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04.13.15 Ukraine Civil War Update: All Hell is Breaking loose with Heavy Fighting around Donetsk (Videos)


by John Galt April 13, 2015 20:50 ET Armored vehicles in downtown Donetsk: Near Peski: Just outside the Donetsk Airport: Night battle-Sands Spartak Airport: Anti-aircraft fire from Pro-Russian forces at Ukrainian drone over city of Donetsk: Night battle near Spartak/Donetsk Airport: News and eyewitness reports have been pouring in about Ukrainian and NAF fighting all along the LOC (Line of Control) which appears to indicate the ceasefire is all but over: Also reports about the continuing fight for Peski Northwest of Donetsk which apparently has…

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04.12.15 1800 ET – Ceasefire appears Over, Fighting Breaking out Throughout Eastern Ukraine (Videos)


by John Galt April 12 2015  18:00 ET As the sun set on Easter Sunday throughout Eastern Ukraine, the fighting appears to have broken out across a broad front from Donetsk to Mariupol and rumors of Russian armor massing throughout the Donbas region. If this confirms, the final offensive to liberate Eastern Ukraine could be starting tonight and erupt creating chaos in NATO and Kiev as there is little from a military perspective that the West could do to counter this move unless they declare…

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Russian Su-27 Almost Collides With US Spy Plane over Baltic Sea


by John Galt April 10, 2015 19:40 ET As the United States administration starts to ramp up for the upcoming World War against Russia and its allies, the Russians have sent another message to the United States Air Force using their old Cold War style of near misses to scare the crap out of our pilots in areas near Russian air space or interests. Breaking tonight from the Washington Free Beacon tonight: Russian Fighter Jet Nearly Collides with U.S. Spy Jet Over Europe This is…

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Saudi Arabia Captures 4 Shia Rebels 1 Saudi Soldier Killed in Al-Qatif (Video)


By John Galt April 5, 2015 21:45 ET Keep in mind that the video and news report below is from a propaganda bases source, PressTV via Iran: However this does confirm a report from Al-Jazeera early Monday morning of such a raid occurring (translated via Google): One Security Man Killed, one Wounded during Anti-Terror Raid in Eastern Saudi Arabia According to the Saudi Press Agency murder of a security man and left five wounded in an exchange of gunfire in the town of Awamiya in…

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03.26 Gold and Oil Surge on Yemen Conflict


by John Galt March 26, 2015 05:00 ET Needless to say that old barbaric metal must be popular in the Middle East as an insurance policy against economic destabilization. As the news about the size and scope of the Saudi offensive into Yemen became public knowledge overnight, precious metals surged in response: Meanwhile WTI Crude is up over $2.00 per barrel as of this posting: Stay tuned as this conflict has the potential of spreading far and wide throughout the region thus ending the bear…

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03.25 20:45 ET: Saudi Arabia & GCC Launch Military Operations in Yemen


by John Galt March 25, 2015 20:55 ET As I warned in January, the start of a conflict involving the pro-Iranian Houthis and Arab nations in the region would start within weeks of their movement towards the capitol and as warned, the conflict has now expanded to include the nations of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council launching attacks in Yemen this afternoon. From Al-Jazeera minutes ago: Saudi ambassador announces military operation in Yemen Saudi envoy to US says his country has begun airstrikes…

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Obama’s Petulant Revenge: US Declassifies Intel Report on Israel’s Nuclear Weapons Program


by John Galt March 25,2015 20:33 ET The petulant emperor’s temper tantrum has reached new lows with the hatred towards Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu and apparent secret policy of anti-Semitism which runs rampant throughout the administration. Tonight, the Obama administration “suddenly” declassified very sensitive information about Israel’s nuclear weapons program, amazingly enough, on the eve of a possible non-written, undocumented agreement with the terrorist nation of Iran on their nuclear program. From the Israel National News, Arutz Sheva: US Declassifies Document Revealing Israel’s Nuclear Program…

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EU President Juncker Calls for Creation of European Union Army


by John Galt March 8, 2015 13:50 ET Just when one thinks the world can not get bizarre enough with NATO taunting the Russians across their entire border and the Russian military returning the favor in kind around the world, here comes European President Jean-Claude Juncker’s most amazing declaration in the German news paper Die Welt this morning (translated): A common European army would show the world that there is never again war between EU countries. Such an army would help us to build a…

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Russian General Infers US Generals might be Suffering from Penis Envy


by John Galt March 5, 2015 18:55 ET If phallic jokes were politically correct, well, it would be hard up to pass on this one. The Russians have grown tired of the warmongering from NATO and several United States military officers who appear to have some crazy desire to start World War III with Russia. Thus when one of our generals suggested that the Russians had 12,000 soldiers inside of the Eastern Ukraine, the reply prompted a direct, erect response from the Russians was nothing…

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The Ominous Parallels Between the USA and Communist China


by John Galt March 4, 2015 20:45 ET Presented with no comment as none is necessary. Like this:Like Loading...

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Middle East News Video Purports to show Aftermath of US Airdrop to ISIS in Libya


by John Galt March 3, 2015 19:55 ET With the interesting accusations flying around the Middle East of British planes, be they subcontractors or various intelligence agencies of the US, or whomever dropping supplies to ISIS and other forces in the Middle East, this disturbing video from Libyan Televison purports to show the results of an airdrop attempt to resupply Islamic State forces in Libya from the US government. As my Arabic is very rusty, I can only determine that this was a report from…

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The Stupidest Lie of the Year is that the Russians will “Invade” the Baltic Nations


by John Galt February 23, 2015 17:25 ET Look folks, I know the American people are terminally stupid. 50% of our fellow citizens thought last night’s Academy Awards show is where they issued Nobel prizes. 30% watched “The Walking Dead” and think it is a documentary about life in the Deep South. The rest of us just face palm ourselves to sleep at night either laughing into our hands or searching for ways to profit on the stupidity of the other 80% (ye old 80/20…

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02.22 Turkish Troops Return to Base after Relocating Süleyman Şah’s Tomb


by John Galt February 22, 2015 12:30 ET The brief incursion into Syria by Turkish forces yesterday was to remove the tomb of Süleyman Şah back into Turkish national territory and to warn all warring parties in Syria to avoid hurting Turkish interests. From the Hürriyet Daily News today: Turkey issued diplomatic note to Syria for relocation of historic tomb Turkey delivered a diplomatic note to the Syrian consulate in Istanbul to inform Damascus that the Tomb of Süleyman Şah was being temporarily moved to…

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02.22 Terror Attack in Kharkiv, Ukraine 2 Dead 15 Wounded (Video)


by John Galt February 22, 2015 09:45 ET The war continues on all fronts as terrorists attack a peaceful march honoring the Euromaidan revolution from last year. The Kyiv Post reports: Ukraine makes arrests after terror attack kills 2, wounds 15 at Kharkiv Euromaidan memorial march Excerpted: At least two people have been killed and another 15 wounded in a terror attack on a Euromaidan memorial march in Kharkiv today. Ukraine’s State Security Service say they have already taken four suspects into custody. Hundreds of…

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02.21 BREAKING NEWS: Confirmation That Turkish Tanks and F-16’s Attacked ISIS in Syria


by John Galt February 21, 2015 22:30 ET As the Twitter world was set on fire tonight by reports that 40 Turkish tanks and armored vehicles crossed into Syria through Kobane to protect the tomb of Süleyman Şah, the grandfather of Osman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire. This territory has been considered sovereign Turkish territory since 1921 but it was believed that ISIS was looking to trap the Turkish honor guards who protect the tomb and cut them off from resupply, possibly to…

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Videos from a Real War Zone: Graphic Before and After of a Ukrainian Unit Alive then Dead


by John Galt February 20, 2015 20:55 ET The first video below is censored and safe for everyone to watch. It has the English subtitles so everyone can comprehend what is happening before the battle. The language is rough, then again, if one is preparing to possibly die one does care about the language that is used.     The following video is the same video in Ukrainian and Russian. The first part shows the exact same but the second half shows their dead, dismembered…

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02.19 BREAKING NEWS: British Citizen Alleges Russian Bomber Flew Inland OVER United Kingdom (Video)


by John Galt February 19, 2015 17:20 ET The incident from February 18th where two Russian TU-95 Bear strategic bombers flew near the United Kingdom took an interesting turn today when the UK Guardian published the following story this afternoon: Russian bomber flew inland over Cornwall, witness claims From the article by Haroon Siddique: The Ministry of Defence denies that the planes entered British airspace. However, Sue Bamford, from Bodmin, said she witnessed at least one of the bombers flying inland, over Cornwall, while she…

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02.17 16:30 ET BREAKING NEWS: Ukrainian Soldiers Ordered by High Command to Destroy Equipment, Evacuate Debaltseve


by John Galt February 17, 2015 16:30 ET The military map of the Debaltseve salient tells the tale of woe facing the Ukrainian military: The news tonight took a dire turn when the Ukrainian high command gave the order to destroy all heavy equipment (armor, artillery, etc.) and evacuate the Debaltseve pocket. This news just broke at 22:16 tonight, Kiev time and here is the translated page (Google Translate) from the Ukrainian news site, General Staff gave the soldiers a Debaltseve destroy all machinery…

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02.15 13:00 ET BREAKING NEWS: Obama Goes Full Metal Bush – Deploys 3rd Inf. Brigade to Kuwait for Combat against ISIS


by John Galt February 15, 2015 13:05 ET As Fox News, CBS, and others reported on May 23, 2013, Obama said the Global War on Terror is over: Watch the latest video at Oops. The news today is grim as US forces are pinned down again in Iraq with insufficient forces to repel an ISIS invasion of the Anbar province which is in danger of falling, the Iron Brigade, 3rd Infantry Combat Brigade from Fort Carson, CO is being deployed immediately to Kuwait, apparently…

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02.12 Ukraine-Russia War Update: With the Ceasefire, the Most Intense Fighting Begins (Videos)


by John Galt February 12 2015 22:00 ET While the United States mainstream media continues to pay limited lip service to the conflict in the Donbas region of the Ukraine, Europe is laser focused on the consequences of a somewhat cloudy ceasefire agreement which all but guarantees future direct Russian military involvement to preserve whatever interpretation of “peace” they determine as the Ukrainians faith in NATO and the West must now be totally shattered. The following entry is from February 11th via the English translation…

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02.12 05:15 ET BREAKING NEWS: Minsk talks yield Ceasefire Agreement Effective 02.15


by John Galt February 12, 2015 05:15 ET Based on all of the information flying out of Russian and Ukrainian media, this deal appears to favor the rebels in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions providing them with a mandatory vote by the Ukraine government to allow for some type of amnesty and autonomy. Should the Rada in Kiev fail to do this within 30 days is unclear at this moment but the cessation of fighting will be a welcome relief to the European Union and…

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Obama’s US Embassy Scoreboard: Islamic Terrorists 3, United States 0


by John Galt February 11, 2015 21:00 ET Since President Obama has become Emperor of the Gods on Earth (his idea, not mine) his scorecard is horrendous with regards to holding on to US territory versus Islamist terror. After today’s fiasco in Yemen, the scoreboard is as follows: Syria – CLOSED Libya – CLOSED Yemen -CLOSED Islamofacists: 3 – Obama: 0 No wonder our fighting men despise this SOB. He’s surrendered more since he became President than the French did in World War II. Like…

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And Now Cyprus Foreign Minister Denies Russian Military Base Story


by John Galt February 9, 2015 22:30 ET As the world turns.. Apparently the bankers of the West got a message to the government of Cyprus after the news story broke this weekend about the Cypriot Prime Minister agreeing to allow the establishment of a Russian Air Force and Naval base on the island: Change your mind our else. From the Cyprus Mail tonight: ‘No question’ of Russian bases on Cyprus There has never been, and indeed there is no question of Russian air or…

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02.08 BREAKING NEWS: Cyprus to Offer Russia Air and Naval Bases


by John Galt February 8, 2015 10:45 ET On July 8, 2012, as the European Central Bank and its Western cohorts began the process of fleecing the nations of Cyprus and Greece, I penned the article below: Cyprus Could be the Next Domino to Fall to Russia Apparently that situation has come to fruition as the United Kingdom will now have to share airspace over the Mediterranean with NATO’s arch villain as the two countries will both have air force bases 40 km apart. As…

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There are Indications the Ukrainian Military is Breaking Down Under Russian Pressure


by John Galt February 6, 2015 05:00 ET Despite the popular propaganda of the European Union and United States media, the Ukrainian military is in a massive state of disarray which might indicate why Secretary of State Kerry and the Obama regime were unwilling to promise advanced military weapons in a meeting on Thursday, February 5th. The following stories and video, although some might be circumspect because of the sourcing, tend to indicate a disintegration of military discipline and erosion in the will to fight…

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Video of the Royal Jordanian Air Force doing the Job Obama Won’t Do against ISIS


by John Galt February 5, 2015 21:00 ET Below is video of real men allowed to fight while Obama hides behind his Imam’s skirts…..Kudos to the RJAF for bringing the heat to the ISIS scum. Royal Jordanian Air Force process martyr Maaz I guess the Jordanian King has balls. Too bad the US President has sold his to the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamist terror. Too bad our military is not allowed to really attack ISIS and can only hit used Toyota pick-up trucks instead of…

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02.05 Ukraine Update: Debaltseve Pocket Collapsing; 50,000 Russian Troops on Ukraine Border (Videos also)


by John Galt February 5, 2015 20:30 ET From ABC News tonight: And now this update late tonight from the Ukrainian News website (translated via Google) In the DNI said that militants blocked Debaltseve 05/02/2015 21:23 In the self-proclaimed “Donetsk People’s Republic” said the militants blocked the outskirts of the city of Donetsk region Debaltseve. This was stated today, “deputy commander of the Ministry of Defense Corps” DNR Edward Basurin transmits separatist “Donetsk news agency.” “Our units are locked Debaltseve margin,” – he…

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Russian Tu-95 Bomber Intercepted over English Channel Was Carrying Nuclear Weapon


by John Galt February 1, 2015 19:30 ET As the United States slumbers into our annual drunken food and boozefest known as the Super Bowl, the newspaper UK Express carried a story which should put everyone back on the edge of our collective seats: Intercepted Russian bomber was carrying a nuclear missile over the Channel A RUSSIAN bomber intercepted over the Channel last week was carrying a nuclear missile designed to destroy Trident submarines, it emerged last night. From the story linked above: RAF Typhoon…

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01.27 Debaltseve Salient & Donbas War Update: Pro-Russian Forces Intensify the Siege (Video)


by John Galt January 27, 2015 22:00 ET To say that this past few days have been uneventful in the Donbas region, especially around the Debaltseve salient is an understatement. The intense fighting has exhausted not only the Ukrainian’s ability to hold key positions around the village of Debaltseve, but has stretched Pro-Russian rebel supply lines so thin that they have run out of ammunition attacking the Ukrainian military! First, this update in text via Colonel Cassad’s live daily journal (translated via Google and re-formatted…

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Obama’s Yemen Success: US Citizens Should Depart Yemen Immediately, You are on Your Own


by John Galt January 26, 2015 17:45 ET Classic. The United States Embassy in Yemen issued the following statement today (h/t Emergency Message for U.S. Citizens January 26, 2015 Due to ongoing security concerns, the U.S. Embassy in Sanaa is unable to provide routine consular services but remains open and operational and is providing emergency services. We are continuously analyzing the security conditions and will resume regular consular operations as soon as possible. The U.S. Department of State warns U.S. citizens of the high…

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Meanwhile in Cyprus, a Deal for a Russian Air and Naval Base is Imminent


by John Galt January 25, 2015 21:20ET While long rumored and discussed during the pre-bailout phase of the Cypriot financial crisis, it would appear now that NATO’s and the European/US influence is waning in the Med not just in Greece but now in Cyprus. On Friday January 23rd, the Cypriot newspaper Famagusta Gazette reported the following: Russia continue to seek Cyprus military base Moscow is interested in a potential agreement with Cyprus for military facilitation on the island, the country`s Ambassador in Nicosia Stanislav Osadchiy…

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01.25 1800 ET Update: The Debaltseve Salient May be Closing – Ukraine Faces Massive Loss of Troops


by John Galt January 25, 2015 19:55 ET The situation in the Debaltseve salient appears to be deteriorating with the Ukrainian military divided between hunkering down and fighting it out to some reports via the internet of Ukrainian draftees in the military switching sides and fighting with the pro-Russian rebels. This map of the situation and speculation that the pro-Russian forces may have now seized Popasnaya may indicate the salient, or pocket is closing. When one zooms in on the pocket closing, if the reports…

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01.25 Over 5,000 Ukrainian Soldiers faces Encirclement and Annihilation in Eastern Ukraine


by John Galt January 25, 2015 11:00 ET News is filtering in from the internet and usually pro-Ukrainian news sources this morning of a potential disaster for the Kiev government as the strategic village of Debaltseve which reportedly has somewhere between 5,000 to 7,000 Ukrainian soldiers and militia contained within the pocket. From EMPR Media in the Ukraine: Debaltseve is surrounded by the enemy forces: another Illovaysk? The city of Debaltseve, which is located on the south west of Luhansk is obviously in a very…

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Real War: Video of Shelling in Mariupol Ukraine Today


by John Galt January 24, 2015 14:00 ET Today, either the Pro-Russian rebels or Ukrainian forces found a target on the suburb of Mariupol worthy of a sustained Grad rocket attack. This is what real war looks like gang, and there are real dead people on the receiving end of this attack. While Obama and the Western media continue to ignore this conflict, the truth is that when Mariupol is encircled a siege will begin and the Ukrainians will be forced to surrender. At that…

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With the Death of the Saudi King, a US Invasion of Yemen is only Weeks Away


by John Galt January 22, 2015 21:45 ET Just about one year ago on February 5, 2014, I warned about events on the Arabian peninsula which have now come to fruition: Obama is about to Lose Another Arab “Ally” to Radical Islamists in Yemen Within that warning, I stated the following: Once Yemen falls, there is a proverbial line in the sand challenging Saudi dominance in the area and worse, it creates a hornet’s nest of Islamist radicalism potentially obstructing commercial traffic into the Red…

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If I am China, Russia, North Korea, etc. I would Invade the Wussified U.S.A. Tomorrow


by John Galt January 16, 2015 18:55 ET As if the stories about banning sledding on snow covered hills wasn’t a sign, or the government investigating parents for, gasp, allowing their children to walk home from a park all alone a sign of PC wussiness going into overdrive, along comes Secretary of State John Kerry who served in Vietnam, won two medals for mosquito bites then threw them over the White House fence so he could prove he is a man. What did Secretary Lurch…

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Russia Drastically Cuts Natural Gas to Europe as Military Offensive against Ukraine Begins


by John Galt January 14, 2015 21:10 ET As America sleeps in the fog of reality television and sports aplenty, the reality of geopolitical ignorance is about to be slammed home by the actions of Russia against the Ukraine and America’s allies in Europe. On Sunday night, January 11th, a major barrage was launched on the Donetsk Airport in the Eastern Ukraine by pro-Russian forces according to numerous Ukrainian news sources and independent bloggers. The following video from RT/Ruptly via TheInterpreter tells the tale of…

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Islam is Mean: Saudi Cleric Issues Fatwa Against Snowmen!!!


by John Galt January 13, 2015 19:05 ET Yes, seriously. As if beheading criminals in Saudi Arabia faster than ISIS can slice and dice Western aide workers and journalists, the Saudi religious freaks who fund and manipulate this US administration have once again jumped the ice shark with this declaration. From ITV News: Saudi Arabian cleric issues fatwa against snowmen From the article linked above: A religious cleric in Saudi Arabia has issued a fatwa ruling forbidding the building of snowmen. Sheikh Mohammed Saleh al-Munajjid…

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Obama Expresses his Inner Carter: New US Embassy in Iran not Ruled Out


by John Galt December 29, 2014 18:45 ET Yeah, that guy. Obama has apparently been smoking whatever the hell the Reverend Al put into his glass pipe and determined that the US hostage crisis of 1979 was good enough for President Peanut so it is good enough for him possibly. The story from the Khaleej Times of Dubai, December 30, 2014: US embassy not ruled out in Iran, says Obama Yes seriously. From the article: Washington — President Barack Obama isn’t ruling out the possibility…

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2015 Russia to Return to a Nuclear Cold War Policy – Strategic Forces now a Priority


by John Galt December 29, 2014 17:55 ET As the Obama administration diminishes and destroys America’s strategic nuclear force capabilities with mindless orders like removing the MIRV capabilities of our USAF ground based missiles or refusing to upgrade our SLBM forces over the first six years of his administration, the Russians are remodeling their military to mirror the old Soviet Union’s trigger finger first and retaliatory capabilities. ITAR-TASS, the Russian news agency, has the frightening details in this story published tonight: Strategic nuclear force to…

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RT @yurybarmin Polish TV showed this map of #Ukraine in the future with regions annexed by Russia, Poland, Hungary and Romania.…

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