9/27 on TEOTWAWKI with John Galt: Why Obamacare Must be Enacted

by John Galt September 27, 2013 18:00 ET Why must Obamacare be enacted and just what are the implications as to how our society will be impacted? I’ll tie that with the economic news, the coming housing collapse which started 4 months ago, and how the society must imprison more American citizens for frivolous crimes to survive. Please join me in the chat room to discuss the day’s events and listen at 9 p.m. ET  at the link below:   Just Measures Radio Network

The Prisons in Greece are Running out of Food

by John Galt May 29, 2012 07:00 ET   In another sign that the nation of Greece is failing to function at every level, another story appears in the Greek newspaper Protothema which gives the average person some degree of awareness as to how severe the crisis truly is:   Prisons are running out of food   It’s a good thing those evil Christians that the American elite liberals despise are still alive and well in what’s left of the Hellenic Republic. This excerpt from the story tells the world why:…

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