Links to Radio Clubs

One of the best ways to learn more about the hobby or radio listening and to obtain information about what can be heard is to join a shortwave a radio club in your area or online. Here is a brief list I’ve accumulated over the years of active clubs.

Shortwave, Mediumwave Radio Clubs

Shortwave Radio: NASWA-The North American Shortwave Association
Radio DX
Yahoo! Groups : ASWLC
The ACE(Pirate Club)
Benelux DX-Club (BDXC) – “The Entrance to Shortwave Radio Listening”
LWCA Longwave Home Page
Ontario DX Association
American Radio Relay League (A.R.R.L.)
Minnesota DX Club
Southern California Area DXers (SCADS)
British Columbia DX Club
The Longwave Club of America
Medium Wave Circle
Michigan Area Radio Enthusiasts (MARE)
National Radio Club
Worldwide TV-FM DX Association
Utility DXers Forum
Young Stars Radio Club (India)
If your club is not listed and please contact me at and I will be more than happy to add it to the list.
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