Rand Paul Flip Flops on Drones

  by John Galt April 23, 2013 19:55 EDT   Just when those of us in the Libertarian camp thought we had a consistent candidate, all I can do is just sigh.   Thanks to BuzzSourse at YouTube for posting the video clip:     Sadly Dr. Paul, just because someone is running with a gun it should not be left up to the drone operator to be the executioner without due process. Your father has every right to be outraged by the comment in the video clip above.  

2013 Part 6: The Real Reason for Immigration Reform

  by John Galt January 29, 2013 23:00 ET   The Kerfuffle of the Day (KoD) created by the globalist extremist left and the politicians looking to consolidate power and destroy the American way of life is a new “immigration” program designed to provide a pathway to amnesty, aka, citizenship. The Republicans trotted out the usual suspects plus their most dynamic RINO, Marco Rubio, who has agreed to become the face of this new idea by putting the old guard of Senators McTraitor and Graham into the background while giving a…

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