An Al Queda Terrorism Manual for American Consumption

by John Galt May 16, 2012 21:40 ET   In what I can only call as a shocking document, I’ll leave this to the reader’s imagination as to how this will be perceived by the more radical and tempted members of America’s young Islamist nutcases. This is a direct shot at those who wish to do harm to our families, friends, and neighbors and should be taken for what it is:   A recruitment tool for Islamic youth dissatisfied with our nation and ideals.   Many thanks to Public Intelligence.com for…

Obama: Biggest Concern of Terrorism is Apparently Americans

By John Galt August 16, 2011 – 22:45 ET Translation: Tea Party supporters Ron Paul supporters Gun Owners Christians Heterosexual Constitutionalists Conservatives Non-Conformist Capitalists I’ve cleaned out the political correctness from this CNN interview for my readers and summarized what he “meant” and the insanity of the road our nation is now on. L’obbedienza a il Duce senza discutere

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