Congrats to Obama: $16,000,000,000,000.00 and Counting!

  by John Galt September 4, 2012 16:09 ET   Well, I was busy when it happened but I heard it on ye old black and white television and just had to see it for myself:  national debt Thank you President Obama. Perhaps the fact we now have over   $16 TRILLION   is reason enough for people to realize what a miserable Jimmy Carter like failure you are.  

BREAKING 8/5 1931 ET: S&P intimidated by .GOV..OOOPS! You made a mistake and best shut up!

By John Galt August 5, 2011 19:31 ET Breaking as I’m on the air…. per CNBS: S&P advised that they made “trillions of dollars in miscalculations” by the U.S. Government with their GDP calculations and the error must be on their part. Hence S&P has said they may revise or drop the case from a downgrade. Per CNBS: S&P Calculations in Possible US Downgrade Were Off by ‘Trillions’: Source (Story developing) Finally a wire story: Aug. 5, 2011, 8:03 p.m. EDT from S&P said to back away from U.S. downgrade…


By John Galt July 31, 2011 0.0014% That’s it boys and girls. That is the first payment as proposed tonight against total U.S. debt obligations the new improved revised top secret political deal created on Sunday provided of course the U.S. government stops spending and actually cuts programs and the wildly absurd G.D.P. calculations of the C.B.O. come true. There really isn’t much commentary necessary because as of the time this is written there is no definitive final legislation to tear apart in detail on this Sunday evening at 10 p.m….

More Proof the Republipigs are not Serious about Controlling the Deficit Either

By John Galt July 19, 2011 Think the alleged “conservatives” have heard the voice of the Tea Party crowd yet? When one watches these two videos (h/t Time magazine, ugh) it does not take rocket science to realize that the entire Cut, Cap, Crap, and Imbalance debate is more of a charade to provide more cover for their pork versus the Democommies’ pork. Watch these two videos from YouTube as the Congress piglets attempt to defend the pork in their districts by demanding that 30 year old technology which is antiquated…

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