package until the NHC determines the exact path of the storm next week. LATEST NHC ADVISORY ========================================== 000 WTNT32 KNHC 181453 TCPAT2 BULLETIN TROPICAL STORM KARL ADVISORY NUMBER 17 NWS NATIONAL…

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Tropical Storm Julia Forms over Land Heads into Georgia


by John Galt September 14, 2016 05:30 ET In what is a very rare event, Tropical Storm Julia has formed over land over the state of Florida overnight and started moving north into Georgia where it should rain out near Savannah. This rare occurrence happens less than 2% of the time in tropical cyclone history since records have been kept (per TWC) and certainly speaks to the bizarre hurricane season we are experiencing thus far. This will be the only first update on this storm…

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Sandbagging, Fraud, and a $124.6 Million Bonus for this Performance from Wells Fargo


by John Galt September 12, 2016 19:45 ET Apparently Wells Fargo has adopted this as their corporate philosophy: Yeah, it’s that bad. Via Gizmodo today: Wells Fargo Executive Linked To Scam Gets $124.6 Million Payday Yup, you read that right boys and girls. You can oversee the commitment of gross and obvious fraud against 2 million customers and get paid damned well. A brief excerpt from the article: Wells Fargo executive Carrie Tolstedt will receive a $124.6 million payday when she retires at the end…

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The Bull Market is Now Officially Over


by John Galt September 10, 2016 22:20 ET Before I go into any great details as to why I think this horrid bull market is over, albeit horrid only because it is Federal Reserve purchased and promoted bull, I wish to review the markets at the end of trading this past Friday, September 9 (courtesy of the Wall Street Journal). How bad was it really? -NYSE down ratio of 13:1 on 4.3 billion shares -Nasdaq down radio 6:1 on 2.18 billion shares meaning it could…

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September 11, 2001: Never Forget, Never Forgive


by John Galt September 11, 2016 08:00 ET I know where I was. I remember watching Air Force 1 taking off from Sarasota International Airport with F-15’s on its wings and above. I remember watching something I thought I would never see in my life time, air cap over my home with jets circling. America has gotten lazy, sloppy, inept, politically correct, and turned from Lady Liberty into Mr. Pajama Boy, a wimpified shell of itself where there is no leadership, just corruption, collusion, and…

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The Only Video You Need to Watch on YouTube Today


by John Galt September 10, 2016 15:10 ET (h/t RedState)

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Dude You’re Getting a Dell Screwing Over


by John Galt September 9, 2016 18:50 ET Ah yes, the classics, even though the line about customer service was proven to be 100% bullshit. Of course with the news of the last 48 hours, Dell Computer just basically gave Donald “My Illegals are OK, yours aren’t” Trump a brand new campaign commercial. From Wolf Street: Dell-EMC to Lay Off 2,000 – 3,000 US Workers after Requesting 5,000 H-1B Visas & Green Cards to Import Foreign Workers I would suggest clicking on the link to…

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Rush Limbaugh is Full of Shit


by John Galt September 7, 2016 20:00 ET “Conservatism, as has been applied the last 10 years, what do we have to show for it? We have a bunch of midterm election victories, but nothing done with them. And, if you’re really serious about how bad things are but you can’t find it in yourself to oppose Hillary Clinton, then you’re worthless.” – Rush Limbaugh on his radio show, September 7, 2016 I guess I’m worthless or Rush Limbaugh is full of shit. I will…

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I Have Surrendered and Agree with the Lesser of Two Evils Argument


by John Galt September 6, 2016 21:25 ET The surrender of Mark Levin to the ideal of “the lesser of two evils” argument and thus his decision to support Donald Trump for President is quite logical when one takes a deep, introspective look at the consequences of a Hillary Clinton Presidency. This talking point has been the mainstay of so-called conservative talk radio hosts for decades now as Rush, Sean Hannity, and others used it when arguing for Robert Dole, a candidate equally as horrid…

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And Another Conservative Icon Abandons his Principles to Vote for Trump


by John Galt September 6, 2016 19:50 ET Twitter’s reaction summed it up the best: Mark Levin ''I'm going to vote for @realDonaldTrump on election day.'' #Foxnews — Sweet Pea (@BayShoreIsHome) September 6, 2016 Basically this leaves Glenn Beck and Steve Deace, two of the original “Never Trump” members out in the wilderness. With Mark Levin choosing to vote for Donald Trump, this election is now dividing the conservative movement in ways that the Clinton Crime Family could only have had wet dreams about in…

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TS Hermine: 09.03 1300 – Tropical Storm Warnings From Long Island to Boston


by John Galt August 28, 2016 16:55 ET 09.02.16 – 18:30 ET – Just ugh. 09.02.16 – 17:00 ET – Boy oh boy oh boy. If this recent model run of the ECMWF (Euro) confirms, life is going to be VERY interesting in NJ and New York City: Tropical Storm Warnings have now been extended up to Sandy Hook, NJ with watches continuing for New York City and Long Island. So far the forecast does not anticipate the storm turning back into NJ/NY but the…

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Hurricane Lester: Hurricane Watch Maui, Molokai, Lanai and Kahoolawe


by John Galt August 28, 2016 12:30 ET 09.01.16 21:00 ET – As the West Coast of Florida gets lashed by Hurricane Hermine, the Hawaiian Islands are preparing for a possible double strike this time from Hurricane Lester. If the track verifies the storm’s strong side will stay away from the islands. More info in tomorrow’s updates. ********************** This has to be the weirdest hurricane season I’ve seen in a while and that’s after surviving 2004-2005 in Florida. The “m” letter storm Madeline will hit…

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So the Pro-Trump Patriot Movement is Reduced to Picklegate?


by John Galt August 30, 2016 21:10 ET Let me get this straight. Hillary Clinton is leading a conspiracy theory that because she didn’t really open a jar of pickles on a taped national television show that a liberal talk show host set up as a comedy bit. Of course Alex Jones consulted with the Trump team via his secret decoder ring and found out how to attack this subject: Whoops, wrong video: So last night Wolf Blitzer of CNN infamy, since no one watches…

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Hurricane Madeline: Hurricane WARNING Up for the Big Island of Hawaii


  by John Galt August 28, 2016 12:20 ET 08.30.16 20:35 ET – Just a heads up as storm number 1 approaches the big island of Hawaii as a strong Category 2 hurricane. Good luck out there all my friends! ************************************ 08.29.16 15:35 ET – FYI upgraded to a hurricane today… ******************************** The Central Pacific Hurricane Center is issuing advisories for Tropical Storm Madeline which appears to be heading directly for the big island and will drop large amounts of rain, especially in the mountainous…

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John Kerry Advocates Media Censorship to Protect Radical Islamist Terrorists


by John Galt August 29, 2016 19:40 ET In the “just when you thought they could not get any more blatant” area of in your face we are establishing a new world order and you’ll shut up about it department, Secretary of State John Kerry gave the following remarks during a speech in Dhaka, Bangladesh this morning: But we have to continue. It’s not just the battlefield; it’s the minds. And if we have too many young people who can’t go to school, or too…

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