The Stock Market in September And October Courtesy of The Big Lebowski (Video)

by John Galt August 21, 2016 08:00 ET Do I really need to bore the fuck out of you with charts, facts, and numbers? “Has the whole world gone crazy?” Yup. However if the banks are involved, no one is calling the cops because the rules do not apply to them. Or the Fed. Or the regulators. Because the big banksters own you.

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Yeah, the Effing Real Estate Bubble is Back and Bigger than Ever

by John Galt August 21, 2016 02:00 ET Yeah, it’s that bad. I’m witnessing homes in one of my relative’s neighborhood that should go for $200 K TOPS being speculated at $390,000+. The fucking investors have bailed out and I can’t name who, where, or why thanks to the big banks suing everyone else out of existence in 2008-2009, but let me tell you the fucktards are back on informericial television on late night and radio promoting their “flip this home” insanity once again. It’s my fault. I decided to have…


The Shellacking Continues as Britain is Just the Tip of the Real Estate Iceberg

by John Galt July 5, 2016 20:50 ET The absolutely bull whipping of investors in foreign real estate continued today as 2 more property funds in the United Kingdom froze redemptions after Standard Life started the ball rolling on July 4th. M&G became the third company to shut down redemptions from its property fund as it stated (via Bloomberg): “Investor redemptions in the fund have risen markedly because of the high levels of uncertainty in the U.K. commercial property market since the outcome of the European Union referendum. Redemptions have now…


Brexit is the Bear Stearns/Lehman Bros. Moment

by John Galt July 4, 2016 17:40 ET The United States equity and bond markets resume trading on Tuesday July 5th, but whoa be it for those who are unprepared. Tonight the breaking news in the English media indicates that Brexit is not only a Bear Stearns v2.0 Moment as ZeroHedge puts it, but in fact could be a lot worse. The details have made it to the front pages of the U.K. press, starting with the Guardian: Standard Life shuts property fund amid rush of Brexit withdrawals Excerpted: Investors in…


The Other Housing Data the Media Will not Share

by John Galt February 18, 2015 21:00 ET While the Bubblevisions continue their unrelenting used car tactics to convince grandma and grandpa that the $0.70 per share biotech stock is where their retirements should be, the selective propaganda from the various entities which provide financial news have agreed with the US government to use contrived data by displaying “annualized rates” or “percentage change month over month” rather than telling the tale of reality: Housing has not recovered and it is not even close to recovering. 4 charts courtesy of the Federal…


China Prepares for a Domestic Banking Crisis; Soon to offer FDIC type Insurance

by John Galt November 30, 2014 22:40 ET The United States prides itself on being some sort of model for world financial systems yet fails to force other nations to implement its programs unless it means losing American support for that nation’s implementation of said systems and programs. China is not fearful of a US failure to endorse its programs but the fact that they are mirroring the fallacies of the Federal Reserve and American government’s various fiat funny money government guarantees appears to indicate that the severity of the problem…


07.18.14 FDIC Friday’s Revenge of the Empire – Eastside Commercial Bank Conyers, GA Buh-Bye!

by John Galt July 17, 2014 19:45 ET Unlucky number 13 as far as bank failures goes is Eastside Commercial Bank of Conyers, GA taken over by C&S Bank based out of Atlanta, GA. Why is this interesting? Well, I for one thought all the bank problems were cured when the Messiah waved his magic palms over the economy and made it perfect for banksters and economic hit men once again. I guess not. From the FDIC website: Community & Southern Bank, Atlanta, Georgia, Assumes All of the Deposits of Eastside…


Predictions for 2014 Print Edition

  by John Galt January  1, 2014 13:00 ET If you listened to my radio show this past Friday, you already know this story but for those foolish enough not listen via the archives or live, here are my predictions for 2014. Keep in mind I do not think anyone should use these predictions as investment advice and it is not meant to be construed as such, nor do I recommend using this information for anything other than building a fallout shelter with at least 1 foot thick reinforced concrete walls…


8/2/13 – BANK FAILURE FRIDAYS are Back!

  by John Galt August  2, 2013 18:30ET Since the majority of the Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF) was moved by an Obamacrony to cover the debt ceiling issues and continue the big recovery lie, there have been zero, zip, nada, none, no sir, no way, no how, none of the above, nunya, bank failures since June 7th. Leave it up to my home state of Florida to lead the way with another piece of crap empty shell to force the FDIC’s hand and close the bank to help some bankster acquire…


BREAKING NEWS: Holy Smokes FDIC Seizes Failed Bank in AZ on a WEDNESDAY!!!!

  by John Galt May 15, 2013 19:00 EDT Uh, this sounds a lot like 2008 or 2009. The Central Arizona Bank in Scottsdale, AZ did not even open THIS MORNING!!!! The bank was seized last night with little warning and instead of seizing the parent company in total (Capitol Bank Holdings, Lansing, MI) this one unit was suddenly seized Tuesday night and shut down. Something does not smell right as it has always been EXTREMELY RARE for a bank to be shut down on a weekday evening other than Fridays….


Predictions 2013: The Year of Living Dangerously

  by John Galt January 1, 2013 17:00 ET   2013.   Bah Humbug.   Washington, D.C. is a mess ruled by a maniacal narcissistic Marxist and opposed by a globalist political party which would sell your mother into slavery to get a new bridge for swamp rats in their district. The civil war in Syria continues unabated. North Korea can lob objects into the atmosphere with the trajectory of “God only knows” and hopefully one day they do not get lucky with something over the U.S.   Oh, and did…


The Unemployment Data You Were not Supposed to See

  by John Galt July 8, 2012 20:45 ET   If you read the mainstream media, pro-Obama websites like “Business Insider” or “,” you might be under the idea that this past Friday’s unemployment report was no big deal, housing has bottomed, and the transportation industry is indicating that growth is back in this anemic economy if you read the headlines and did not do your own research.   Well hell, I’m here to do the work that the mainstream media won’t do and in this first of two parts of…


Today’s Housing Data is PLOPOO

by John Galt May 16, 2012 16:30 ET   While the mainstream media engages in P.L.O.P.O.O. (Putting Lipstick on Pig of Obamanomics), the reality of today’s housing numbers are still so bad, they would even embarrass Lyndon Baines Johnson; hell, maybe even Harry Truman!   The Media’s PLOPOO updates look like this:   Rebound in Housing Starts   Housing market posts best stretch of growth in nearly four years   Housing starts, single-family building permits jump in April   Builders start construction on more homes in April   Based on just…


2/16 Housing Data: More Depressing News in Realityville

by John Galt February 16, 2012 21:45 ET   The housing news, as usual, was spun by the Obamamedia, the Fedomedia, and the Bullmedia as the ultimate sign that once again, for the 113th time in 4 years, “We’ve turned the corner!” And as the unicorn pooping skittles and rainbows sprayed the news over Wall Street and the gullible morons of the nation, reality is here, at these pages. First, let’s not sugar coat this. Starts were up my friends. They were up nicely. In fact on a non-seasonally adjusted basis,…


The Must Read Story about the Foreclosure Fraud in the U.S.A.

by John Galt February 5, 2012 11:15 ET Gretchen Morgenson has produced a story in this morning’s edition of the New York Times which is a must read as a primer regarding the severity of fraud within the mortgage and real estate industry: A Mortgage Tornado Warning, Unheeded (Click on the title to read the story in full) The one portion, excerpted from the story above, which should tantalize my readers and cause great pause is as follows: Now he splits his time between Orlando and Boca Raton, advising lawyers as…

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2011 Housing Report: The Worst Year in Modern History

by John Galt January 29, 2012 22:00 ET There will be great discussion about the “recovery” of 2011, but the reality of just how dire the economy is for Main Street is best defined by the one asset the average soul attempts to hold up as their primary investment, the single family house. Unfortunately for the political elites, the disaster which was housing in 2007 is not much better in 2011 and in fact appears to be taking a sharp, decisive turn to the downside for a final impact crater which…


12.30 V of Galt: Predictions 2012 Live and in Color

By John Galt December 30, 2011 07:50 ET Buckle up. 2012 is almost here. Last year I was so-so in my predictions and for 2012 I probably will be also. If you are meek put on your Depends for this show or just assume the fetal position when the theme music stops. In the first half hour I’ll cover the news of the day, the financial news and then begin the prognostications which cover geopolitics, sports, U.S. politics, the economy, weather, and whatever else I feel like. There are no guarantees,…


September New Home Sales: Ends the Worst New Home Selling Season in History

By John Galt October 26, 2011 – 10:20 ET The September new home sales report is out from the Commerce Department (click here for PDF version of the release) and as usual, the mainstream and Bubblemedia focuses on the seasonally adjusted annualized figures instead of the actual month over month change. The raw data, aka non-seasonally adjusted numbers show a July figure revised down to 27K from 28K, August revised down to 25K from 26K, and September’s initial figure of 25K. In other words unchanged and the most dismal summer new…


10/19 Housing Data: Not as good as the Headline Propaganda, as usual

By John Galt October 19, 2011 – 21:45 ET US Economy: Home Starts Jump, Consumer Prices Stabilize BusinessWeek  Housing starts jump 15 percent in September Kansas City Star Increase in housing starts could portend improving market The Hill (blog) Just sigh. There is no bottom until there is no hope. When will these people learn? Of curse when there is an agenda to yell into an empty stadium for everyone to rise up and cheer, the current crop of “journalists” and “economists” acting as agents of propaganda do the best they…


Just like 2008: The Banksters Crime Family Cut a deal the States Could not Refuse

By John Galt October 18, 2011 – 22:00 ET Remember the joys of 2008? The backroom deals. Hank Paulson intimidating the elected morons into cutting unconstitutional deals to steal monies from taxpayers to bail out the banksters. President Bush acting like an idiot on television claiming the economy was still okay and the U.S. would be fine. Fast forward to 2011: The backroom deals. Turbo Timmy Geithner and the Fed pressuring the states to accept an unconstitutional deal to give immunity to and bail out the banksters. President Obama acting like…


New Home Sales for August: More of the Same

By John Galt September 26, 2011 – 12:15 ET To say that this morning;s report from the Commerce Department was any encouragement about a long term economic recovery in the construction industry would be a major lie. The data continues to reflect and bounce along the long term bottom created by the speculative frenzy from the previous decade. The most interesting stats are reflected in the ongoing decline in sales for homes over $300,000. First chart for review is the monthly new home sales in total (Click on charts to enlarge/reduce…


Bank of Flamerica gets FDIC non-approval of proposed settlement

By John Galt August 29, 2011 – 18:28 ET Oh man, oh man, oh man. Thank you Yves Smith for capturing this one: FDIC Objects to $8.5 Billion BofA Settlement (Updated) Click on the link to read the FDIC document and the bloodshed. Thank you Yves at Naked Capitalism. Wow, this is a fun one to read because the truth is sadistically painful and enjoyable.

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Monthly New Home Sales Data Series

By John Galt August 24, 2011 – 08:55 ET Starting this month I shall be updating the series, sometimes with a special news entry when justified, but definitely in the Economic stats and data pages in the upper right hand corner of these pages. The latest sales figures reflect the depression in real estate continues with an average duration on the market for new homes still in excess of 6 months, this month at 9.4. Until the housing market recovers the American economy will flounder no matter how much creative accounting…

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My Big Fat Greek Housing Crash

  By John Galt July 3, 2011 As the American stock markets celebrate another episode of “extend and pretend” until January 1, 2012 in the Eurozone’s basket case de jour, the truth is that the Greek housing market is nothing more than a smaller version of my home state of Florida. Thankfully for the United States and European Central Bank, Florida is not a member of the European Union or it would be toast. The funny thing that happened along the way to the huge celebrations this past week to celebrate…

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Monthly Housing Starts/Permits Update

  By John Galt June 19, 2011 I first wish to thank my readers for their patience as the website has undergone several transitions over the past few weeks along with my personal schedule which has kept me somewhat silent with regards to posts on economic data and working away from my readers who I missed dearly. With that behind me, let’s look forward by reviewing the monthly data dump from the Census Bureau. I. Housing Starts Finally, again, we can blame the weather. Shockingly the good weather May generally brings…

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Housing Crisis Over as Foreclosures Drop? Think Again

  By John Galt June 19, 2011 The foreclosure crisis is officially at half time, sitting in the locker room, and waiting on the coach to come out with a second half strategy. The media, especially some members of the analyst and financial bubblevision press on television, have been desperately attempting to paint a picture of an improving economy resulting in fewer foreclosures and the hope of mortgage modifications helping to stem the tsunami. The statistics are further from the truth than ever. First and foremost, this one extract from Lender…

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Is Regions Financial the next Indymac?

By John Galt June 13, 2011 This story from the Wall Street Journal this morning: Bank Probes Its Executives appears to indicate that the insiders who did not sell after the 2009 crash and burn may well regret their inaction. Region’s Financial is facing a slew of major obstacles including almost $4 billion in NPL’s (Non-performing loans), a real estate portfolio in Florida which is deteriorating in both credit quality and price, and not receiving regulatory permission from the Treasury Department to repay the $3.5 billion outstanding from the Troubled Asset…

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The Pending Home Sales Disaster on Friday

By John Galt May 28, 2011 The nightmare report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) yesterday was mixed with humor from Lawrence Yun and a notable shift in the double dip portion of America’s housing industry disaster. With upwards of one third of all existing home sales anchored by distressed sales, the pending home sales report usually reflects a trend of recovery or further decline and based on the four month average the market is headed for a serious deterioration as the index is only 1% above the average for…

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The April New Home Sales Report: Filtering out the Propaganda

By John Galt May 24, 2011 First, read the propaganda from the MSM: Home Sales Buoy Hopes for Real Estate Wall Street Journal – Robbie Whelan US new home sales at 4-month high, supply drops Economic Times New Home Sales Pick Up For Second Straight Month NPR U.S. April new home sales up 7.3% MarketWatch – Greg Robb New home sales up in all regions, inventory at historic lows AgentGenius The last headline is particularly amusing because when you break down the truth of the inventory story is that the home builders are…

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5/18 MBA Mortgage Apps show some improvement

By John Galt May 18, 2011 The weekly report on mortgage applications for purchase without seasonal adjustment from the Mortgage Bankers Association illustrated a somewhat impressive improvement only registering a year over year decline of 1.7%. It is not positive which would not take much based on the volumes but it does lean towards some traffic testing the waters of the housing industry bouncing along the bottom.  

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The Housing Disaster Rolls On – The Spring of our Winter Discontent

By John Galt May 17, 2011 The Commerce Department released the latest report on housing starts and permits revealed that no sane, logical, intelligent soul would accept the FIBS (Financial Infomercial Broadcasting Services, aka CNBC, FBN, BLM) mantra of the past year that housing has bottomed and that the recovery was well under way. Amazingly enough the preachings and screeching of the pro-regime talking heads was non-existent on the morning radio or television programs. Thus there is a realization that perhaps, just perhaps, free money from the Federal Reserve does not…

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NAHB/Wells Fargo Homebuilder Confidence Index Flat at Low Levels for May

By John Galt May 16, 2011 The National Association of Homebuilders/Wells Fargo Confidence Index came in at flat level to April after last month was revised upwards from 15 to 16. The bad news was buried in the report (at this link) where builders indicated that ninety percent of the builders were concerned about the ability to sell the homes at the price they designated and seventy-three percent said they saw problems with consumers obtaining financing for the purchase. So much for the summer of recovery in construction that the Bubblevision…

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March 2011 New Home Sales: Improvement BUT

  By John Galt April 25, 2011 The statement from the Bureau of the Census via the Department of Commerce is pretty stark: Sales of new single-family houses in March 2011 were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 300,000, according to estimates released jointly today by the U.S. Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. This is 11.1 percent (±21.7%)* above the revised February rate of 270,000, but is 21.9 percent (±10.3%) below the March 2010 estimate of 384,000. The news is already being spun as a…

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The Housing Price Crash Continues per RadarLogic

  By John Galt April 21, 2011 And the hits keep on coming (from Housing Wire): RadarLogic home prices hit lowest level since 2003   All I can add is “you ain’t seen nothing yet” to quote BTO and folks when that headline replaces 2003 with 1995 or 1996, that is when we will probably be close to a bottom in real estate.

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Economic Recovery News for an Easter Holiday

    By John Galt April 21, 2011 If this is a recovery, I can’t wait to see the next recession, er, depression, er bubble boom….. MLB Takes Over Dodgers Operations Lee County’s $340 million foreclosure auction draws no serious bids Commercial real estate makes up 77% of troubled loans at failed banks Rising food costs spur massive US theft of produce, meat NM Symphony Orchestra Files Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Scovill Fasteners Seeks Bankruptcy Protection to Sell Assets (209 year old Company) Maronda Homes of Cincinnati files for bankruptcy Distressed Properties…

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The Housing Crisis will not End Until 2020

  By John Galt April 11, 2011 And 2020 might be conservative…. Despite the prognosis from the mouth flapping pantloads of D.C. and Wall Street, the American real estate market is close to a decade away from recovery; if not longer. The popular proclamations from the National Association of Realtors is that the existing home sales should increase 5 to 10% this year which is akin to saying we’ve climbed ten feet up from the bottom of a one hundred foot well we’ve fallen into. The reality of what the U.S….

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