03.07.22 Financial Markets Summary: “DOINK!”

Meet Doink the Clown.

A WWE staple who entertained everyone by being that evil clown which terrorized children, fans, and now, Godspeed to him, investors as the ghost of financial shitstorms past.

“Doink” is what financial markets did today as reality, not CNBS fantasy set in.

For example, meet Mr. PAIN:

Good thing “nickel” isn’t used in much (that’s for the ignorant souls who think it’s just a coin in their pocket on occasion).

Meanwhile, Amurica’s favorite economic indicator took a major dump today:

That’s going to leave a skid mark. High volume, end of day distribution, technicals in disaster mode, and what do some of the CNBS tout crew say?

“It’s not BTFD, but a buying opportunity is coming.”

Whatever. Please, buy my crap so I can go to Cabo this spring.

The truth is that with the markets in total turmoil, it’s not the price action daily that matters; it’s the price trend.

And right now that trend is a nightmare heading to infinitely lower lows that the used car financial news networks will simply pass off as “buying opportunities” to the unwitting sheeple.

Buckle up and prepare accordingly, the earth is shifting under Amurica’s feet and it will not end well.

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