01.04.2016 Won Ton Deathburger Alert: Shanghai SSE Plummets 4% in Minutes – Drags US Futures Down

by John Galt January 3, 2016 21:40 ET Here it is an innocent first night in 2016 trading with Iran and Saudi Arabia fighting over the same camel (it’s sexual this time) and of course US equity index futures originally opening higher this evening. Then Asia opened. Then oops. The Shanghai-SSE opened down then in a matter of less than 4 minutes plummeted down 4% on pretty heavy volume and now has recovered as of this posting to around -3.30%. That of course took an already fragile Japanese market down further…

06.03.12 Middle East Market Update: Israel down 2%, Saudi Flat, Others down 1-2%

  by John Galt June 3, 2012 07:50 ET   Here we go again. With the Saudi market bouncing back into a positive move for the day, albeit small (0.34%) and looking to close relatively flat there was some hope that the markets might recover in the Middle East to put a floor under U.S. collapse on Friday. Unfortunately the rest of the region is down but not as bad as the TASI yesterday so it would appear everyone is waiting to see what Asia does, especially since the U.K. is…

10/20 Asian Markets Overnight: A Bad Chop Suey for all

By John Galt October 19, 2011 – 22:25 ET Wow. Not a good news to be long Hong Kong or in the Shanghai markets tonight. Is this the start of the technical breakdown of all the equity markets in Asia or just another tease until Europe drops the big one on the world? Stay tuned. First from Yahoo Finance, here are the charts which update themselves from Hong Kong: And from Shanghai: Stay tuned as the next two weeks could get rather interesting.

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