Russian Ministry of Defense Releases Video of Plane Intercepting US Reaper Drone

by John Galt October 20, 2015 18:40 ET Pretty cool actually. Something us old guys are not used to seeing but wow, it is impressive to realize how vulnerable these drones are to fighters from another nation. The idea that US air supremacy is an international “right” is now being challenged over the skies of Syria.

NATO has Intercepted Russian Aircraft up to 50 Times in Recent Weeks!

by John Galt July 15, 2014 18:45 ET Despite the lack of coverage of events inside of the Ukraine and around Eastern Europe by the United States PSM (Propaganda State Media), a lot of activity has been ongoing around the Baltic members of NATO and around the Eastern periphery member states of the defense organization. While the United States continues to send modified 30 plus year old fighters to the future Polands of the world should World War III erupt in a conventional manner, Russia is busy upgrading its offensive capabilities…

Cold War II Continues – Japan Protests Chinese Fighter Planes Intercept within 30 Meters of their Aircraft

by John Galt June 11, 2014 21:55 ET First Russia, then China, then Russia and now China again yesterday per Al-Jazeera: Japan slams China over near-miss jet flyby Tokyo lodges diplomatic protest with Beijing after Chinese jets fly 30 metres from Japanese planes over East China Sea. How upset are the Japanese? Check out this excerpt from the article from above: Japan has lodged a diplomatic protest with Beijing after Chinese military jets flew as close as 30 metres to Japanese military aircraft over the East China Sea, an official said….

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