About that “Digital Gold” Bitcoin thing

Ah to be a “gold bug” in these times of insanity. Of course I’ve spent years being told that in the event of an international conflict or domestic discontent, hiding my money in cryptocurrency was the way to go.

Yeah, looking sort of weak heading into a potentially major war now:

Of course if one was holding one of the dead dog jokecoins which are down from their highs anywhere from 60-80% yeah, it’s moot to make the “digital gold” claim on the fringe coins.

Meanwhile, in the real safety currency, real gold:

Ladies and gents, it could get pretty wild tonight in the futures markets with US markets closed tomorrow for a holiday. Do not act shocked if we do suddenly see a $100+ move up in gold with no warning.

Lastly, from the mainstream media, not a conspiracy sight Fox Business:

Cryptocurrency expert says US should watch what Canadian government is doing to protesters: ‘No one is safe’


A cryptocurrency expert is sounding the alarm on how the Canadian government is freezing the crypto wallets of Freedom Convoy protesters and said that it’s something that can “very realistically” happen in the United States.

A very real warning that the thought of cryptocurrencies being “digital gold” may have been premature and a false hope to put a floor under prices. Because once banksters in the West begin copying Canada’s test case, it’s only a matter of time before cryptocurrencies face the risk of being declared a tool for anti-government or terrorist activities.

Too bad I lost all of my precious metals in a canoe accident on the river. With my guns. And ammunition. I sure hope there is a show soon.

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