More Syrian War Video of Turkish Terrorists Getting Rocketuptheassitus and Blown Away

by John Galt February 20, 2016 18:45 ET Wow. Some of the video coming out of the obviously newly Russian resupplied Syrian Arab Army hitting back with their allies against the Turkish terrorists in the Latakia region with the offensive to re-take the key city of Kinsabba close to the Syrian-Turkish border moving into its final stages today. As you watch the video below, note the use of Kornet rockets, usually as anti-tank weapons to eradicate a RPG two man crew (photo before impact above) and several Turkmen sniper positions. Meanwhile,…

Think you’re having a Bad Day? Watch these Turkish Rebels in Latakia, Syria Get Blown Away (VIDEO)

by John Galt February 16, 2016 16:25 ET (for best effect, hit play on the song “Bad Day” video and the Syrian Forces video below at the same time; I don’t have time to edit and overlap, sorry) Rocketupthatassitis is incurable. Welcome to Kinsabba, Latakia Province in Syria. Have a nice day while these “rebels” are having a seriously bad day.

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