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Heads Up GA/SC: It’s Hurricane Season 2016


by John Galt May 24, 2016 16:45 ET One week from tomorrow, the annual Atlantic hurricane season begins. However, Mother Nature does not have a calendar. Thankfully this is only a model projection, the one named the “Euro” or ECMWF which happens to be one of the most accurate models last season, and it shows the potential for a tropical system to develop and ruin Memorial Day for residents in the Savannah, GA to Charleston, SC region (courtesy of I shall keep my loyal…

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05.23 Final Austrian Election Results: Austria Veers HARD Left to Green Party Candidate


by John Galt May 23, 2016 20:20 ET In what could only be called the even more Marxist equivalent of Bernie Sanders, Alexander Van der Bellen the candidate supported by the Green Party, won the final tally in the Austrian Presidential elections today. Even though it was only by about 31,000 votes it is a clear indication that the globalist efforts undertaken by the European Central Bank and associated politicians who wish to keep their grip on power over the continent was indeed a success.…

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Dueling Videos: Rapper Says to Kill Trump if Food Stamps Taken from Momma vs. AH-64 Apache


by John Galt May 22, 2016 22:30 ET Who wins? You decide if the riots get serious….   VS. Unfortunately for the raciss idiot in the first video, he can’t rap like this old friend of mine from the old radio program:  

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Now you Can Electrocute Yourself with a Shock if you Spend Too Much (VIDEO)


by John Galt May 22, 2016 22:00 ET Thankfully the foolish ideas of personal responsibility and budgeting are no longer pertinent. Now the future has arrived now with a device which allows the individual to get electrocuted, er, shocked like a dog that strays too far when he or she spends too much money. The weird thing is, I do remember a way to control this before the cashless society and mega credit card issuance as people had real ‘cash’ which when one ran out…

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05.22 BREAKING NEWS: Cyprus Shifts Right in Parliamentary Elections


by John Galt May 22, 2016 19:30 ET As discussed earlier in the posting about the Austrian elections, it would appear that Cyprus has also started to divorce itself slightly from the love affair with Brussels and the European Union globalist cabal. From Reuters: Cyprus parliamentary vote puts far-right in parliament From the link above: Cyprus’s ruling conservatives took the lead in Sunday’s general election, results showed, while a far-right party won its first seats in the legislature amid voter disillusionment after a 2013 financial…

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05.22 Austrian Presidential Elections Results: Shift to the Right or More Globalism?


by John Galt May 22, 2016 12:15 ET For the average American the question is “why should I care?” If you’re an investor and think that the globalist model is sufficient regardless of the destruction of national sovereignty and personal liberty then you will favor the election of the Green Party (leftist) candidate in Austria, Alexander Van der Bellen. However, if borders and national economic integrity are your concerns then the election of Norbert Hofer may well be the political and economic earthquake you’re looking…

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The Donald Lies Again: Trump Campaign Admits it Did not Raise $6 Million for Veterans in Iowa


by John Galt May 20, 2016 23:40 ET I know the Trumptards are totally sick of seeing me attack their boy, but since it is a Friday night and most of them have sent their brown shirts off to the dry cleaners, this story from CNN, courtesy of the Donald Trump Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski, is worth reminding all of those who have a brain what a fraud this man really is: Trump campaign admits it did not raise $6 million for veterans The headline…

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Ten Jobs You Won’t See in 10 Years


by John Galt May 15, 2016 21:15 ET 1. Newspapers: Delivery Person and Distributors Within ten years, the newspaper machine will disappear as will the person who loads them or tramples on your front yard as they throw that rolled up rag at your front door. Why you might ask? Print media is dying, rapidly thanks to the internet and customized information delivery systems which bypass the old media, Facebook, and other current providers. Recently in my area of Florida, the St. Petersburg Times purchased…

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Global Warming All over the Northeast United States Tonight


by John Galt May 15, 2016 19:25 ET WOW! Look at all the Algore induced Global Warming happening tonight all around the Northeastern United States which is apparently being caused and accelerated by Islamophobia according to the administration and liberal loons: Sucks to be a commie lib believing that snow = global warming. Meanwhile, I’ll continue to suffer with my cold beer and mid 80’s temperatures. Screw you climate change Marxists and insane stupid theories and comments.

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Today was a Tranny Kind of Day in the News


by John Galt May 12, 2016 18:20 ET I can not make all the bullshit that was in the news today: Caitlyn Jenner Experienced ‘Sex Change Regret,’ Might De-Transition, Biographer Says After all the idiocy, really? She/he/it (Sheit for short) might get the titties and ass implants removed? From the article above published by TheWrap: Ian Halperin, the author of “Kardashian Dynasty: The Controversial Rise of America’s Royal Family,” said that, while researching his book, multiple sources told him that the former Olympian had been…

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Why Democrats Secretly WANT Donald Trump to Become President in 2016


by John Galt May 8, 2016 13:40 ET In the past months of political nonsense, unfair, and irrational comparisons have been made of one Donald J. Trump to the rallies Adolph Hitler used to hold. While the visual aura of individuals raising their arms in an oath to a political figure seems horrifying to most Americans; but if one understands the entertainer that is Trump, one would know that this was for show, not for some devious purpose like the school children who were forced…

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Gold is Poised for a Major Breakout This Week


By John Galt May 8, 2016 08:30 ET After weeks of consolidation, the breakout and weekly close above the key $1280 support level on a weekly basis indicates that monetary stresses in Asia, Europe, and North America are becoming more severe and that this new move in gold as a flight to safety is indeed being validated with each leg up. The weekly chart also confirms the volume supporting this move and as illustrated in the daily chart below, despite attempts to sell the monetary…

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The Libertarian Party Political Debate (VIDEO)


By John Galt May 7, 2016 23:00 ET Below is the full Libertarian Party Forum presented courtesy of John Stossel on the Fox Business Network last month. It is worth any lost Cruzzers or conservative’s time to review and especially those who need to take a moment to listen to the comments and policies of Petersen and Johnson during this debate.

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The #NeverTrump Solution Requires One Candidate to do More


by John Galt May 7, 2016 14:25 ET That poster sums up the dilemma the #NeverTrump campaign. Everyone in the political blogosphere has been running around proposing various courses of action while sitting in their swivel chairs.  Others have offered commentary illustrating just how lost they are to find any course of action for the #NeverTrump movement. Buck Sexton offered up a striking warning without realizing it in a CNN commentary he penned the other day: And the reality is that there are even bigger…

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Mary Matalin Demonstrates Principle over Party: She is now a Registered Libertarian


by John Galt May 6, 2016 18:45 ET Oops. This doesn’t help the #Trumptard cause… The announcers in this interview were caught 100% totally unaware and when she said it it was like, “holy carp!” The reality? On today’s Glenn Beck Radio Show she explained why she switched and the reason is simple: The Constitution is more important than any party. If Abraham Lincoln had dared to put the Whig Party ahead of our nation’s interests, then indeed we may have avoided a bloody Civil…

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Another Nutless Wonder: Rand Paul betrays his Father, Endorses Donald Trump


by John Galt May 5, 2016 19:45 ET Sorry Dr. Ron Paul, apparently someone got in ahead of you to create this McConnell clone (via radio host Leland Conway):     What a steaming pile of crap Rand Paul has become. He’s a liar, he never helped whom he called “his friend” Senator Ted Cruz, he refused to endorse Matt Bevin, and apparently has a case of HMVS (Herpes McConnell Vacuumus Suckulus) on his lips from kissing Mitch McConnell’s butt. The only good news that…

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Will Russia and the Ukraine go to War this Weekend?


by John Galt May 5, 2016 05:30 ET The ongoing small unit skirmishes along the line of contact in the Lugansk and Donetsk Republics has been ongoing since the first implementation of the Minsk accords. The violations are being reported to the OSCE monitors but little if any action has been taken against either side as a result. According the DNR yesterday for example, there were 60 violations including artillery and mortar attacks along with small unit engagements in Zaitsevo, Yasinovataya, Ozeryanovka, Zheleznaya Balka, Sakhanka…

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A Brief Reply to all the #TrumpTards asking Cruz Supporters for GOP Unity


by John Galt May 4, 2016 17:25 ET

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05.03 BREAKING NEWS: Senator Ted Cruz Suspends Presidential Campaign


by John Galt May 3, 2016 20:35 ET Senator Ted Cruz has just withdrawn from the Presidential race after the Indiana Republican Primary results were verified. It is truly a sad, tragic day for America. Thank you again for your valiant effort to save America Mr. Cruz.

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A Quick Thank You to Senator Ted Cruz


by John Galt May 3, 2016 19:25 ET Thank you for standing up for the U.S. Constitution. Thank you for being the ONLY principled conservative who fought to the end. Thank you for remembering that Ronald Reagan was right and fought to keep America great in the eyes of history. Thank you for not selling out to the establishment, the GOP party bosses, and the media. Lastly, thank you for a futile effort when the equivalent of billions of dollars was donated to Donald Trump…

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Donald J. Trump is a Freaking Lunatic (VIDEO)


by John Galt May 3, 2016 17:25 ET No comment is necessary other than if you support this guy, the title “Trumptard” sticks to you forever. You have to be a psychotic loser. Period. The whole interview is mind blowing but the National Enquirer insanity starts at 4:44:     This my friends is what happens when you go into the worst trailer park near your largest cities, find the drunk guy wearing the stained wifebeater, and give him a winning lottery ticked in life.…

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China’s Caixin PMI Edges down to 49.4 in March


by John Galt May 2, 2016 22:25 ET The sugar coated version of tonight’s release came from the newspaper Shanghai Daily via Xinhua: Caixin China manufacturing PMI edges down to 49.4 From the somewhat softened release: The Caixin General China Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI), an indicator of manufacturing activity, edged down to 49.4 in April, a private survey showed on Tuesday. The reading was fractionally down from 49.7 in March, signalling marginal deterioration in operating conditions, according to the survey conducted by financial information…

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The Boricuan (Puerto Rico) Crisis Accelerates into Default with American Banksters


by John Galt May 2, 2016 21:40 ET John Oliver on HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” provides a nice summary  of what is happening on one of America’s remaining colonies: How bad is it? Here is this morning’s El Nuevo Dia newspaper front page from San Juan which should have rung alarm bells in Congress: The key headlines (roughly translated for those not fluent in Spanish): “We can NOT wait any longer” for relief from the Congress of the United States “Emigration has reached another record”…

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Another 20% Dollar Tree Inflationary Warning


by John Galt May 2, 2016 20:20 ET A little over a decade ago, I pointed out the hypocrisy of product size inflation in an old article about my Dollar Tree inflation indicator. I noted, of course simple things like 4 packs of batteries being changed to 3, 16 oz. of dry cereal being reduced to 12 oz., and candy bars being reduced from 6 oz. to microscopic specs of something wrapped in paper. Today, I encountered something amazing at the U.S. discount retailer the…

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Warren Buffett Sees Derivatives as a Potential “Time Bomb” for Financial Markets


by John Galt May 1, 2016 22:40 ET Weird. CNBC did not report on this subject on their web page. Marketwatch did not make a big deal about this story either: The Financial Times of London, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, hell, even that rag the New York Times Business section do not even have this headline: Buffett sees derivatives as potential “time bomb” in financial markets So my American readers can thank the Communist Chinese government’s semi-official official propaganda outlet, Xinhua?!?!?! Yup: OMAHA, Nebraska, April…

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Fox News Acting as a Trump Super-Pac has Consequences: CNN now Number 1 in Cable News


by John Galt May 1, 2016 21:20 ET Roger Ailes apparently does not care about the integrity of his news network. Why would I say that? 90% of the coverage can only be, as Mark Levin so aptly puts it, reflect the actions of a Super-PAC favoring the Donald Trump for President campaign. The actions of its hosts have been well documented and for some strange reason, after Mr. Ailes met with Donald Trump for lunch at Fox News headquarters on April 16th, the network…

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by John Galt May 1, 2016 19:05 ET Gold closed on Friday with a price of $1294.90. Why is that significant? Because it should alert any sane person that a long term trend line has been broken but more importantly, the three month consolidation and base building period is now over. First a little chartistic charsima courtesy of gold: Way, way, back when Jim Cramer was telling us it was still safe to own Bear Stearns, the precious metals markets experienced a similar consolidation and…

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Progressive Democrats are in as Much Disarray as the Conservative Republicans (VIDEO)


by John Galt May 1, 2016 13:55 ET One night while having a beer with one of my Libertarian friends, he revealed a stunning fact to me which required a little bit of research to validate. I was skeptical as hell when he told me “You do realize the Democrats are just as f***ed up as the Republicans right? The extreme left and Progressives despise Hillary as much as we (Conservative/Libertarians)  hate Trump.” I told him he was nuts but would check it out. Sure…

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04.27 23:05 ET: Bank of Japan Screws Yellen, TAKES NO ACTION!


by John Galt April 27, 2016 23:05 ET Japan has elected to maintain its current levels of funding with rates and stimulus unchanged. Kuroda basically just told Janet Yellen to go fawk herself. The Japanese Yen just soared against the U.S. Dollar on the announcement (screenshot via BloombergTV): The candlestick on the 1 minute chart via NetDania was even more impressive: Meanwhile in the U.S., S&P and Dow futures, well, shit the bed on the announcement: Everyone knew something was up when Kuroda delayed the…

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The Fed Goes Full Retard Leaving Investors Totally Befuddled


by John Galt April 27, 2016 22:30 ET James Grant summed up today’s FOMC meeting better than any other talking head today (via Bloomberg-TV): “They remind me in the aggregate of the most novice of novice retail investors” That actually sums up the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee quite nicely. What did they say today to trigger this response? From the Federal Reserve website: Press Release Release Date: April 27, 2016 For release at 2:00 p.m. EDT Information received since the Federal Open Market Committee…

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How to Overkill Killing a Sniper with a Surface to Surface Missile (VIDEO)


by John Galt April 27, 2016 17:15 ET Courtesy of Al-Masdar in Syria where a sniper in East Damascus finds out that the Assad government has some serious weaponry to spare. (FYI, this was an Elephant surface to surface missile for those that may ask)

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The Truth Behind Apple’s Dismal Earnings the MSM Won’t Report


by John Galt April 26, 2016 19:30 ET The headlines blared across the broadcast financial MSM and the internet as the 4:30 p.m. disaster unfolded on the superstar tech stock known as AAPL: Revenue missed. Earnings per share missed. The blame on television went from China to lack of innovation to absurd theories as to why Apple products must modernize and take advantage of their iWatch which in this writer’s opinion is just an overpriced toy for people to show their friends and say “look…

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Target in St. Petersburg, FL Confirms it: Men can Pee Like a Woman in the Ladies Room (Video)


by John Galt April 25, 2016 21:45 ET I swear, I can no longer make this crap up. And today Presidential candidate Democrat in Drag as a Republican confirmed his support for the ideals behind Target’s pee policy. Ah well, if I’ve got to go, I now know what to sing to get access… Man is our nation f’d beyond belief if Trump or Clinton are the nominees. (h/t TheRightScoop)

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Another Economic Canary Just Croaked in Asia


by John Galt April 25, 2016 19:00 ET And everyone should be worried….. The new mantra on Wall Street and Main Street is that Europe, Asia, and the Middle East do not matter. What happens there is relatively irrelevant and just keep buying crap be it at the retail level for a new gadget or electronic game app, or in the stock market a biotech with losses of over $100 million and a product which is still five years from viability. Yet reality is happening…

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Obama’s Military Reminds Me of the Jimmy Carter Era (Video)


by John Galt April 25, 2016 18:00ET First we focused on making sure gays were welcome in the military. Obama made sure to make a big deal about this. Unfortunately for his royal ignorance, they have always served but no one cared because 99% of the soldiers kept their sexuality to themselves unless it was the usual bullshit scuttelbutt about finding that nice piece of ass in town during liberty. Now even that conversation has taken on new meaning. Then it was to force the…

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Obama to Send 250 More Troops into Undeclared Syrian War


by John Galt April 24, 2016 21:30 ET The United States has declared war on the government of Syria but someone forgot to tell the American people and U.S. Constitution. In May of 2013 I highlighted the games Obama started playing with the Saudis over the Syrian Civil War and the sudden rush of “contributions” some of which appeared to originate from GCC nations. Fast forward to this weekend where suddenly after meeting with King Salman in Saudi Arabia, Obama is set to increase the…

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Sean Hannity is the RINO Leg Tingling Version of Chris Matthews in 2016 (VIDEO)


by John Galt April 24, 2016 15:20 ET When the Washington Free Beacon published this hilarious video several weeks ago, I thought to myself, “there is no way Hannity could act any worse than this.” I was wrong. I will tell everyone that there is one huge difference between Chris Matthews and Sean Hannity regarding leg-tingling and their excitement towards ‘their’ respective candidates: Sean Hannity goes all the way, he swallows.

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The Delusional World of Trumptards


by John Galt April 24, 2016 15:10 ET In the last three weeks, I thought I could not be any more amazed and stunned by the blithering stupidity of supporters of one Donald J. Trump, aka, Trumptards. I hereby retract that statement. The delusion is not only strong with these weirdos, it extends into the formerly, now allegedly, conservative and patriot media community and worse, into churches, major television networks, and a few bitter clinging political has-beens who desire a return to relevancy; right Dr.…

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Yeah…It’s all good


by John Galt April 21 22:40 ET Bolts win the series 4-1 Detroit loses the final game 1-0. It’s all about the Bish.

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Hannity the Hypocrite Loses it With Ted Cruz


by John Galt April 20, 2016 1945 ET Yesterday on the Sean Hannity Radio Show, the host who is obviously 100% in the bag for Donald Trump, lost it on Presidential Candidate Senator Ted Cruz when the good Senator went on the attack against his boy(via Mediate on YouTube): Needless to say, Senator Cruz is not backing down and doubled down when he was on the Chris Stigall radio show in Philadelphia today where he stated “There are hosts who make the decision to go…

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Gold/Silver/Dollar Charts


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