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WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO: ISIS Beheading US Journalist with Warning to America


by John Galt August 19, 2014 17:15 ET WARNING: UPDATE – 17:35 ET – YouTube has pulled the video. However I have two screen grabs of the dead American, one when he starts to slit his throat and one with his head on his body. If you are squeamish, do not read beyond this point. I also have the audio saved from the video linked below. THE VIDEO BELOW IS EXTREMELY GRAPHIC. It is in English with Arabic subtitles and was purported to be filmed…

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08.11.2014 I will be a Guest Tonight on TruNews with Rick Wiles


by John Galt August 11, 2014 18:30 ET Tonight I was invited to be a guest on TruNews with Rick Wiles where we discussed the Ukraine crisis and briefly covered the Ebola situation worldwide which could become the greatest threat to American civilization in my honest opinion. To listen to TruNews, click on this link or tune in via Shortwave as follows: WRMI – Radio Miami International: 7455 Khz 5850 Khz Broadcast Times: Monday – Friday 6pm Eastern 9pm Eastern 12pm Eastern 3am Eastern WHRI…

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North Carolina Begins Quarantine Procedure for Ebola Exposed Missionaries


by John Galt August 10, 2014 21:10 ET The disease which could cause a nightmare which would shut down the entire economic engine of the United States and the West is finally starting to be treated seriously. The first outbreak of Ebola was traced to a two year old girl in Guinea according to a New York Times article on Saturday, August 9th, yet the US government has failed to deal with this threat seriously and the ongoing concern expressed by some members of the…

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08.10 16:30 ET BREAKING NEWS: Erdoğan Barely Wins First Popular Presidential Election in Turkey


by John Galt August 10, 2014 16:30 ET The implications for the re-election of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan should be viewed with great alarm in the West as his consolidation of power, albeit by not an overwhelming endorsement via the numbers from the voting population in Turkey. The war with ISIS (or ISIL, IS, whatever) will continue in the Middle East unabated as long as Turkey’s new Islamist leader supports them and provides a manner to filter weapons purchased with Qatari money into Iraq and…

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CDC Changes Risk Criteria for Ebola Transmission to “Being in the Same Room” or Within 3 Feet of Infected Individual


by John Galt August 10, 2014 15:40 ET While the United States government and its mainstream media lackeys continue their propaganda obfuscation of what might turn out to be one of the most serious contagious disease outbreak in modern history. Governments around the world are openly acting as co-conspirators to assuage the risk to Western nations to keep the populations economically active while quietly preparing for a disaster of historic proportions. On Thursday August 7, the CDC quietly revised the transmission risks while maintaining there…

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Why did Vladimir Putin Suddenly Fire 17 Senior Military and Security Officials at 5:30 PM Moscow Time?


by John Galt August 8, 2014 19:10 ET The following document relayed from the Russian government and translated via Google Translate begins to raise some disturbing questions as to what is happening inside the walls of the Kremlin.   Kremlin Decree 080814 17 Officials Terminated   If indeed Vladimir Putin is removing all opposition to military action in the Ukraine, the Twittersphere is buzzing already with rumors of an apparent attempt by the Russians to enter the Ukraine with regular military units under the guise…

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Russia Retaliates with Total Embargo of Agricultural Products from EU, US, Canada, Norway, Australia


by John Galt August 7, 2014 05:15 ET Vladimir Putin warned the West that they were playing with dynamite in the Ukraine crisis and the arrogance of President Obama and certain European leaders is now going to have a major impact on the weakest of the European Union’s members, much more so than on Australia, Canada, or the United States. From the ITAR-TASS News Agency: MOSCOW, August 07./ITAR-TASS/.  The Russian government has approved the list of foreign agricultural products on which Russian sanctions are imposed,…

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08.05.2014 LIVE Webcast of UN Security Council Meeting on Ukraine Crisis


by John Galt August 5, 2014 17:20 ET This meeting was called by Russia due to the refugee crisis but who knows what else might be revealed. Tune in and lets find out together:  

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Moldova Feels its Oats: Demands that Russia Removes its Peacekeepers from Transnistria


by John Galt August 5, 2014 16:35 ET As NATO, the paper tiger envisioned to generate enough bureaucrat to intimidate its own members into submission with bloated defense budgets on wasteful widgets instead of manpower and functional weapon systems appears to be working as a division of Soros, Inc. and the central banks, smaller nations under the belief that NATO and the West will actually intervene in their decades old disputes with Russia are suddenly feeling their oats. Today Moldova demanded that Russia remove the…

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What to Expect when Ebola or Other Contagion Hits the US Mainland in Large Numbers


by John Galt August 4, 2014 19:40 ET The current Ebola scare in New York City may well turn out to be another false negative or buried report with those “possibly” infected suddenly vanishing into isolation wards on military bases around the region but the question has been raised all over the internet earlier this afternoon: What IF this is the big one? By the big one I interpret that to be a contagious, highly lethal disease with a 60%+ mortality rate escaping the control…

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The U.S. Media has Ignored the Iranian Invasion of Iraq


by John Galt August 3, 2014 22:20 ET As Tikrit fell in early June there was a degree of panic felt in Baghdad, Washington, and Tehran that was not indicated until recently by the Sunni kingdoms of the Arab gulf but now has a palpable feeling of panic. The reason the Saudis moved their military to the Iraqi border to reinforce against an alleged radical terrorist army which their wealthy oil sheiks allegedly helped to finance (with major help from Qatar), was not to protect…

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The War of Words Between Obama and Putin Gets Personal


by John Galt August 3, 2014 21:00 ET As the fighting intensifies in the Eastern Ukraine between pro-Russian separatists and the Soros/Western bankster backed  regime in Kiev, the war of words and propaganda has gotten personal. The Russians raised the ante last week with this classic from one of its officials via Twitter: Regardless of whether or not this was photo-shopped, created via computer hackery, or just two real photos merged together to illustrate something most Americans already know, it does point out a Testosterone…

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07.28.14 21:15 ET BREAKING NEWS: Russia Violates 1987 Missile Test Treaty with Cruise Missile Test


by John Galt July 28, 2014 21:15 ET The situation with the relationship with the Russian Federation and Vladimir Putin just took a serious turn with essentially the cancellation of the 1987 Missile Test Treaty according to numerous news sources, breaking within the last 30 minutes. From Channel News Asia: Russia has violated arms treaty by testing cruise missile: US The United States has found that Russia violated a 1987 arms control treaty by testing a ground-launched cruise missile, a senior US official said late…

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If this Photograph is Accurate, Russia is Readying for Action in the Donbas


by John Galt July 24, 2014 21:05 ET FWIW, my sources have given me a whisper number that up to or over 54,000 Russian troops are now positioned within 5 km of the Ukrainian border near the Donbas region. I have no reason to doubt that they are either optimistic or perhaps just underestimating Russian forces as that does not include those who have already infiltrated into the Ukraine over the past several weeks. Tonight the Twitter User LIVEUAMAP posted the following picture (click on…

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Is Putin’s Special Session of the Duma Tomorrow to Announce De-Dollarization or a Ukraine Peacekeeping Mission?


by John Galt July 23, 2014 19:30 ET The news flow from the civil war in the Ukraine continues along with the distortions and disinformation from all sides about Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 but the one bit of breaking news which was surprising to even the most avid of old time Sovietologists and new era Russian observers was first reported by the Ukrainian news outlet, UKRINFORM: Putin convenes emergency State Duma meeting on Ukraine – source KYIV, July 23 /Ukrinform/. State Duma deputies, who are…

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Yumen, China Sealed off Due to Bubonic Plague


by John Galt July 22, 2014 19:00 ET As America allows tens of thousands of medically ill individuals to cross the southern border from God knows where, the Communist Chinese are dealing with a situation so serious, an entire town is quarantined with 151 people possibly exposed to the ancient illness of the Dark Ages known as the Bubonic Plague.  The following from AFP via the Global Post: Town ‘sealed off’ after man dies of plague in China <excerpted> A Chinese town has been sealed…

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The US State Department Issues Travel Warning to Gaza Strip – 4 Days After Bombs Start Falling!!!


by John Galt July 21, 2014 20:30 ET Ah the classics never get old. Like John Kerry’s idiocy or the incompetence of the Obama administration and the United States State Department carrying on the Clinton-Bush-Hillary/Obama tradition of issuing the grand “duh” as a crisis begins; such as the travel warning issued tonight below: Israel, The West Bank and Gaza Travel Warning Last Updated: July 21, 2014 The U.S. Department of State warns U.S. citizens of the risks of traveling to Israel, the West Bank and…

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In Obama’s Foreign Policy Success of Libya, Heavy Fighting Resumes near Tripoli Airport


by John Galt July 20, 2014 09:40 ET   Reality of course in Libya is quite different from the picture painted by the Team Hillary and Obama propaganda. Despite later claims of US success in Libya after Qaddafi’s death, the nation has dissolved into a state of constant civil war with the new Libyan Prime Minister correctly being framed as a supporter of Al Qaeda and radical Islam in North Africa. Thus the news today is not shocking (from the Libyan Herald): Heavy fighting resumes…

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07.19 BREAKING NEWS: Israel Expands Ground Operations in Gaza Strip


by John Galt July 19, 2014 23:45 ET Via the IDF- Hitting Hamas Tunnels in Gaza: Apparently the influence of the ketchup king who portrays himself as a barely adequate United States Secretary of State is irrelevant in the world once again as John Kerry’s “peace efforts” to find an amenable solution to reach a cease fire fell on deaf ears in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Cairo, and whatever international city Hamas declares as their new evacuation capital. The Israeli government and people have had enough…

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07.17 20:15 ET BREAKING: 2 Ukrainian Fighter Jets Allegedly Tailing Malaysian Air Flight MH17 Before Intercept

07.17 20:15 ET BREAKING: 2 Ukrainian Fighter Jets Allegedly Tailing Malaysian Air Flight MH17 Before Intercept

by John Galt July 17, 2014 20:15 ET Consider the fog of war please when reading all of the stories tonight as Russia, the Ukraine, the US and NATO all have their own interests in tilting world opinion and the story of this unfortunate incident to their propagandist favor. However, if this story tonight which just broker via Russia’s ITAR-TASS news service verifies, then the Ukrainian government is guilty of endangering this flight by trying to sneak two fighters into combat by hiding behind the…

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07.17.14 1630 ET BREAKING: Israel Begins Ground Invasion of Gaza Strip


by John Galt July 17, 2014 16:30 ET 18:19 ET - 00:37 (Via the Times of Israel Blog again) Rocket from Syria lands near Israel Sirens are heard on the Golan Heights as one rocket is fired from Syria and lands close to the border with Israel, Israel Radio reports.   00:30 (Via the Times of Israel Blog again) ‘IDF not yet heading into most complex areas’ Housing Minister Uri Ariel says the IDF is not yet heading into “the most complex areas” of Gaza.…

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07.16 21:45 ET BREAKING NEWS: Australian Lawmakers Repeal the AlGore, er, Carbon Tax


by John Galt July 16, 2014 21:45 ET There is one nation starting on its path from neo-Marxist insanity back towards reality so if they repeal their ban on firearms, Australia might well become a place for sane, non-vegan brain mattered individuals to return to. The Algore tax was repealed, finally, on the third attempt tonight: Carbon tax repealed by Senate at the third attempt Breaking news from The Australian newspaper tonight: The carbon tax has been repealed, fulfilling Tony Abbott’s “pledge in blood” to…

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Attention AK-47 Owners: Obama Bans All Kalashnikov Imports


by John Galt July 16, 2014 21:00 ET The good news is Obama has not banned Vodka imports from Russia yet, probably because he is the biggest homolush in Amerika. The really bad news: No spare parts, no new toys, no accessories, nothing if you are a Kalashnikov owner. The bad news is if you own an AK-47 the cost of spare parts is now going through the roof. The entire list of companies sanctioned by Obama is listed below courtesy of the United States…

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NATO has Intercepted Russian Aircraft up to 50 Times in Recent Weeks!


by John Galt July 15, 2014 18:45 ET Despite the lack of coverage of events inside of the Ukraine and around Eastern Europe by the United States PSM (Propaganda State Media), a lot of activity has been ongoing around the Baltic members of NATO and around the Eastern periphery member states of the defense organization. While the United States continues to send modified 30 plus year old fighters to the future Polands of the world should World War III erupt in a conventional manner, Russia…

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07.14 1800 ET BREAKING NEWS: Israeli Invasion of Gaza Strip to Begin Any Moment


by John Galt July 14, 2014 18:03 ET The precursor this blogger reported on over the weekend was just that, a softening up of positions as was the commando raid to attack a rocket facility and obtain intelligence on Hamas’ military strength and effectiveness. This just came in via some trusted sources of mine in Israel: All schools at every level, preschool through college and university are closed immediately. All hospital beds which have non-life threatening patients are being cleared and the patients sent home…

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A Video Summary of the Russian-Ukrainian Buildup to the Coming War


by John Galt July 13, 2014 22:30 ET The following videos were selected from YouTube and various news sites over the last several weeks which indicate the buildup to the coming war between the Ukraine and Russian Republic. I have used the Chrome Google Translations to hopefully attribute proper credit for Ukrainian and Russian language entries where possible.   June 30th: Shelling Kramators’k militias in the shelter By: SOFA News Heavy military equipment (Ukrainian) goes to smash the front occupants By: Yury Kasyanov Simferopol. Hotel…

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07.13 BREAKING NEWS 08:15 ET: Russia Vows Tough Response to Ukrainian Shelling of Russian Village


by John Galt July 13, 2014 08:15 ET The news this morning has escalated dramatically with the killing of a Russian man and wounding of several other family members in the Russian village of Donetsk. This story from RT breaks down the severity of the situation: The phrase “irreversible consequences” in the story is not just RT parlance for a massive Russian military reaction but the type of terminology often used by Putin and the old Soviet Union before military action started. From the Russian…

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07.10 BREAKING NEWS 21:00 ET: Possible Start of IDF Ground Operations in Gaza Tonight


by John Galt July 10, 2014 21:00 ET Just a little under 30 minutes ago, this shocking news was posted on the Times of Israel live blog on the current Gaza conflict: To give some perspective of the range of the Hamas rockets here is a map of Israel with Haifa highlighted: The following is a Twitter posting showing a screen shot of a television broadcast of rocket fire tonight against Haifa: Meanwhile, numerous Israeli news feeds are basically quiet about IDF and IAF activities…

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The Cure to the Illegal Immigration Crisis: Repeal NAFTA


by John Galt July 8, 2014 09:20 ET Who would have thought the little weird billionaire with big ears from Texas might just have been correct 19 years ago (Source: Save Your Job, Save Our Country, by Ross Perot, p. 72 , Jan 1, 1993): [It is a myth that] NAFTA will reduce illegal immigration. As manufacturing in northern Mexico expands, hundreds of thousands of Mexican workers will be drawn north. They will quickly find that wages in the Mexican maquiladora plants cannot compete with…

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Is Saudi Arabia Fostering a False Flag Attack to Justify an Invasion of Iraq?


by John Galt July 7, 2014 20:50 ET Several hours ago, the following news broke across Twitter and newswires around the world: What is not unusual about this report however, is that the Saud media has censored any information about this attack as it was not reported via state organs including the Arab News newspaper. Yet the Gulf News in Dubai had no problem publishing a report today on the “attack”: Three shells land in northern Saudi town of Arar Gulf News Report Published: 22:37…

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The Voice of America Demonstrates it is Managed by Chamberlainesque Idiots at the State Department


by John Galt June  30, 2014 20:30 ET Any day now, I expect Obama or someone from our the United States Department of State to come out and proclaim, “peace in our time.” The Voice of America continued its decline into irrelevancy today as broadcasting into some of the most tension ridden and conflict infested regions of the world was terminated by the morons that run the International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB) under the control of the United States Department of State. From the website BBG…

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06.30 Latest Videos of Intense Attacks by Ukrainian Forces on Pro-Russian Positions


by John Galt June  30, 2014 20:00 ET So much for “peace” in the Ukraine or the Donbas. The Candy Dictator has followed through on his threats to annihilate all pro-Russia forces at the behest of the European Union, United Kingdom, and United States banking cartels thus hitting civilian and military positions without regard to casualties because the Western media will refuse to distribute or validate such attacks. Sadly, for my country, this is another embarrassing chapter in our history as we refuse to do…

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US to Deploy 200 More Combat Troops to Iraq Bringing Total to Nearly 800


by John Galt June  30, 2014 18:00 ET Breaking news tonight via the AP: The announcement will bring to nearly 800 the total number of U.S. forces in and around Iraq to train local forces, secure the embassy and protect American interests. Obama notified House and Senate leaders in a letter on Monday. Obama says the additions include security forces, rotary-wing aircraft, and support for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. The catch? From the ITV News version of the story: “This force is deploying for the…

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06.30 1600 ET BREAKING NEWS: Ukraine Ends Ceasefire in East Declares Martial Law in Donbas Region


by John Galt June  30, 2014 16:06 ET UPDATED 16:40 ET: Video from Kramatorsk purported to show either Ukraine inbound artillery or attack by pro-Russian Rebels on the airport. Waiting for clarification. This just in via Twitter and now sources in the Ukraine, namely the Ukrainian Member of Parliament, Oleh Lyashko’s Facebook page: Also this right before the expiration of the ceasefire from the Russian Itar-Tass news agency: Ceasefire expires in south-east of Ukraine  KIEV, June 30, /ITAR-TASS/. A ceasefire between the government troops and…

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An Interesting Anti-Obama Banner Unfurled on the US Embassy in Moscow


by John Galt June 15, 2014 14:50 ET The following screenshot via Life Television from Moscow this afternoon, courtesy of the Twitter user @Truth_Seeker_11, somewhat tells me that the people of Russia have figured out who our President acts like long before the American people will.  

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The East China Sea Heats up with Japan Accusing China of Weapon Radar Lock on SDF Naval Vessel and Patrol Plane


by John Galt June  14, 2014 21:00 ET Last week I penned the following piece about the Cold War II heating up with China and Japan: Cold War II Continues – Japan Protests Chinese Fighter Planes Intercept within 30 Meters of their Aircraft The Japanese retaliated less than 24 hours later as this video from the Chinese military which is rarely if ever released,  demonstrates from the China People’s Daily on June 13th:   Needless to say the Chinese government was furious. From the same…

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06.14 2030 ET Ukraine Update: Ukraine Retaliates – 50 Rebels Killed, over 150 Wounded in Air Attacks


by John Galt June  14, 2014 20:30 ET As America slumbers like an undecided giant with no foreign policy, no obvious defense posture, and no leadership at any level, the world is melting into a series of low intensity conflicts which rapidly accelerate into full blown cross border or civil wars. The Ukraine in the past 72 hours is especially no exception where it was reported here earlier that a SU-24 fighter bomber was brought down by pro-Russia rebels after they brought down an IL-76…

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06.14 1600 ET – New Video Purports to Show ISIL (ISIS) Terrorists Entering Baghdad


by John Galt June 14, 2014 16:00 ET The following video via YouTube and the Anatolia News Agency purports to show Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant terrorists entering into Baghdad. There is no independent confirmation of this report. Note the Humvee dressed in ISIL/ISIS flags and colors in the video: The latest update from Al-Arabiyah claims that the Iraqi army has retaken the town of Ishaqi, but no indications of the location of any terrorist units close to the capitol have been reported.…

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06.14 0700 ET BREAKING NEWS: Pro-Russian Separatists Shoot Down Ukrainian SU-24 Bomber


by John Galt June  14, 2014 07:00 ET After the stunning shoot down of the Ukrainian IL-76 last night, the rebels in Eastern Ukraine apparently have an ample supply of MANPADS as they claim to have down another plane, this time a Ukrainian SU-24 bomber which was engaged in attacks on their positions just outside of Gorlovka. The following story is from RT within the last hour: Self-defense forces in Gorlovka, E.Ukraine, claim shooting down Kiev bomber jet Published time: June 14, 2014 10:00 Edited…

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06.13 2300 ET BREAKING NEWS: Ukrainian IL-76 Transport Shot Down with 40 Paratroopers on Board (VIDEO)


by John Galt June  13, 2014 23:00 ET UPDATED 06.14.14 0640ET – More paratroopers were on board than initially reported per this excerpt from the Kyiv Post article this morning: June 14 marks the deadliest day of the undeclared war between Ukraine and pro-Russian separatists in the country’s eastern regions after Kremlin-backed insurgents shot down a Ukrainian military cargo plane carrying 49 servicemen. All were killed. Most of them – 40 servicemen – were paratroopers of the 25th Dnipropetrovsk airborne brigade, while nine were from…

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