Thank you Hofstra University Wussies for this Hilarious, Pathetic Sign

by John Galt September 26, 2016 19:45 ET Is any comment necessary about the wussification of the sissies at Hofstra? This sign was just outside of the event hall where tonight’s Presidential debate is being held. Now go have a good cry with your sissy, socialist, special snowflake, retarded, anti-American, school counselor.

The Grand Wussification of America Continues as Protests Erupt over Facebook Emoticons

by John Galt March 9, 2015 17:50 ET Before I start this article in full with all the gruesome details, let us all pray: Dear Lord, I know I’m not going to win the Powerball to escape my fate. I accept the fact that my luck is unfortunate as to reside in a nation with a Kenyan Marxist and a drooling bunch of idiots as our national leaders. Thus, please oh Lord, accept my humble prayers, To bring the Electromagnetic Pulse from the sun and shut down our modern society, So…

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