Cyprus Could be the Next Domino to Fall to Russia

  by John Galt July 8, 2012 22:00 ET   The United States slumbers under the inept leadership of the Clinton State Department and the old Soviet Union begins its march through the Western sphere by purchasing influence one nation, one alliance at a time. The U.S. thinks it can intimidate the Russians with verbal sparring but in reality they are laughing, in fact mocking the handiwork of decades of Soviet influence over our foreign policy as we stumble from crisis to crisis and Moscow simply purchases allies like we buy…


07.08.12 AEP is BACK: German president tells Angela Merkel to come clean on EU debt deal

  by John Galt July 8, 2012 20:15 ET   And my readers thought I was still uptight after my vacation? HA! Read this from the U.K. Telegraph via Ambrose Evan-Pritchard return:   German president Joachim Gauck has ordered Chancellor Angela Merkel to clarify exactly what she agreed behind closed doors at the EU crisis summit ten days ago, lending a powerful voice to critics dismayed by the surging costs of euro bail-outs.   “She has a duty to explain in great detail what it means, and what it means fiscally….


The Grecian Formula is Failing Miserably in Greece

  by John Galt July 8, 2012 16:00 ET   There is this myth that by funneling new debt into Greece, or any of the other PIIGS nations for that matter, will be a practical tool for these indebted nations to create leverage despite economic contraction to pay old debt back. Theoretically it sounds nice and placates the professors and politicians to a point where they can publicly proclaim success, even if in reality those in the know understand that a total collapse and default it is an inevitability, with many…


06.17.12 AEP: Greece will have to leave EMU whoever is elected

  by John Galt June 17, 2012 15:15 ET   And in his usual direct, factual, and intellectual manner, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard delivers a blunt bit of honesty to address the insanity which will follow in the weeks and months ahead in his column from tonight’s U.K. Telegraph:   Greece will have to leave EMU whoever is elected   (Click on the title above to read the article in full)   The following excerpt sums up the instability the world is about to experience quite nicely:   The Bundesbank’s Jens Weidmann could…


German 1 year Yields go NEGATIVE again as Euro Prepares to Crumble

by John Galt January 6, 2012 05:30 ET Despite the popular belief that the Euro will survive there is ample evidence that the ultra-wealthy and many banks believe otherwise. The examples below are just of the German 1 year yield and the Euroswiss 3 month which both have displayed negative yields at various points in their recent trading history but more so recently as all faith in the ECB has evaporated. Bankers and wealthy investors do not pay central banks to hold their cash unless there was fear of an imminent…

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