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Saturday Night is All Right for Writing (Time to Crank up the Tunes)

by John Galt August 20, 2016 22:45 ET As some of you may or may not have noticed, including those who steal the works from these pages and modify them to call their own, I love to write fiction as well as other stories. But when I’m ready to crank out a lot of words, I’ll turn the music up and more as soon as the Bucs preseason game is over. Since I’m writing about World War III, or at least one possible trigger for it, time to crank myself up…

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Tonight’s Listening Post or Music for the End Times

by John Galt March 1, 2012 21:20 ET   I shall be adding to this as the evening progresses…No sleep tonight after the assassination of a Patriot…. I can think of no song more appropriate than what Mr. Brietbart did to the commielibs…. More music from my youth…well, okay, my collegiate phase… Man, oh man, do I hate the RNC at 22:15 ET tonight…after the news I’m about to post…   Just sigh. Michigan, you suck driving and what you did tonight.

So what the Hell does a Vogger Listen to at 1 a.m. b4 the world Collapses?

By John Galt September 12, 2011 – 01:30 ET It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these so, what can I say? It’s an Electric Light Orchestra evening…(yeah, I’m old)…. Don’t worry, she’s asleep for now and it is a full moon. Man, I’m sick of the rain… Yeah, but I’m old school too… Hold on to your butts!!!! (and TIGHT TO YOUR DREAMS): Ah, my 1970’s favorite from the back of the LoveMachine…..(TMI, I know)…. Almost forgot some more favorites: Oh yes. Give me back my damned 1972…

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