Trump Win: He’s in Hillary’s Head and it’s Pretty Empty and Evil in there (Video)

by John Galt July 27, 2016 17:45 ET This is without a doubt the funniest video of the campaign thus far and illustrates why Trump will probably (gak) win in November: The morons at the DNC fell for the same thing the Republican opposition did against him during the primaries: THEY FREAKED OUT. Hillary’s people have been all over TV screeching like banshees with their tails on fire. The so-called politically correct media has been even funnier in their reaction: What these morons don’t realize is that the Russians have already…

Sheriff David Clarke Points out to Don Lemon that Liberal Bias is B.S. (Video)

by John Galt July 18, 2016 19:30 ET Sheriff David Clarke p*wns the sissy Don Lemon at CNN by actually quoting facts, citing reality, and supporting his argument by using the Constitutional powers vested in him by the people of Milwaukee County. Another reason for my readers to divorce the MSM and stay on the internet and shortwave until the information is cut off by the government and the Bill of Rights eventually gets suspended. It is a shame the good Sheriff did not remind Lemon that his allegiance is not…

Fox News Acting as a Trump Super-Pac has Consequences: CNN now Number 1 in Cable News

by John Galt May 1, 2016 21:20 ET Roger Ailes apparently does not care about the integrity of his news network. Why would I say that? 90% of the coverage can only be, as Mark Levin so aptly puts it, reflect the actions of a Super-PAC favoring the Donald Trump for President campaign. The actions of its hosts have been well documented and for some strange reason, after Mr. Ailes met with Donald Trump for lunch at Fox News headquarters on April 16th, the network instead of paring back its so-called…

12.15 Las Vegas Republican Debate Drinking Game Rules

by John Galt December 15, 2015 19:00 ET Viva Las Vegas to quote one of my childhood bands: Jeb! mentions he was Governor of Florida – 2 drinks (I want everyone to get to bed early tonight) Jeb! attacks Trump – 1 drink Jeb! attacks Rubio – 2 drinks Jeb! attacks Cruz – 2 drinks Jeb! attacks himself – 34 drinks (and remember, just because you add an exclamation point, it doesn’t mean that broccoli is good) Marco Rubio attacks Jeb – 1 drink Marco Rubio defends amnesty – 1 drink…

10.13 Official Democrat Presidential Debate Drinking Game Rules

by John Galt October 13, 2015 19:40 ET Tonight the Democrat National Committee will initiate its first in a series of Clinton approved debates for those people deemed fit to talk to Hillary about her upcoming coronation to be the Democrat-Socialist Party nominee for Dictator of the United States (DICKUS for short). The participants for tonight’s program on the Communist News Network (CNN): 1 COW (Cranky Old Woman) 1 Marxist and featuring the 3 Stooges Wow. What an impressive line up of white people who have more street cred in the…

September 16th CNN Republican Debate Drinking Game Rules

by John Galt September 16, 2015 16:00 ET When the future of Western Civilization might hinge on the next election, one should just start drinking. Tonight I advise and shall indulge with some Scotch and will post my running commentary via Twitter. As far as the rules for this session, I’ve decided to make them easier to post on Twitter by making them a .jpg: Enjoy at your own risk but the show should have some comedic value, it is doubtful anything meaningful beyond someone melts down afterwards will occur.  

02.10 19:55 ET BREAKING NEWS: Brian Williams of NBC News Suspended 6 Months without Pay

by John Galt February 10, 2015 19:55 ET Breaking live on CNN now and soon everywhere via social media. I guess no matter how many great reports and misremembersentations one can come up with, becoming the total joke of the internet and late night television may not save your butt. Below is a copy of the memo from NBC News: Too bad he’ll be back to lie for the 2016 elections.

On this day of July 2014, I remember when….

by John Galt July 21, 2014 19:45 ET As one gets older, you begin to realize with each passing generation just how much the United States of America has changed. I’m sure that my parents and their parents felt the same way in the 1950’s and 1960’s but to quote the current state approved thought process, “this time it is different.” And by God, yest, this time it is! I remember when… The President of the United States actually took the Oath of Office seriously. The Republican Party had a spine….

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Did Clear Channel Threaten Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity over Cliven Bundy?

by John Galt April 28, 2014 05:00 ET For those of you that have followed my writings and broadcasts for years, it is no surprise that I took great offense to the reaction of Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity to the comments which Cliven Bundy received grief about after the New York Times article on April 23rd. The statements, in their raw form are offensive, however what Mr. Beck did was no different than what he complained about from the mainstream media treatment of himself or his staff. Beck often used…

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