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Spainaggedon Election: Pro-EU Mainstream Parties INCREASE Seats but no Clear Majority


by John Galt June 26, 2016 08:30 ET Sometimes the bull gets you, sometimes you get to sprinkle some A-1 Steak Sauce on him when he’s medium rare. Today we find out if Spanish voters are inspired by the Brexit vote to take a strong stand against the European Union’s insane bankster inspired austerity programs which are running in parallel to the banking bailout which has done nothing to help the average Spanish citizen to improve their standard of living in over a decade. Sound…

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06.26 More Turmoil in the UK as Labor Party Faces Internal Revolt (Updated)


by John Galt June 26, 2016 09:00 ET UPDATE 13:00 ET – From the UK Guardian: Tom Watson, the deputy Labour leader, has issued a statement on today’s development. Here it is in full. I was deeply disappointed to see Hilary Benn sacked in the early hours of this morning and equally saddened that so many talented, able and hard-working colleagues felt they had to leave the shadow cabinet. My single focus is to hold the Labour party together in very turbulent times. The nation…

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Today Brexit, Sunday Spainaggedon


by John Galt June 24, 2016 21:30 ET The political and financial elites never learn their lesson. Just twenty-four hours ago Nigel Farage of UKIP was proclaiming a narrow defeat for the “leave” faction in the Brexit election only to be surprised himself some four hours later by the overwhelming returns showing the British citizenry rejecting the bureaucratic lies and nightmare known as the European Union. Fast forward to this morning where Spain’s center-right Prime Minister Rajoy decided to act like Prime Minister David Cameron…

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06.23 BREXIT Updates: The End of Great Britain, the Start of French Britain


by John Galt June 23, 2018 18:00 ET I remember reflecting on history at one time where I said if the United Kingdom ever succumbs to the evil lure of globalism and refuses to act proud and independent, then the Western world may well be lost. It would appear, barring a miracle, that the news will reflect a victory for “remain” and the British empire which was once a proud lion, will instead join the world community of cowardly lions which submit to every whim…

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Brexit is a Big Fat Nothing


by John Galt June 22, 2016 19:30 ET Does anyone really think that this is Churchill’s United Kingdom where they stood alone in the face of the Nazi threat and kept Hitler at bay for years? I don’t. This is more of what Great Britain has become (From the UK Daily Mail, March 7, 2014): Parents fury as pork sausages are banned from the school menu and replaced with halal meat Excerpted: Parents have condemned a school’s decision to ban all pork products from the…

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06.19 Latest Videos from Syria: What Ceasefire?


by John Galt June 19, 2016 14:30 ET For some strange reason the United States and Russia are trying to maintain the charade of a “ceasefire” inside the rapidly imploding war zone known as Syria. These videos from various news sources tend to dispel that myth. Where the subject matter was posted in Arabic or another language, I have used Google Translate to accommodate my readers. When a terrorist pick up truck is seen with a group of terrs in Aleppo yesterday, simply dial 1-800-KORNET!:…

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06.18 23:00 ET – Ukraine Civil War: Heavy Fighting in Mariupol and Donetsk Tonight (VIDEO)


by John Galt June 18, 2016 23:00 ET The video above is purported to be a firefight between pro-Russian rebels and Ukrainian forces outside of Donetsk earlier this evening. Keep in mind that it is very difficult to verify the validity of many reports posted on the internet from this region but if confirmed along with the other breaking news of the evening, then the situation is deteriorating inside the Ukraine conflict as quickly as it is along the NATO-Russian border in the West of…

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The US Military is Not Ready for World War III


by John Galt June 15, 2016 19:45 ET Sigh…now I really miss the 1980’s. Not for the reason anyone might think as the women were fun, the music better, and the U.S. military was recovering from it’s Jimmy Carter induced slumber. As an American citizen in that era, the threat was not from some Jihadi Joe coming to the good old U.S.A. on a student visa or refugee program here to rape or kill my wife or shoot up night clubs. In fact by the…

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Did Russia Just Order a Full Mobilization of its Armed Forces for War?


by John Galt June 14, 2016 15:35 ET The news this week has been moving hot and fast in Eastern Europe as the US Military via NATO has announced that 4 battalions will be re-positioned in Estonai, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland to counter “Russian aggression” even though there has been no direct evidence presented of an impending Russian invasion of any NATO nation. CNN covered this story yesterday: NATO chief: 4 battalions to Eastern Europe amid tensions with Russia Excerpted: Each of the battalions is…

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If True, the World has gone Nuts: Israel and Russia Agree to Joint Military Exercises


by John Galt June 13, 2016 19:30 ET *** GRANTED THIS IS FROM DEBKA *** So take this story with a huge grain of salt. However during the meetings in Moscow, the Russian language press did mention that the Netanyahu and Putin agreed to expanded military cooperation in the Middle East to prevent Hezbollah from threatening or attacking Israel (who have now been ordered by Iran to focus on Saudi Arabia). From DEBKAfile on June 10th: First ever Israeli-Russian war game is coming Russian President…

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Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: Why I am voting to leave the EU


by John Galt June 12, 2016 20:10 ET In what can only be called a stunning editorial in tonight’s edition of the UK Telegraph, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard hammers it home with a stunning rebuke of the pro-European Union forces inside the United Kingdom with this editorial: Brexit vote is about the supremacy of Parliament and nothing else: Why I am voting to leave the EU Holy smokes! This is somewhat earth shattering as the conventional economic thought inside England was to remain and muddle through with…

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The War That isn’t Reported Continues: 9 Ukrainian Soldiers Killed, 19 Wounded on Friday


by John Galt June 12, 2016 16:35 ET The war that is not going to be reported in the Western media continues with casualties and destruction on both sides becoming quite commonplace as artillery exchanges and small arms fire intensifies. The story below demonstrates that the OSCE oversight of the Minsk Agreements is nothing more than a figurehead joke designed to support a pro-NATO/EU version of events ignoring the plight of citizens near the front lines in the Donbass region. From DNI News on Saturday:…

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More Terror in China as Passenger Attempts to Start Fire on Domestic Airliner


by John Galt June 12, 2016 11:30 ET In what seems to be an ongoing theme this morning, there was another attempted terrorist incident inside of China overnight. On a domestic airline flight a man attempted to set the plane on fire using a lighter and bottle of petrol but luckily was subdued by passengers and the fire extinguished before any serious damage occurred. From the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong: Two people were injured in the incident, which broke out aboard Flight…

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5 Wounded by Bomb Blast at Shanghai Pudong International Airport Terminal (VIDEO)


by John Galt June 12, 2016 09:30 ET The news keeps hitting hard and fast this morning. In China, which is no stranger to Islamic terrorism with the ongoing conflict with the Uyghurs in Xinang province, what is being described as a home made explosive device was detonated in a terminal at Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport today wounding three people. From the Reuters report: The explosion occurred near the airport’s Terminal Two ticketing area shortly after 2 p.m. and the people who were injured were…

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US Dept of Defense Official: Russia Could Destroy NATO in 60 Hours (VIDEO)


by John Galt June 8, 2016 22:45 ET In what is becoming a disturbing trend with the reported incidents with American naval vessels electronics being blinded in the Black Sea by Russian aviation and a RAND Corporation assessment stating Russia’s ability to overwhelm NATO in less than 60 hours, the news from the Deputy Secretary of Defense for Russia, Ukraine, and Eurasia Micheal Carpenter in testimony in front of the U.S. Senate today is quite disturbing: The bad news???? He said that NATO would not…

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Syria Ceasefire is Over: Russia Vaporizes Islamists with Incendiaries and Cluster Bombs (VIDEOS)


by John Galt June 8, 2016 20:10 ET One has to wonder how many Americans are itching to exact revenge on these terrorists for what they have done in this world to our people and those standing in TSA lines nationwide because of their ilk. Regardless, Russia, once again, demonstrates how to win wars with minimal effort from their forces while assisting their own Marines and Assad’s ground troops with a nightly version of shock and awe. It is an amazing thing to watch as…

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Ukraine Continues to Attack Donbass while Europe Ignores Ceasefire Violations (VIDEO)


by John Galt June 1, 2016 19:45 Peace in our time? Hardly. According to reports from the pro-Russian governments in the Donbass, there were over 2,000 ceasefire violations over the past weekend. The American response? Silence. NATO’s response? Silence. European Union/OSCE’s response? Silence. Small wonder that Vladimir Putin is building up forces in the West of Russia and around the Ukraine in anticipation of another invasion by the Ukrainian forces and their pro-fascist allies into ethnic Russian areas. This is what a ceasefire looks like…

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Saudi Arabia – Iran Feud Heats Up: Iranian Pilgrims to miss Hajj, Blames Saudi Arabia


by John Galt May 29, 2016 21:45 ET Just like two drunken camels fighting at a Bedouin discotheque, the relative peace in the Iran-Saudi economic and military conflict could not be counted on to remain silent for too long. As the Saudi proxy army ISIS is facing the possibility of massive defeats in Iraq and Syria, now Iran is accusing the Saudi regime of “blocking the path to Allah” and forbidding its pilgrims from making the sacred journey known as the Hajj. From Zee News…

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05.23 Final Austrian Election Results: Austria Veers HARD Left to Green Party Candidate


by John Galt May 23, 2016 20:20 ET In what could only be called the even more Marxist equivalent of Bernie Sanders, Alexander Van der Bellen the candidate supported by the Green Party, won the final tally in the Austrian Presidential elections today. Even though it was only by about 31,000 votes it is a clear indication that the globalist efforts undertaken by the European Central Bank and associated politicians who wish to keep their grip on power over the continent was indeed a success.…

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05.22 BREAKING NEWS: Cyprus Shifts Right in Parliamentary Elections


by John Galt May 22, 2016 19:30 ET As discussed earlier in the posting about the Austrian elections, it would appear that Cyprus has also started to divorce itself slightly from the love affair with Brussels and the European Union globalist cabal. From Reuters: Cyprus parliamentary vote puts far-right in parliament From the link above: Cyprus’s ruling conservatives took the lead in Sunday’s general election, results showed, while a far-right party won its first seats in the legislature amid voter disillusionment after a 2013 financial…

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05.22 Austrian Presidential Elections Results: Shift to the Right or More Globalism?


by John Galt May 22, 2016 12:15 ET For the average American the question is “why should I care?” If you’re an investor and think that the globalist model is sufficient regardless of the destruction of national sovereignty and personal liberty then you will favor the election of the Green Party (leftist) candidate in Austria, Alexander Van der Bellen. However, if borders and national economic integrity are your concerns then the election of Norbert Hofer may well be the political and economic earthquake you’re looking…

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Will Russia and the Ukraine go to War this Weekend?


by John Galt May 5, 2016 05:30 ET The ongoing small unit skirmishes along the line of contact in the Lugansk and Donetsk Republics has been ongoing since the first implementation of the Minsk accords. The violations are being reported to the OSCE monitors but little if any action has been taken against either side as a result. According the DNR yesterday for example, there were 60 violations including artillery and mortar attacks along with small unit engagements in Zaitsevo, Yasinovataya, Ozeryanovka, Zheleznaya Balka, Sakhanka…

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How to Overkill Killing a Sniper with a Surface to Surface Missile (VIDEO)


by John Galt April 27, 2016 17:15 ET Courtesy of Al-Masdar in Syria where a sniper in East Damascus finds out that the Assad government has some serious weaponry to spare. (FYI, this was an Elephant surface to surface missile for those that may ask)

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Obama’s Military Reminds Me of the Jimmy Carter Era (Video)


by John Galt April 25, 2016 18:00ET First we focused on making sure gays were welcome in the military. Obama made sure to make a big deal about this. Unfortunately for his royal ignorance, they have always served but no one cared because 99% of the soldiers kept their sexuality to themselves unless it was the usual bullshit scuttelbutt about finding that nice piece of ass in town during liberty. Now even that conversation has taken on new meaning. Then it was to force the…

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A Hero in the War Against ISIS that Most Americans Will Never Know


by John Galt March 28, 2016 20:45 ET While the United States U.S. Army Special forces or Navy SEAL teams would do the same thing this individual did, it is doubtful that THIS administration will give him the credit the individual is due in the war against ISIS unless it served a political purpose. The name “Denis Tukhmanov” will not appear on Fox News, CNN, ABC, etc. His name will never be mentioned by the United States State Department, White House, or even allowed to…

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Meanwhile the Ukrainian Military Continues Attacks in Donbass on Easter Sunday (VIDEOS)


by John Galt March 27, 2016 13:10 ET The Ukrainian military and its pro-Nazi militias continue to violate the Minsk Ceasefire Agreements with attacks on the rebel forces inside the Donbass region. Even on Easter Sunday, there is no peace for the residents of the areas near Donetsk as the Ukrainian military attacked a vital crossroads just north of the city of Donetsk by the Yasinovatskiy industrial area. Videos of the shelling along with the sounds of the conflict demonstrate that this is no false…

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Watch an ISIS Fighter Wearing a GoPro Camera get Wasted by the Syrian Army (VIDEO)


by John Galt March 27, 2016 10:40 ET And for wearing that GoPro we thank you. WARNING: This is a graphic, yet enjoyable video. Please note the dying grunts of the terr at the end of the video. (via LiveLeak)

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03.27 Syrian Army Retakes Palmyra Expands Control of Area Around Hama (VIDEOS)


by John Galt March 27, 2016 10:25 Sunday March 27, 2016 might indeed be a turning point in the war against ISIS in the vast Middle East ground war. The first video from Palmyra with some of the fighting over the last 24 hours illustrates the destruction which has occurred within the city (via Al-Masdar News): And more video via YouTube: Finally, footage allegedly shot today, of what is left of ancient Palmyra after ISIS evacuated the city and the destruction left behind (via Al-Masdar…

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03.22 BREAKING NEWS: 17 Dead, over 30 wounded in Multiple Bomb Attacks in Belgium


by John Galt March 22, 2015 04:50 ET During the peak check in period and rush hour in Brussels at 8 a.m. local, multiple explosions hit the airport check-in for American and Belgium airlines killing at least one and wounding 10 per reports from Bloomberg TV Europe. Video from the scene highlights to massive confusion which occurred afterwards: The UK Guardian has reported information via VRT-Belgium that the airport attack was indeed carried out by a suicide bomber. At almost the same time, two Metro…

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The Truth about Putin’s Withdrawal from Syria


by John Galt March 21, 2015 04:00 ET THERE is this myth, propagated by the Western media that when Russia engages in an activity which seems counter to prior statements or actions that it is a sign of weakness or incoherent strategic goals. Sadly for the West and the new generation of so-called “Russian” experts, this is the farthest thing from the truth. At the liberal website Slate, the ‘expert’ speculated that it was due to Assad’s intransigence and the financial cost of the operations…

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Think the Russians Aren’t Confident in Syria? Watch these 2 Russian AF Planes over Latakia (Video)


by John Galt March 7, 2016 20:30 ET

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03.03 BREAKING NEWS: N. Korea Orders Nuclear Weapons ready for Immediate Use


by John Galt March 3, 2016 19:25 ET BREAKING IN THE LAST 20 MINUTES VIA YONHAP NEWS, SOUTH KOREA: N. Korean leader orders nuclear weapons to be made ready for use 2016/03/04 07:06 SEOUL, March 4 (Yonhap) — North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on Friday ordered the country’s nuclear weapons to be made ready for use at a moment’s notice. He also said the communist country will revise its military posture so it can be ready to carry out pre-emptive attacks, stressing that the current…

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02.27 BREAKING NEWS: Irish Pro-Austerity Government Coalition Falls in Shocking Election Defeat


by John Galt February 27, 2016 18:00 ET The implications of the message from the Irish people is quite clear and unmistakable: From AFP (via Yahoo): Irish government concedes election defeat <excerpted> Irish prime minister Enda Kenny conceded defeat on Saturday following elections that saw the governing coalition punished by voters weary of austerity, leaving the eurozone country in political limbo with no clear winner. “Clearly the government of Fine Gael and Labour are not going to be returned to office,” Kenny, the leader of…

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More Syrian War Video of Turkish Terrorists Getting Rocketuptheassitus and Blown Away


by John Galt February 20, 2016 18:45 ET Wow. Some of the video coming out of the obviously newly Russian resupplied Syrian Arab Army hitting back with their allies against the Turkish terrorists in the Latakia region with the offensive to re-take the key city of Kinsabba close to the Syrian-Turkish border moving into its final stages today. As you watch the video below, note the use of Kornet rockets, usually as anti-tank weapons to eradicate a RPG two man crew (photo before impact above)…

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Fascinating Drone Video of Debaltsevo Battlefield 1 Year Later


by John Galt February 20, 2016 08:00 ET RT’s Ruptly provides this incredible video of the devastation over the Debaltsevo cauldron where several Ukrainian military units were trapped and cut to pieces just one year ago:  

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Think you’re having a Bad Day? Watch these Turkish Rebels in Latakia, Syria Get Blown Away (VIDEO)


by John Galt February 16, 2016 16:25 ET (for best effect, hit play on the song “Bad Day” video and the Syrian Forces video below at the same time; I don’t have time to edit and overlap, sorry) Rocketupthatassitis is incurable. Welcome to Kinsabba, Latakia Province in Syria. Have a nice day while these “rebels” are having a seriously bad day.

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Russia’s Plan to Blackmail OPEC at the Secret Qatar Meeting on Tuesday


by John Galt February 15, 2016 20:05 ET The long anticipated Wild West face to face showdown with Russia and Saudi Arabia occurs on Tuesday, February 16th in Doha Qater per Bloomberg today: Saudi, Russian Oil Ministers Plan Talks in Doha Tuesday The reaction in the crude oil futures markets was fast and obvious (chart via The so-called secret meeting was leaked by someone with a financial interest in moving the futures markets. Here is an excerpt from the Bloomberg article linked above: Ali…

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GRAPHIC Video Shows Saudi Observation Post Wiped out INSIDE Saudi Arabia’s Najran Province


by John Galt February 12, 2016 21:45 ET The following is a graphic video of a Houthi attack on a hillside observation post inside of Saudi Arabia somewhere in the Najran Province along the Yemeni border. For those with sensitivities, this is combat with real blood and dead Saudi soldiers so if you can’t handle it, don’t watch it. The attack could have occurred anywhere along the long border region with Saudi Arabia and Yemen in this area as displayed on this map: One thing…

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02.11.16 18:00 ET: Russia Warns Saudi and GCC Military supporting Rebels in Syria Risks a World War


by John Galt February 11, 2016 18:30 ET This is the kind of news in the old days that would cause gold to jump $100 in 5 minutes, however, since the chicken hawks who date camels are usually all talk and no action when it comes to military affairs unless the United States puts ten times then number of our own troops at risk, the reaction is only notable because of Russia’s stark warning. Via The Daily Star in Lebanon, via various news agencies: Russia…

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02.09 Russia, Hezbollah, and Syrian Army Pound Islamist Rebels near Aleppo (VIDEO)


by John Galt February 9, 2016 20:45 ET Thanks to Twitter and YouTube everyone can keep one eye open on the battle for and around the Syrian city of Aleppo and the developing crisis for the Islamist rebels supported by America, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. With the city essentially encircled and the supply lines from Turkey now cut off, the Russians and Syrians continue to pound the rebels into submission with a strategically well conceived winter offensive which will force submission of the civilian population…

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