Think you’re having a Bad Day? Watch these Turkish Rebels in Latakia, Syria Get Blown Away (VIDEO)

by John Galt February 16, 2016 16:25 ET (for best effect, hit play on the song “Bad Day” video and the Syrian Forces video below at the same time; I don’t have time to edit and overlap, sorry) Rocketupthatassitis is incurable. Welcome to Kinsabba, Latakia Province in Syria. Have a nice day while these “rebels” are having a seriously bad day.

07.14 1800 ET BREAKING NEWS: Israeli Invasion of Gaza Strip to Begin Any Moment

by John Galt July 14, 2014 18:03 ET The precursor this blogger reported on over the weekend was just that, a softening up of positions as was the commando raid to attack a rocket facility and obtain intelligence on Hamas’ military strength and effectiveness. This just came in via some trusted sources of mine in Israel: All schools at every level, preschool through college and university are closed immediately. All hospital beds which have non-life threatening patients are being cleared and the patients sent home for home care. Civilians are being…

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