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East Asian Waters to have NO US Aircraft Carriers for Several Months in 2015


by John Galt December 4, 2014 23:15 ET Welcome back to 1931 boys and girls. The United States Navy, the best passenger liner for our brave and beloved USMC, is currently only operating two aircraft carriers on active duty in the entire world: USS Carl Vinson – Supporting operations against ISIS from the Persian Gulf USS John C Stennis – Just deported its home port in Washington State That’s right, you are not going insane or losing your eyesight as there are no carriers in…

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Russia and Nicaragua sign Naval Basing/Visitation Agreement as New Canal Construction Begins


December 4, 2014 22:25 by John Galt While our country continues to consume itself on a Presidential Monarch inspired racial divide, the rest of the world is continuing to prepare for conflict with the United States of America. For example, it would appear that Russia now has a quasi-basing/visitation agreement with the Nicaraguan government, as they promised they would establish several months ago: Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of 27.11.2014 № 2386-r “On signing the Agreement between the Government of the Russian…

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12.03 2055 ET BREAKING NEWS – Rumors of Martial Law in Russia, Fighter Jets over Moscow, Islamist Attack


by John Galt December 3, 2014 20:55  ET 22:05 UPDATE… And another short video of the fighting and Press building on fire: Video purporting to show Islamist terrorists massing before the attack on the Press building: PREDATOR ‏@SURROGAT1980 3m3 minutes ago #Grozny. #Chechnya now police vehicules burning in the City Center 21:40 UPDATE…Tweet just in from (translated): RAIN TV channeltvrain 12m12 minutes ago Posts on the movements of helicopters over Moscow come so far. Fixed at Babushkinsky, Mayakovsky, Dmitrov, Leninsky Photos via Euromaidan on…

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Note this Date, December 2, 2014: I FINALLY agree with Senator John McCain on Something


by John Galt December 2, 2014 19:55 ET For once, the crazy old bat got something 100% correct. From the website which focuses on Hungarian political discussion and events: Quotable: Senator John McCain on new US ambassador to Hungary By All Hungary News December 3, 2014 “Here we are, a nation [Hungary] that is on the verge of ceding its sovereignty to a neo-fascist dictator getting in bed with Vladimir Putin and we’re going to send the producer of ‘The Bold and The Beautiful’…

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Reality is not a Video Game: Norweigen F-16 Near Miss with Russian Mig-31 (Video)


by John Galt December 2, 2014 19:30 ET The encounter was approximately 20 meters. Let that sink in as the high speed pass to intimidate the pilots from Norway occurs in this video via the Wall Street Journal: I’m almost positive that former Vietnam war veteran and medal recipient along champion windsurfer, sailor, wealthy MILF marrying Secretary of State John Kerry will issue a stern email any moment now. Too bad and too funny that Putin and Lavrov have him on the ‘spam’ list. Like…

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While Obama Prepares for War with White Americans, Russia Prepares for World War III


by John Galt December 1, 2014 20:20 ET The headlines tell the tale of the tape: Obama Requests $263 Million for Police Body Cameras, Training Before White House Meeting, de Blasio Says Nation Must Face Ferguson ‘Head On’ Sharpton to Attend White House Meeting on Ferguson Riots Ferguson protest leaders to meet with President Obama at the White House Monday Meanwhile in Russia: Russian Military Aircraft Endanger Civilian Planes, Turn Off Transponders, US Ambassador To NATO Says Russia launches ‘wartime government’ HQ in major military…

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12.01 Donetsk Airport Ceasefire Appears Over, Heavy Fighting Reported


by John Galt December 01, 2014 18:00 ET Just a little over an hour or so ago, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reported the following: Ukraine Announces Temporary Truce At Donetsk Airport   By RFE/RL December 01, 2014 The Ukrainian military says its forces and Russian representatives have agreed to a temporary cease-fire at the airport in rebel-held Donetsk. The military’s press service said on December 1 the truce was agreed after talks near the airport between officials from Ukraine and Russia. Fierce fighting causing hundreds…

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Russia to Sell S-400 Anti-Aircraft Missile System to China


by John Galt November 30, 2014 22:00 ET While the US ineptitude continues at the State Department and pettiness and personal surrender monkey preferences at the Pentagon over the objections of military leaders, the Russians and Chinese continue to make moves to set up a distinct strategic sphere which excludes conventional US military power from interfering in Eurasia. This story from tells the tale of another miscalculation by the Obama regime and its poll driven foreign policy: Moscow to Sell S-400 Air Defense System…

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11.19 Russia Continues to Deploy Air Assets Closer to Ukraine


by John Galt November 19, 2014 19:55 ET Yesterday, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty had the following report on the Russian troop build up on the Ukrainian border: NATO Sees Military Buildup In Ukraine, Urges Russia To Pull Back Excerpted: BRUSSELS — NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg says there has been a “serious military buildup” both in conflict-torn eastern Ukraine and on the Russian side of the border, and he has urged Moscow to pull back its forces. Stoltenberg told reporters in Brussels that information from NATO…

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Was Dr. Martin Salia who just Died from Ebola in the USA just another Lab Rat?


by John Galt November 17, 2014 20:00 ET From Breitbart News and WOWT Channel 6 Omaha, NE: It is sad fact that this man died. But the disturbing part of this outbreak appears to now have started courtesy of the United States Government and its CDC. This individual was too far gone according to previous media reports for the transport and current regimen of treatments available to save him. Yet the United States government spent close to a million dollars (if not more) to fly…

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11.12 Turkish Radicals Initiate another “Workplace Incident” Against American Sailors on Shore Leave


by John Galt November 12, 2014 19:20 ET I guess our “allies” in Turkey no longer view our soldiers or sailors as friends to their new found Islamist Republic as this attack, which could only happen with the tacit approval of the government and Turkish intelligence services illustrates: So just who or what is the TGB, the apparent group behind the attack since they were the group that filmed this? For the uninitiated, here is a brief summary about the Turkey Youth Union (via Wikipedia…

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11/11 20:15 ET: Russia Appears to be Preparing to Invade Eastern Ukraine


by John Galt November 11, 2014 20:15 ET The report on Lou Dobbs television program on the Fox Business Network tonight indicated that per NATO sources up to 8 tank brigades have moved towards the Russian-Ukraine border tonight in addition to towed artillery and infantry units. This is similar to a Reuters report from earlier in the day but widely reported beyond the threat of Russian nuclear-capable forces moving on to the Crimean peninsula: NATO Commander Concerned by Armoured Convoys Entering Ukraine From Russia By…

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So you had a Bad Day? Nah, some Members of ISIS did Though! (VIDEO)


by John Galt October 24, 2014 18:40 ET Sucks to be them. I would advise hitting play on both videos at the same time to enjoy the true effect. (video courtesy of AFPTV/YouTube and the USAF) And now, an appropriate dedication….to the dead rags on the hill near Kobane. Like this:Like Loading...

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What if it is not Ebola but a BioWarfare Weapon?


by John Galt October 2, 2014 10:15 ET This afternoon during my daily drives around paradise as part of my profession, I took the occasion to listen to the Sean Hannity Radio Show, something which happens infrequently due to my busy schedule.  At the bottom of the first hour a caller named “Mike” who claimed to be a scientist and  CEO of a large corporation during which he claimed that the government is in fact lying and that the disease currently causing problems in Dallas,…

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09.12 18:50 ET BREAKING NEWS: Heavy Fighting Breaking out Around Donetsk Airport (Live Video)


by John Galt September 12, 2014 18:50 ET Tonight the ceasefire in the Donbas appears to be ending as heavy fighting appears to have broken out between pro-Russian rebels and Ukrainian forces around the Donetsk Airport. Heavy machine gun fire and shelling have been heard in the last hour. The following live video link is courtesy of RT/Ruptly:   Wow, so much for the sanctions! 18:56ET and this Tweet verifies this could be a serious attack: Conflict News ‏@rConflictNews 29s Reports that Donetsk People’s Republic…

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09.03 0530 ET BREAKING NEWS: Poroshenko Agrees to Ceasefire in Ukraine Civil War


by John Galt September 3, 2014 05:30 ET The following statement is from the official webpage of the Ukrainian President: The Kremlin’s website had the following statement also: Vladimir Putin has had a telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. An in-depth discussion of the military and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine was continued. The heads of state exchanged opinions on what needs to be done as a matter of priority to ensure a speedy end to the bloodshed in the south-east of the country. The…

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Did the CIA Order the Execution of Steven Sotloff by ISIS?


by John Galt September 2, 2014 20:50 ET (WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOGRAPH BELOW OF SOTLOFF AFTER THE BEHEADING) LINK TO MP3 OF AUDIO OF ISIS STATEMENT ON SOTLOFF BEHEADING TODAY LINK TO VIDEO OF STATEMENT AND BEHEADING (WARNING: GRAPHIC FOOTAGE AT THE END OF THE VIDEO) After the execution of James Foley, questions started to arise on the internet as to why the Islamist terrorists would capture an American reporter, keep him alive for almost 2 years, yet make no serious demands as to an exchange…

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SITREP Map of Donbas Ukraine Operations as of Aug 31 – It doesn’t look good for Kiev Government


by John Galt September 1, 2014 21:30 ET The following SITREP map is courtesy of the website: (click on thumbnail to enlarge) The bottom line is as follows: Mariupol is encircled via all land routes. Unless the Ukrainian Navy wishes to test the Russian Navy, there will be no relief for the city of 500,000 until the rebels seize control and oust the pro-Kiev government. There are now 8 pockets of Ukrainian troops and mercenaries trapped in the Donbas counting the Mariupol encirclement. Needless…

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Putin: If I Want, I take Kiev in Two Weeks


by John Galt September 1, 2014 09:00 ET The cover story from the German newspaper Bild says it all: This morning the news which is rattling European capitols and the leadership in the Ukraine has been provided by the Italian newspaper, La Repubblica (translated via Google Translate): Ukraine, Putin’s blackmail on the European summit: ‘If I want to take Kiev in two weeks “ The following excerpt, also translated, provides a background into the fear of retaliation being felt in European Union members and how…

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09.01 Latest Videos from the Ukraine Civil War


by John Galt September 1, 2014 00:40 ET As a public service, I like to remind everyone as to what is happening within the real Civil War inside of the Ukraine which is being ignored by our President, Congress, both political parties, and the American media by and large. Just think if 1,000,000 plus Palestinian or African refugees were created from a conflict the anointed one would be on television every night demanding the Republicans help him declare war. However, since the refugees are by…

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08.27.14 1830 ET: Reports Russian Armor has Invaded Ukraine, Heading towards Mariupol


by John Galt August 27, 2014 18:30 ET While the “one” continues to golf, the world moves forward in a perilous fashion. Reports are coming from the Ukrainian government and numerous reliable sources via Twitter and domestic news services that Russian troops have indeed crossed the frontier in Southeastern Ukraine and are well on their way to sealing the escape routes via the Sea of Azov creating panic in Kiev as the Ukrainian military appears to be disintegrating in the Donbas and facing possible annihilation…

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WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO: ISIS Beheading US Journalist with Warning to America


by John Galt August 19, 2014 17:15 ET WARNING: UPDATE – 17:35 ET – YouTube has pulled the video. However I have two screen grabs of the dead American, one when he starts to slit his throat and one with his head on his body. If you are squeamish, do not read beyond this point. I also have the audio saved from the video linked below. THE VIDEO BELOW IS EXTREMELY GRAPHIC. It is in English with Arabic subtitles and was purported to be filmed…

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08.11.2014 I will be a Guest Tonight on TruNews with Rick Wiles


by John Galt August 11, 2014 18:30 ET Tonight I was invited to be a guest on TruNews with Rick Wiles where we discussed the Ukraine crisis and briefly covered the Ebola situation worldwide which could become the greatest threat to American civilization in my honest opinion. To listen to TruNews, click on this link or tune in via Shortwave as follows: WRMI – Radio Miami International: 7455 Khz 5850 Khz Broadcast Times: Monday – Friday 6pm Eastern 9pm Eastern 12pm Eastern 3am Eastern WHRI…

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North Carolina Begins Quarantine Procedure for Ebola Exposed Missionaries


by John Galt August 10, 2014 21:10 ET The disease which could cause a nightmare which would shut down the entire economic engine of the United States and the West is finally starting to be treated seriously. The first outbreak of Ebola was traced to a two year old girl in Guinea according to a New York Times article on Saturday, August 9th, yet the US government has failed to deal with this threat seriously and the ongoing concern expressed by some members of the…

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08.10 16:30 ET BREAKING NEWS: Erdoğan Barely Wins First Popular Presidential Election in Turkey


by John Galt August 10, 2014 16:30 ET The implications for the re-election of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan should be viewed with great alarm in the West as his consolidation of power, albeit by not an overwhelming endorsement via the numbers from the voting population in Turkey. The war with ISIS (or ISIL, IS, whatever) will continue in the Middle East unabated as long as Turkey’s new Islamist leader supports them and provides a manner to filter weapons purchased with Qatari money into Iraq and…

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CDC Changes Risk Criteria for Ebola Transmission to “Being in the Same Room” or Within 3 Feet of Infected Individual


by John Galt August 10, 2014 15:40 ET While the United States government and its mainstream media lackeys continue their propaganda obfuscation of what might turn out to be one of the most serious contagious disease outbreak in modern history. Governments around the world are openly acting as co-conspirators to assuage the risk to Western nations to keep the populations economically active while quietly preparing for a disaster of historic proportions. On Thursday August 7, the CDC quietly revised the transmission risks while maintaining there…

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Why did Vladimir Putin Suddenly Fire 17 Senior Military and Security Officials at 5:30 PM Moscow Time?


by John Galt August 8, 2014 19:10 ET The following document relayed from the Russian government and translated via Google Translate begins to raise some disturbing questions as to what is happening inside the walls of the Kremlin.   Kremlin Decree 080814 17 Officials Terminated   If indeed Vladimir Putin is removing all opposition to military action in the Ukraine, the Twittersphere is buzzing already with rumors of an apparent attempt by the Russians to enter the Ukraine with regular military units under the guise…

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Russia Retaliates with Total Embargo of Agricultural Products from EU, US, Canada, Norway, Australia


by John Galt August 7, 2014 05:15 ET Vladimir Putin warned the West that they were playing with dynamite in the Ukraine crisis and the arrogance of President Obama and certain European leaders is now going to have a major impact on the weakest of the European Union’s members, much more so than on Australia, Canada, or the United States. From the ITAR-TASS News Agency: MOSCOW, August 07./ITAR-TASS/.  The Russian government has approved the list of foreign agricultural products on which Russian sanctions are imposed,…

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08.05.2014 LIVE Webcast of UN Security Council Meeting on Ukraine Crisis


by John Galt August 5, 2014 17:20 ET This meeting was called by Russia due to the refugee crisis but who knows what else might be revealed. Tune in and lets find out together:   Like this:Like Loading...

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Moldova Feels its Oats: Demands that Russia Removes its Peacekeepers from Transnistria


by John Galt August 5, 2014 16:35 ET As NATO, the paper tiger envisioned to generate enough bureaucrat to intimidate its own members into submission with bloated defense budgets on wasteful widgets instead of manpower and functional weapon systems appears to be working as a division of Soros, Inc. and the central banks, smaller nations under the belief that NATO and the West will actually intervene in their decades old disputes with Russia are suddenly feeling their oats. Today Moldova demanded that Russia remove the…

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What to Expect when Ebola or Other Contagion Hits the US Mainland in Large Numbers


by John Galt August 4, 2014 19:40 ET The current Ebola scare in New York City may well turn out to be another false negative or buried report with those “possibly” infected suddenly vanishing into isolation wards on military bases around the region but the question has been raised all over the internet earlier this afternoon: What IF this is the big one? By the big one I interpret that to be a contagious, highly lethal disease with a 60%+ mortality rate escaping the control…

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The U.S. Media has Ignored the Iranian Invasion of Iraq


by John Galt August 3, 2014 22:20 ET As Tikrit fell in early June there was a degree of panic felt in Baghdad, Washington, and Tehran that was not indicated until recently by the Sunni kingdoms of the Arab gulf but now has a palpable feeling of panic. The reason the Saudis moved their military to the Iraqi border to reinforce against an alleged radical terrorist army which their wealthy oil sheiks allegedly helped to finance (with major help from Qatar), was not to protect…

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The War of Words Between Obama and Putin Gets Personal


by John Galt August 3, 2014 21:00 ET As the fighting intensifies in the Eastern Ukraine between pro-Russian separatists and the Soros/Western bankster backed  regime in Kiev, the war of words and propaganda has gotten personal. The Russians raised the ante last week with this classic from one of its officials via Twitter: Regardless of whether or not this was photo-shopped, created via computer hackery, or just two real photos merged together to illustrate something most Americans already know, it does point out a Testosterone…

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07.28.14 21:15 ET BREAKING NEWS: Russia Violates 1987 Missile Test Treaty with Cruise Missile Test


by John Galt July 28, 2014 21:15 ET The situation with the relationship with the Russian Federation and Vladimir Putin just took a serious turn with essentially the cancellation of the 1987 Missile Test Treaty according to numerous news sources, breaking within the last 30 minutes. From Channel News Asia: Russia has violated arms treaty by testing cruise missile: US The United States has found that Russia violated a 1987 arms control treaty by testing a ground-launched cruise missile, a senior US official said late…

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If this Photograph is Accurate, Russia is Readying for Action in the Donbas


by John Galt July 24, 2014 21:05 ET FWIW, my sources have given me a whisper number that up to or over 54,000 Russian troops are now positioned within 5 km of the Ukrainian border near the Donbas region. I have no reason to doubt that they are either optimistic or perhaps just underestimating Russian forces as that does not include those who have already infiltrated into the Ukraine over the past several weeks. Tonight the Twitter User LIVEUAMAP posted the following picture (click on…

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Is Putin’s Special Session of the Duma Tomorrow to Announce De-Dollarization or a Ukraine Peacekeeping Mission?


by John Galt July 23, 2014 19:30 ET The news flow from the civil war in the Ukraine continues along with the distortions and disinformation from all sides about Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 but the one bit of breaking news which was surprising to even the most avid of old time Sovietologists and new era Russian observers was first reported by the Ukrainian news outlet, UKRINFORM: Putin convenes emergency State Duma meeting on Ukraine – source KYIV, July 23 /Ukrinform/. State Duma deputies, who are…

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Yumen, China Sealed off Due to Bubonic Plague


by John Galt July 22, 2014 19:00 ET As America allows tens of thousands of medically ill individuals to cross the southern border from God knows where, the Communist Chinese are dealing with a situation so serious, an entire town is quarantined with 151 people possibly exposed to the ancient illness of the Dark Ages known as the Bubonic Plague.  The following from AFP via the Global Post: Town ‘sealed off’ after man dies of plague in China <excerpted> A Chinese town has been sealed…

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The US State Department Issues Travel Warning to Gaza Strip – 4 Days After Bombs Start Falling!!!


by John Galt July 21, 2014 20:30 ET Ah the classics never get old. Like John Kerry’s idiocy or the incompetence of the Obama administration and the United States State Department carrying on the Clinton-Bush-Hillary/Obama tradition of issuing the grand “duh” as a crisis begins; such as the travel warning issued tonight below: Israel, The West Bank and Gaza Travel Warning Last Updated: July 21, 2014 The U.S. Department of State warns U.S. citizens of the risks of traveling to Israel, the West Bank and…

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In Obama’s Foreign Policy Success of Libya, Heavy Fighting Resumes near Tripoli Airport


by John Galt July 20, 2014 09:40 ET   Reality of course in Libya is quite different from the picture painted by the Team Hillary and Obama propaganda. Despite later claims of US success in Libya after Qaddafi’s death, the nation has dissolved into a state of constant civil war with the new Libyan Prime Minister correctly being framed as a supporter of Al Qaeda and radical Islam in North Africa. Thus the news today is not shocking (from the Libyan Herald): Heavy fighting resumes…

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07.19 BREAKING NEWS: Israel Expands Ground Operations in Gaza Strip


by John Galt July 19, 2014 23:45 ET Via the IDF- Hitting Hamas Tunnels in Gaza: Apparently the influence of the ketchup king who portrays himself as a barely adequate United States Secretary of State is irrelevant in the world once again as John Kerry’s “peace efforts” to find an amenable solution to reach a cease fire fell on deaf ears in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Cairo, and whatever international city Hamas declares as their new evacuation capital. The Israeli government and people have had enough…

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