A Very Brandon Christmas

Welcome to a very Brandon Christmas.




But for real, a candy cane shortage?

Yup, President Scrooge has taken a bad situation due to the China Virus and made it worse:

Candy cane shortage fueled by COVID, weak peppermint harvest

From the link above via the New York Post:

It’s the great Candy Cane Crisis of 2021.

Weakness in peppermint crops and COVID-caused logistical issues have created a problem for Big Candy.

“We only received half of our candy cane order for the holiday season and sold out almost immediately. We currently have zero in stock,” Mitchell Cohen, the owner of Economy Candy on the Lower East Side, told The Post. “Raw material and ingredient shortages globally have had quite an impact.”

It was a first for the store, which has been in business since 1937. Cohen said they sold more than 12,000 candy canes before running dry.

“Since candy canes were invented, we’ve had candy canes,” he said.

Think about that.

America has experienced a world war.

A Korean War.

A Vietnam War.

Civil unrest, Jimmy Carter’s great inflation, a housing crash, the tech bubble, and survived Obama.

And now, suddenly, under President Senior Moment, America has a shortage of one of the most fundamental symbols of Christmas and stockings for well over one hundred years.

Thanks Senile Joe.

I have witnessed this first hand with the supply chain crisis. A Christmas tree light shortage, a Christmas tree shortage, and worse, a Christmas toy shortage!

Of course the Brandon administration is blaming this on Trump, but hell, he hasn’t been in charge for 11 months now. And according to the recent press releases Biden cured everything.

America, buckle up. 2021 sucked.

2022 will be the definition of a new word:


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