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11.28 Putin Signs Decree Imposing Economic Sanctions on Turkey


by John Galt November 28, 2015 13:20 ET From the Russian news service Interfax (translated via Google): Putin signed a decree on sanctions against Turkey There is an update from 20:43 → Putin decided to ban charter flights to Turkey The ban Turkish goods fall, the list of which will determine the government Moscow. November 28. INTERFAX.RU – President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree on restrictive measures against Turkey. This was reported by the Kremlin press service. The document called “On measures to ensure…

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Days After Japan Increases Troop Levels, Chinese Jets Fly Near Okinawa


by John Galt November 28, 2015 08:55 ET Just days after the Japanese military announced a new round of deployments in the disputed Senkaku Island region (see: Japan to Deploy More Troops Near Disputed Senkaku Islands ), China has decided to test the mettle of the Home Defense Forces by sending their bombers on a probing run through the Miyako-Okinawa Islands. From the South China Morning Post earlier today: Japan scrambled jets after 11 Chinese military planes flew near southern Japanese islands during what Beijing…

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Japan to Deploy More Troops Near Disputed Senkaku Islands


by John Galt November 24, 2015 23:30 ET In what can only be seen as a move to antagonize the Chinese government and military, the Japanese government announced that they would be deploying 500 more Ground Self-Defense Forces (GSDF) into the Senkaku Island region near Okinawa. While this might seem as a non-provocative move under the guise of United States mainstream media reporting, in China this will be viewed as a forward deployment of offensive military forces near islands which they claim as their own.…

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11.24 BREAKING NEWS: US Official Believes Turkey Shot down Russian Jet OVER SYRIA!


by John Galt November 24, 2015 21:15 ET Breaking hard tonight via Reuters UK: Russian jet hit inside Syria after incursion into Turkey: U.S. official REUTERS UK Tue Nov 24, 2015 8:51pm EST The United States believes that the Russian jet shot down by Turkey on Tuesday was hit inside Syrian airspace after a brief incursion into Turkish airspace, a U.S. official told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity. The official said that assessment was based on detection of the heat signature of the jet.…

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11.24 Stock Market Watch: Turkey Shoots Down Russian Warplane-Markets now Very Tense


by John Galt November 24, 2015 05:15 ET With the news breaking early this morning about the Russian SU-24 being shot down by the Turkish military, markets went from quiet and sublime into full blown panic mode in the futures markets as the chart above demonstrates. But even with the Russian Defense Ministry downplaying this action at the moment, gold and the US dollar found an early morning bounce when the news broke (charts courtesy of FINVIZ): This has also put a floor under WTI…

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11.23 BREAKING: Russian Military Begins Ground Operations inside Syria


by John Galt November 23, 2015 20:30 ET From the Kuwaiti Newspaper Al-Rai (rough translation direct from Google Translate): Special reports -Monday, November 23, 2015 Elijah wrote c. Magnaar Al Rai quote of the leading sources in Syria that for the first time participated Russian infantry troops backed by tanks and aircraft operation to storm the opposition forces Syrian expiatory between the countryside of Latakia and Idleb countryside where captured the strategic high recording without any injury in the ranks of the attacking forces. Leadership…

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Former CIA/Al Qaeda Double Agent Predicts US Terror Attack within Next 2 Weeks!


by John Galt November 17, 2015 09:25 ET Thanks to Les Grossman on YouTube for snagging the video from The Kelly Files on Fox News tonight:

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11.17 Russia and France Begin Operation F.U. Obama Against ISIS in Syria – Raqqa Sucks to Live there now! (Videos)


by John Galt November 17, 2015 19:30 ET Don’t piss on the bear unless you can handle getting hit by the claw. Apparently ISIS hasn’t figured out that they should have broadcast pictures of their “fighters” feeding infants instead of raping and beheading them as Russia in coordination now with France has basically told Obama to F. Off and started bombing the living dog snot out of ISIS in Raqqa and selected other targets as another pre-winter offensive begins. This time it is different however…

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11.15-11.16 Deathcrepe Asia, European, US Marketwatch: Nous Somme Français


by John Galt November 15, 2015 10:15 ET 11.15 19:05 ET – Japan enters into recession in Q3. Nikkei 225 now down 1.71% but don’t worry, be happy! 11.15 18:05 ET – Dow Futures open up – 129. Not that bad, not that good. But the night is young…. ———————————————————————— This will be an open thread, updated throughout the afternoon and evening to cover the ongoing market turmoil, which just became more tumultuous, as the world reacts to the cratering global economy and the upcoming…

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11.15 Middle East Stock Markets in Turmoil as Saudi Drops 2.85% Dubai over 3%


by John Galt November 15, 2015 10:05 ET It was not a good day to be long any stock markets following the U.S. cratering at the end of last week nor to be the first markets opening after the Paris terrorist attacks: With oil prices continuing to plummet and commodities world wide dragging down numerous investment instruments as the global recession shifts from myth to reality, there is no reason for the new alternative to Hong Kong’s banking center to shift from the Far East…

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11.14 Democrat Presidential Debate Drinking Rules


by John Galt November 14, 2015 09:15 ET Really? Just grab a bottle and get shit faced if you watch this as it makes John Kasich look halfway intelligent. That is all.

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November 13, 2015 ABC News with Obama: “ISIS is Contained”


by John Galt November 13, 2015 20:35 ET No comment is necessary beyond the need for prayers to our friends in France and for our FBI/Border Patrol to succeed in stopping in future attacks.

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U.S. Congress Prepares to Ramp up Ukraine War Again by Authorizing Lethal Aid to Kiev


by John Galt November 10, 2015 19:30 ET The problem with U.S. elections is that the politicians in office tend to want to act like they have bigger huevos than they really do so as to impress their new interns and the voters back home. Sadly both the Republican chicken hawks and the Democrats in search of manhood are both supporting this extremely dangerous measure and the news via RFE/RL is another marker on the march to a major war with Russia: Congress Passes Bill…

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The Unofficial November 10 RNC Presidential Debate Drinking Game: God Help Our Livers!


by John Galt November 10, 2015 19:00 ET So now it is the “fair and balanced” hedge fund network’s turn to have a debate. For those of you unfamiliar with the Fox Business Network, it is where CNBC’s best talent goes when they want to get paid and find a little bit more freedom from government censors. Theoretically this debate is honest to God actually going to focus on the Economy! What ever. But when the slugs start fighting and the sparks start flying we…

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Video of the Day: Jihadi was Mid-Sentence when he was Vaporized by Incoming Mortar Shell


by John Galt November 10, 2015 17:00 ET Absolutely freaking hilarious. Oh, and the cameraman bought the farm also. Oh well, shit happens and this time to someone who deserved it.

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The Obama Armistice is America’s Final Surrender


by John Galt November 9, 2015 22:15 ET The Democratic Party in the United States is in grave trouble. Historically, whenever they wished to push the Constitutional envelope or retrieve power from the opposition as the nation was sliding into the brink, the Democrat who was President of the United States resorted to the one tried and true formula since the early 1900’s to empower their party and expand the authority of the Executive Branch: War. If anyone honestly reviews American history since 1910, the…

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Saudi Arabia to Hit Global Debt Market – Borrowing Could Equal 50% of GDP in 5 Years


by John Galt November 9, 2015 20:00 ET Whoops. The Saudis promised the world that the rapid decline in oil prices would have limited impact on their domestic economy.  Despite the public proclamations and chest thumping to reassure overseas markets and investors, in fact the Saudis have been desperate to raise cash as they have now discovered the economic reality of the difference between liquidity and actually having cash on hand. This was highlighted in none other than the website Reuters via Arabian Business on…

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If Saudi Arabia is “Allah’s Pardise” on Earth, Why are so Many Professionals Trying to Flee?


by John Galt November 9, 2015 19:25 ET The paradise nation which set an example for all other Islamic countries which appears to be Allah’s heaven on Earth appears to be in not such great shape. Following the lead of Americans with skills and means as a record number of US citizens are now renouncing their citizenship under the Obama regime, it would appear that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a similar problem; perhaps one far worse (via the state run newspaper, The Arab…

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Canada May go 100% Tard: Considering Accepting Syrian Refugees like the Europeans


by John Galt November 9, 2015 19:10 ET Just when everyone thought we should only build a wall on the SOUTHERN U.S. border, we might need one along our Northern border also as the nation of Canada is on the verge of going 100% retard under their new Socialist French like government: Canada eyes taking in Syrian refugees from Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey More from the Al-Arabiya article today: Canada will soon discuss with Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey taking 25,000 Syrian refugees off their hands…

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It’s Been a While since one of these Postings – Music to Listen to TEOTWAWKI


by John Galt November 8, 2015 22:00 ET It has been a while since I’ve posted one of these threads so with time running short, WTF, right? Here’s a sampling as I go Jazz and Blues until I sleep tonight…              

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From the Al Gore Insanity Files, THIS is his Shining Moment (Video)


by John Galt November 5, 2015 20:50 ET Courtesy of the New York Times: I kid you not. Mr. Moron former loser Vice-President, guess what? We call those seasonal tides down here in Florida and they happen several times a year. What a maroon. (h/t TheRightScoop)

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Meanwhile, back in the “Solved” Nation of Greece


by John Galt November 5, 2015 20:10 ET The Athens Stock Exchange crashed again and no one has noticed. After the apparently rigged elections earlier this year the smart money began liquidating it’s positions in Greece and taking their Euros back home to Berlin and Brussels as the economy is now imploding further as the financial system starts to crater worse than when the crisis began.  The chart above reflects the Athens SE getting ready to retest it’s 1990 lows; not recent lows, it’s 1990…

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Russia Prepares for Further US Sanctions as Putin Prepares More Military Action


by John Galt November 4, 2015 20:45 ET The toothless American sanctions imposed by the Mullah in Chief of the United States Obama are about to get serious as it would appear Vladimir Putin is preparing his nation for further, more severe economic sanctions (via RT): Putin signs law allowing retaliatory sequestration of foreign property in Russia Russia’s president has signed legislation enabling countermeasures in the case of the wrongful arrest of Russian state property abroad. The law, based on reciprocity, curtails the jurisdictional immunity…

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Goodbye Raqqa – ISIS has Invited Massive Russian Retribution with the Airline Bombing


by John Galt November 4, 2015 20:10 ET With the breaking news tonight that ISIS was indeed responsible for the destruction of the Russia airliner over the Sinai according to UK and US intelligence officials it is only a matter of time until Vladimir Putin sends his long range bombers over Syria to pay a visit upon the capital of ISIS in Raqqa, Syria. The preferred weapon of choice? The temptation would be to fulfill the internet rumors of a tactical nuclear strike in the…

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Psst… John Kasich you lied, Trump was Right about Your Time on Lehman’s Board


by John Galt October 28, 2015 20:45 ET Donald Trump just ended John Kasich’s campaign in less than 30 seconds when he reminded the world about John’s membership at Lehman Brothers. Don’t believe me or The Donald? Read Kasich’s own words via Bloomberg: John Kasich Says His Time at Lehman Brothers Helped Him Understand How Business Works July 21, 2015 — 20:45 PM EDT by Mark Niquette At one point during his first event in New Hampshire after announcing he was running for president, John…

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The Unofficial Oct 28 RNC Presidential Debate Drinking Game


by John Galt October 28, 2015 19:30 ET My how times have changed. Just yesterday we were all lamenting the loss of what his name and whoevermuhsuch the former Governor of Texas (no, not Bush) leaving the Presidential contest. Now the Democrats have reduced their choices between an honest by God Marxist and a dishonest by God Fascist, so that leaves the Republicircus to proceed full steam ahead to reduce the contest down to someone the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia actually approves of! First, let…

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Another Reason to Tell Disney to go to Hell: ESPN Host Compares Tea Party to ISIS


by John Galt October 28, 2015 17:50 ET Fuck you Disney. In fact, fuck: Your parks. Your movies. Your radio. Your networks. Your television shows. Just Fuck You.

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Thanks to Alternative Media, Here are the “Banned” Planned Parenthood Videos


by John Galt October 22 2015 22:10 ET The website “” has taken the ballsy move (and why not since independent reporters are all toast anyways as the Republicans have sold them out) and published the remaining unseen Planned Parenthood videos which were banned under a court order. Their story is unbelievable so read it here at this link! Until some dick shows up in my driveway (bad idea) telling me I ‘have’ to take them down, here they are until YouTube bans them. Planned…

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Teamsters Pension Fund to cut Benefits 50%+ as Fund Could Bankrupt Govt. PBGC


by John Galt October 20, 2015 19:30 ET Several months ago one of my intrepid readers tipped me off that the Central States Pension Fund of the Teamsters’ Union was in great difficulty and members were being warned about the solvency of the retirement program. In this article I published on March 8, 2015 the following information was presented about the severity of the situation: The Central States Pension Fund and several smaller funds in the months to come may seek to cut the earned…

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Will #BlackLivesMatter Protest Ferrari’s use of RACE?


by John Galt October 20, 2015 18:55 ET Today the Italian automaker, Ferrari, decided on a stock symbol which appears to exploit a word near and dear to the United States Emperor in Chief (aka, Head Mullah) and the #BlackLivesMatter poverty pimps. From CNBC: Excerpted from the article at this link: Ferrari officially priced its initial public offering at $52 a share after the market close on Tuesday. According to the sources familiar with the matter, the demand for shares was “well oversubscribed.” The company…

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Russian Ministry of Defense Releases Video of Plane Intercepting US Reaper Drone


by John Galt October 20, 2015 18:40 ET Pretty cool actually. Something us old guys are not used to seeing but wow, it is impressive to realize how vulnerable these drones are to fighters from another nation. The idea that US air supremacy is an international “right” is now being challenged over the skies of Syria.

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With Joe Biden Running For President, a Video Tribute is in Order


by John Galt October 19, 2015 20:30 ET No comment is necessary beyond: Really? Here is my unofficial Vice-President Joe Biden musical dedication:

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And More Bad Ass Video from Russia’s Attack on Islamofacists in Syria


by John Galt October 19, 2015 19:30 ET Of course, USAF strike video or sadly, Special Forces attacks on Sunni Islamofacists is non-existent; probably because the Obama Regime has ordered them to stand down against real targets. Give the Ruskies credit, they have great music in some of their attack videos. All of the videos are via YouTube and in no particular date order. Of course this one above was just posted above was uploaded today and allegedly from the Syrian/Russian attacks on the ragheads…

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10.13 Official Democrat Presidential Debate Drinking Game Rules


by John Galt October 13, 2015 19:40 ET Tonight the Democrat National Committee will initiate its first in a series of Clinton approved debates for those people deemed fit to talk to Hillary about her upcoming coronation to be the Democrat-Socialist Party nominee for Dictator of the United States (DICKUS for short). The participants for tonight’s program on the Communist News Network (CNN): 1 COW (Cranky Old Woman) 1 Marxist and featuring the 3 Stooges Wow. What an impressive line up of white people who…

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KIA Slams the Participation Trophy Idiots with Best Commercial of 2015


by John Galt October 12, 2015 18:00 ET Hands down, this slams the PC morons, the perennial losers, and all the rest of the wimpy parents with my vote for best commercial of 2015:

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HURRICANE Joaquin: It’s a Fish, Buh, Bye!


by John Galt September 29, 2015 05:00 ET 10/03/15 16:00 ET: 17:00 ET – 09.29 – Let’s hope this new track verifies as it indicates it might turn into a fish… —————————————————————————————- Here we go again gang. Let’s hope this does not turn into a Sandy type of situation but this is the time of year for that type of storms and the intensity forecasting is very imprecise. At this point in time however, if the short term models are any indication, there is a…

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09.30 Update on Russian Attacks on Syrian Islamist Targets with Videos


by John Galt September 30, 2015 21:15 ET To say this was unforeseen is a lie. Back on September 10th, I warned about the upcoming conflict with the Russians and Syrian rebels/terrorist groups: Armageddon Approaches: Russian Troops Begin Combat Operations in Syria Today, one of my predictions came true (via the UK Telegraph today):  Russian generals are not regular visitors to the US Embassy in Baghdad. Once, this newly built complex near the Tigris was the de facto seat of power in Iraq – and…

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Another Darwin Award Nominee: Used a Lighter to Kill Spider on his Gas Tank


by John Galt September 28, 2015 16:50 ET The story speaks for itself. Video courtesy of Fox 2 in Detroit:   Better luck next time! For his efforts he only gets a Darwin Award Honorable Mention but he’s got time to win it all still in 2015.

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Just Holy Shit, 2008 has Returned in Spades


by John Galt September 27, 2015 20:20 ET In some of my prior articles in the last 24 hours, I hinted as to how the Federal Reserve was clueless, the former leaders in the stock market were broken, and it was only a matter of time before the next major credit/liquidity crisis caused the US and Western stock markets and economies to go Tango Uniform (that’s ‘Tits Up’ for you virgins). Bloomberg breaks the story at 7 pm ET: It’s All `Perverted’ Now as U.S.…

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How Russia and Iran Plan to Push Oil Prices Back above $100


by John Galt September 27, 2015 09:30 ET And in turn, Remove the United States as a Superpower in the Middle East On post super blood moon Monday, Vladimir Putin will be meeting with President Obama to discuss the ISIS crisis in the Middle East. There are many within the U.S. media who are promoting this meeting as some strange idea that the Russians are about to ask the Americans for help against ISIS. While there might be a small gnat’s hair bit of truth…

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