American Airlines Joins the Covid Flight Cancellation Party

And if you’re flying on that crappy airline, you deserve it.

Without a doubt they are the most inept, rude, and unprofessional air carrier still flying in North America today and that is saying something with Spirit and United vying to take over that role. But no matter how hard they try, they just can’t compete with the American spirit of failure.

Their moronic management said they would submit to the non-existent Senile Joe “mandate” despite an actual legal action being taken banning such forced compliance in their home state of Texas. So enjoy your lost luggage, dead pets, and re-scheduled flights for many days out.

This Tweet from Jack Posobiec sums it all up:

The entire United States transportation system, be it passenger carriage or cargo is going full John Galt.

Are you paying attention yet?

Edit to add….

Here are some screenshots from the American Airlines home page with status updates on random flight for popular routes. And yes, it does look like another bad day to fly the United States worst airline:

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