03.28.22 Russia-Ukraine War Phase 2: Total War

While phase one of the Russian invasion of Ukraine might well have best been described as “shock and awful,” the next phase is going to be somewhat more reminiscent of World War II:

Total War

The initial reactions of the West were to impose crippling economic sanctions to financially weaken Russia’s ability to make war on Kiev. The problem is that the undeclared war by the West on Russia has had the unintended effect of enraging the Kremlin and inviting a wider conflict at multiple levels. As a result, the poor people of Ukraine may well feel the impact of this destructive policy by being made examples of what happens to those who wish to engage the Russian leadership and its military.

Berlin, Brussels, London, and Washington are now infested with idealists who mistakenly perceived that “their” historic policies of globalization and Westernization has thoroughly infiltrated Russian society. The error was that by creating massive consumer demand along with a bureaucratic state that was based on Western values, they thought they could force Russian leadership to adopt the standards of the morally bankrupt societies they are trying to force everyone to emulate.

Once again, just like World War I, World War II, and the Cold War, the delusional Ivy League and London bound theorists making policy were wrong. The ability of these governments to understand the Soviet, not the Russian, mindset has resulted in a massive miscalculation which will alter the outcome of world peace; economically and militarily.

Then, this past weekend happened.

It wasn’t only that Senile Joe decided to flap his gums:

Okay. That’s pretty bad. Pretty incompetent. Almost as bad as telling members of the 82nd Airborne that they will see how bad it is when they go into Ukraine (he did that also) which would fire up the Russians, no matter how frustrated, under-supplied, and tired they are into a renewed anger against the US and the West.

Then of course, Zelensky’s minions overplayed their hand. Stories like this were the first hint that he does not have the full knowledge of corruption in his own military, and their allegiance, was highlighted by NBC News (believe it or not):

Ukraine’s Nazi problem is real, even if Putin’s ‘denazification’ claim isn’t

While the headline makes ZERO sense, the truth is that there are many neo-Nazi and Nazi groups operating on behalf of the government in Kiev. However, the US media dismisses this under the “Russia bad, Ukraine good” wag the dog cover story.

This weekend however, it just got a whole lot worse.

Warning, not for the weak of heart or chicken shit members of our America’s snowflake community:

Many in the US will not show these videos. I have no horse in this war because both sides are evil, vile, disgusting and not trustworthy and both should be considered enemies of our nation.

If we were not led by the same type of evil, vile, disgusting globalists in our own nation.

Deliberately crippling prisoners of war by shooting them in the kneecaps and beating them, who were detained and had their hands restrained is not only cowardly, but an example of why the “neo-Nazi” talk highlighted by Putin is now going to get widespread coverage.

The Russian people were upset by the lack of results and the casualties coming home. The inept strategies undertaken by the fat corrupt generals in the Kremlin, many like our own in the Pentagon, were pie in the sky video game like delusions. Their actions and miscalculations not only humiliated Vladimir Putin, they destroyed the confidence of the Russian nation.

Then the Ukrainians, by failing to keep tight controls on their radicals in their military just made a fatal error:

They have just galvanized the Russian nation.

Conscription will be easy as now more will volunteer. Vlad will no longer have to explain his war, nor worse, accept a compromise. The West who has spent almost 80 years in a vacuum of reality thanks to “police actions” and “stopping the dominoes” has just lit a fire which will not deter, nay, it will guarantee a hardening and more action by the non-compliant actors of the world.

Total war is a concept few understand.

There are no limits.

There are no rules.

Nuclear weapons, at least on a tactical basis, are acceptable. Starving out one’s enemies is also a fair course of action. The economic war will begin against the West when the 45 day grace period ends on Russian petroleum products and then the entire export capacity of Russia will probably be cut off to all Western nations which support Ukraine; no food, no palladium, no rare earth metals, no uranium, no petroleum, nothing. Everything the West owns in Russia will be nationalized and seized for the benefit of the Russian oligarchs who had their own assets stolen from them.

In the end, Kiev and most of Ukraine will become a Russian territory again, even if 20,000,000 people must die to achieve this goal. And NATO’s worst nightmare, a re-energized, angry Russia will be united with one purpose in the end; to destroy Europe and America.

Senile Joe and the EU think they know what they are doing. In fact they are about to find out what happens when a true unified Axis of Evil decides to act. Fear for Taipei, Seoul, Tokyo, Tel Aviv, and our future.

Because if anyone thought that random shelling of cities was barbaric and evil, then those ignorant souls haven’t seen anything yet.

Total War is about to begin and Biden’s arrogance has only fueled the beginning of it.

God help us all.

Normal updates will resume in the morning.-JG

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