02.24.22: WAR 22:00 UTC Update is Up!

Tonight, as the United Nations Security Council met to “stop” Russian military aggression in Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin declared military operations are to commence against the Ukraine.

02.24.22 22:00 UTC UPDATES:

This is what real war sounds like, not “Call of Duty” or a simulation:

Russian troops now in Melitopol:

And here is one map of the airfields attacked on day one:

In Chernobyl (!):

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian military is trying to keep more Russian forces from entering into the Kharkov theater:

From the UK Daily Mail, their map of attacks on Day One of the War:

Moving into Mykolaiv is a major move just about sealing the fate of the Ukrainian units in Odessa:

After a long day on the road, I’ll probably start tomorrow’s update after midnight UTC then crash. This has been one hell of a day in the world and despite the happy talk from both sides, remember, most “public” war data is 90% bullshit, 10% fact; it’s just designed to make people feel better. If either government says they have won control of a city or area, wait until pictures of their troops are posted to believe it.

02.24.22 10:00 UTC UPDATES:

More battle video from Russia still emerging, how much of it is accurate will take time to determine:

The initial wave of the attack is still underway even with ground forces entering Ukraine at several points. Damage assessments are ongoing:

Damage nationwide is widespread:

Zoom, zoom, boom:

Troop landings near Odessa have begun at sunrise:


Updated map:

Sumy, in Northeast Ukraine under attack:

Air strike near Bakhmut:

Every military facility and airfield in Ukraine is under attack as expected:

Just southwest of Donetsk:

Svatove north northwest of Lugansk:

Odessa and Mariupol landings well underway if Interfax is reporting this:

I’m going to try to grab a nap. I’ll leave you with this political tweet which should scare the living shit out of everyone:


RT, the Russian propaganda news outlet framed it like this:

Meanwhile, the Twitterverse on all sides fired up the news quickly:



This reporter is on the ground in Kiev, so he should know. Here we go.

Russian forces crossing from Crimea into Southern Ukraine per Fox News:

This is without a doubt a broad based multi-faceted attack. Meanwhile FNC has Laura Ingram babbling like an idiot.

Jesus, how has FNC fallen this far.

Sea of Azov now in play:

Massive artillery barrages underway:

Massive plum of smoke near Kharkov after initial bombing attack (from WebCam linked below):

Closer video of the fire from the missile attack in Kharkov:

Odessa under attack:

Another city under attack:

Belgorod area outgoing fire into Ukraine:

Kramatosk joins the party:

Dnipro is now getting hammered:

Video from Dnipro just in:

This explains the massive explosion in Dnipro:

Kherson, under fire:

More airfields under attack. This is unfolding somewhat as I predicted it would. By mid-morning the ground strategy should become clear.

Senator Marco Rubio on the intel committee has his pipeline of info, so he’s probably got accurate information:

Another airfield reportedly under attack:

More video of the violent attack against Mariupol emerges:

Ukrainian air defense engaging target:

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